2018-01-19  lrhodes[maven-release-plugin] prepare release memory-0.10.4 memory-0.10.4
2018-01-18  Lee RhodesMerge pull request #18 from DataSketches/CleanupResourc...
2018-01-18  lrhodesRemoved unnecessary initializations of class members. 18/head
2018-01-18  Lee RhodesMerge pull request #17 from DataSketches/HardBoundsChec...
2018-01-18  lrhodesUpdate tests to reflect different thrown exception. 17/head
2018-01-18  lrhodesmore assertBounds to checkBounds
2018-01-18  lrhodesChanged bounds checks to hard for get/put arrays, copy...
2018-01-18  Lee RhodesMerge pull request #16 from DataSketches/utf8
2018-01-18  lrhodesadded unit tests for better coverage. 16/head
2018-01-17  lrhodesAdded finals.
2018-01-17  lrhodesAdd finals.
2018-01-17  lrhodesminor cleanup
2018-01-17  lrhodesMerge branch 'utf8' of
2018-01-17  lrhodesCode comment edits.
2018-01-17  lrhodesMostly style cleanup
2018-01-17  lrhodesUpdate error messages.
2018-01-16  lrhodesUpdate prep, use Java Character.isSurrogate(c)
2018-01-16  lrhodesPreparation for redesign of Utf8 encoding.
2018-01-16  leventovUpdate comment
2018-01-16  leventovOptimize getCharsAsUtf8 for CharBuffer case
2018-01-16  lrhodesRefactoring method names and arguments.
2018-01-15  leventovFix javadoc
2018-01-15  leventovImprove test coverage
2018-01-15  leventovRename methods
2018-01-15  lrhodesUpdate Utf8, but not finished.
2018-01-12  lrhodesUpdate utf8
2018-01-02  lrhodesMerge branch 'master' into utf8
2018-01-02  lrhodesupdate pom
2018-01-02  lrhodesMoved UTF-8 code to its own class.
2017-12-22  leventovAdd sb.ensureCapacity()
2017-12-22  lrhodesMoved private DecodeUtil to end.
2017-12-22  lrhodesmoved the restricted class and method to restricted...
2017-12-22  lrhodesFixed mostly lacking "final"
2017-12-22  lrhodesA number of methods should have been made static.
2017-12-22  Lee RhodesMerge pull request #13 from leventov/utf8
2017-12-21  leventovMore tests 12/head 13/head
2017-12-21  leventovAdd more tests
2017-12-21  leventovAdd Memory.getUtf8() and WritableMemory.putUtf8()
2017-09-06  lrhodesAdded tests for null mem in isSameResource()
2017-09-01  lrhodesadd null-check for isSameResource()
2017-09-01  lrhodes[maven-release-plugin] prepare for next development...
2017-09-01  lrhodes[maven-release-plugin] prepare release memory-0.10.3 memory-0.10.3
2017-08-31  lrhodesFix FindBugs warning.
2017-08-30  Lee RhodesMerge pull request #11 from DataSketches/remove-shade...
2017-08-30  saydakovremoved unused shade plugin 11/head
2017-08-27  lrhodesAdded unit tests for JDK7compatibility class. Fixed...
2017-08-25  lrhodesFixed some benign FindBugs warnings.
2017-08-23  lrhodesupdate
2017-08-23  lrhodesupdate pom
2017-08-10  lrhodesUpdate pom
2017-08-03  lrhodesDefaultMemoryManager now checks for null in requestClose().
2017-07-24  lrhodesImprove Javadoc for swapBytes()
2017-07-18  lrhodesEliminated two redundant checkValid().
2017-06-26  lrhodesupdate overview & package-info
2017-06-26  lrhodesUpdate javadoc for package-info
2017-06-23  saydakov[maven-release-plugin] prepare for next development...
2017-06-23  saydakov[maven-release-plugin] prepare release memory-0.10.2 memory-0.10.2
2017-06-21  lrhodesAdd putXXX(offset, value) to WritableBuffer.
2017-06-21  lrhodesCleaned up BaseBuffer
2017-06-20  lrhodesupdate pom
2017-06-20  lrhodesAdded parallel unit tests for buffer direct cases
2017-06-19  lrhodesChanged WritableMapHandler to WritableMapHandle for...
2017-06-19  lrhodesFixed bug in Buffer where region() was not setting...
2017-06-15  saydakov[maven-release-plugin] prepare for next development...
2017-06-15  saydakov[maven-release-plugin] prepare release memory-0.10.1 memory-0.10.1
2017-06-14  lrhodesUpdate pom and readme
2017-06-14  lrhodesAdded isSameResourceState to Buffer.
2017-06-14  Lee RhodesMerge pull request #9 from niketh/static-mem-size-zero
2017-06-14  Niketh SabbineniIncrease coverall coverage 9/head
2017-06-14  Lee RhodesMerge pull request #8 from niketh/static-mem-sizezero
2017-06-14  Niketh SabbineniAdding more tests 8/head
2017-06-14  Lee RhodesMerge pull request #7 from niketh/static-mem-size-zero
2017-06-14  Niketh SabbineniIncrease coverage 7/head
2017-06-14  lrhodesfixed checkstyle warnings
2017-06-14  Lee RhodesMerge pull request #6 from niketh/static-mem-size-zero
2017-06-14  Niketh SabbineniIncrease coverage 6/head
2017-06-14  Niketh SabbineniReturn static instance incase array/bytebuff capacity...
2017-06-14  Lee RhodesMerge pull request #5 from niketh/zero-length-array
2017-06-14  Niketh SabbineniFix braces 5/head
2017-06-14  Niketh SabbineniFix failing tests
2017-06-14  Niketh SabbineniAdd support for zero length arrays
2017-06-14  Lee RhodesMerge pull request #4 from niketh/master
2017-06-13  Niketh SabbineniAdd methods for getting primitives with absolute position 4/head
2017-06-12  Lee RhodesMerge pull request #3 from niketh/master
2017-06-12  lrhodesAdded getRegionOffset to both Buffer and Memory
2017-06-12  Niketh SabbineniAllow memory/buffer to have zero capacity 3/head
2017-05-26  saydakov[maven-release-plugin] prepare for next development...
2017-05-26  saydakov[maven-release-plugin] prepare release memory-0.10.0 memory-0.10.0
2017-05-26  saydakovremoved comment, updated versioneye
2017-05-25  saydakovMerge branch 'master' of
2017-05-25  saydakovnew repo URL, updated dependencies
2017-05-25  saydakovnew package name
2017-05-08  lrhodesupdate comment in MemoryCheckstyle.xml
2017-04-27  lrhodesAdd isSameResource(...) to Memory
2017-04-25  lrhodesFix bug in putShort(...) in WritableMemory
2017-04-19  lrhodesUpdate unit tests, minor fixes
2017-04-19  lrhodesUpdate javadocs
2017-04-19  lrhodesMaking MemoryMgr extendable.
2017-04-18  lrhodesIntermediate changes
2017-04-17  lrhodesMinor updates