2018-05-05  lrhodes[maven-release-plugin] prepare release memory-0.11.0 memory-0.11.0
2018-05-05  lrhodesremove .git from pom scm url
2018-05-04  lrhodesFix FindBugs warnings
2018-05-02  lrhodesAdd code comments
2018-04-26  lrhodesUpdate Coveralls badge
2018-04-26  lrhodesChanged isResourceReadOnly() to isReadOnly().
2018-04-26  lrhodesMerge branch 'master' of
2018-04-26  lrhodesMerge branch 'Tests'
2018-04-26  lrhodesImproved a unit test
2018-04-26  Lee RhodesMerge pull request #71 from DataSketches/Tests
2018-04-26  lrhodesAdded unit tests 71/head
2018-04-26  lrhodesConsolidated Endian insensitive methods into BaseWritab...
2018-04-25  lrhodesMerge branch 'master' of
2018-04-25  leventovMerge non-native impls
2018-04-25  lrhodesStart tests
2018-04-25  lrhodesMerge non-native impls
2018-04-24  lrhodesUpdate selected changes from PR #67
2018-03-19  lrhodesImplemented page-aligned DirectMemory if JVM is page...
2018-03-19  lrhodesMaking WritableDirectHandle package private causes...
2018-03-18  lrhodesremove annotations.
2018-03-18  lrhodesRestore as package private. Changed my mind.
2018-03-18  lrhodesMade WritableDirectHandle public for existing code...
2018-03-18  lrhodesRestore original MemoryRequestServer interface.
2018-03-16  lrhodesAdded back the "Owner / Client" test, which now works.
2018-03-16  lrhodeshad to remove two "self-equals" checks
2018-03-16  Lee RhodesMerge pull request #66 from DataSketches/FixAsBufferAsM...
2018-03-15  lrhodesOriginMemory is now final in BaseWritableBufferImpl... 66/head
2018-03-14  lrhodesPage adjustment now only once per allocation.
2018-03-14  Lee RhodesMerge pull request #65 from DataSketches/UnsafeObjHeader
2018-03-14  lrhodesAdd unit test. 65/head
2018-03-14  lrhodesEliminated UnsafeObjHeader from ResourceState
2018-03-14  lrhodesMerge branch 'master' into UnsafeObjHeader
2018-03-14  Lee RhodesMerge pull request #64 from DataSketches/BitsLinkage
2018-03-13  lrhodessimplified reserve, unreserve 64/head
2018-03-13  lrhodesResponse to PR
2018-03-13  lrhodesRemoving unsafeObjHeader
2018-03-12  lrhodestry fix #3 travis-ci build failures
2018-03-12  lrhodestry fix travis-ci build failures
2018-03-12  lrhodesHopefully fix travis-ci failures
2018-03-12  lrhodesChanged test to not cover > 2GB allocations.
2018-03-12  lrhodesAdded nio.Bits tracking of AllocateDirect memory.
2018-03-12  lrhodesSimplified AllocateDirectMap to leverage the ZERO_DIREC...
2018-03-11  lrhodesCheckPoint 2
2018-03-11  lrhodesCheckpoint. Begin merge of BB fields for BB into Acces...
2018-03-09  lrhodesCleanup
2018-03-09  lrhodesMoved refactored methods to static fields in AllocateDi...
2018-03-09  lrhodesRemoved file and fileOffset from ResourceState
2018-03-08  lrhodesRemoved RandomAccessFile and MappedByteBuffer from...
2018-03-08  lrhodesRemoved unnecessary fields in WritableMapHandle.
2018-03-08  lrhodesnit comments
2018-03-08  lrhodesnit comments
2018-03-07  lrhodesRewrite of javadocs for duplicates, regions and asMemor...
2018-03-07  lrhodesAdd independence unit test.
2018-03-07  lrhodesFix unused warning
2018-03-07  Lee RhodesMerge pull request #61 from DataSketches/NewMemoryReque...
2018-03-07  lrhodesAdded unit tests. 61/head
2018-03-07  lrhodesRestored two tests in BufferReadWriteSafetyTests
2018-03-06  lrhodesUpdated names for consistency: getResourceOrder(),
2018-03-06  lrhodesEliminated swapBytes field from ResourceState, it is...
2018-03-06  lrhodesMade WritableDirectHandle package-private again.
2018-03-06  lrhodesMemoryRequestServer working now.
2018-03-05  Lee RhodesMerge pull request #60 from DataSketches/NewReadOnlyScheme
2018-03-05  lrhodesNew MemoryRequestServer built on NewReadOnlyScheme.
2018-03-04  lrhodesresourceIsReadOnly_ flag is now final boolean. 60/head
2018-03-04  lrhodesReview fixes
2018-03-04  lrhodesNew Read-only scheme
2018-03-03  lrhodesRemoved BaseBuffer reference from ResourceState.
2018-03-03  lrhodesFixed bug in CompareAndCopy.equals(...).
2018-03-03  lrhodesChanged equalsTo(that) to equals(that), added hashCode...
2018-03-03  lrhodesAdded equals(that) and hashCode()
2018-03-02  lrhodesFix redundant WritableMemory.writableMap issue #53
2018-03-02  lrhodesNit
2018-03-02  Lee RhodesMerge pull request #52 from DataSketches/api-changes
2018-03-02  lrhodesMerge branch 'master' into api-changes 52/head
2018-03-02  lrhodesAdded additional check for JDK strings.
2018-03-01  lrhodesMerge branch 'master' into api-changes
2018-03-01  Lee RhodesMerge pull request #54 from DataSketches/JDKchecks
2018-03-01  lrhodesMerge branch 'master' into JDKchecks 54/head
2018-03-01  lrhodesAdd test.
2018-03-01  lrhodesFix ArrayOverflowTest, asBuffer()
2018-03-01  lrhodesFinal fix for master build problems.
2018-03-01  lrhodesFixed bugs in test.
2018-03-01  lrhodesSet ArrayOverflowTest back to normal.
2018-03-01  lrhodesFix problem with asBuffer()
2018-02-28  lrhodesRenamed BufferTest2 to Buffer2Test. Disabled @Ignore in
2018-02-28  lrhodesJDK is now a string.
2018-02-28  leventovMake API less specific; Hide WritableDirectHandle from...
2018-02-28  Lee RhodesMerge pull request #50 from DataSketches/get-and-add...
2018-02-28  leventovMerge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master' into get... 50/head
2018-02-28  lrhodesFixed import order
2018-02-28  Lee RhodesMerge pull request #49 from DataSketches/read-write
2018-02-28  lrhodesFixed missing Overrides, @SuppressWarnings("resource"). 49/head
2018-02-27  lrhodesMerge branch 'master' into read-write
2018-02-27  lrhodesremoved writableDuplicate.
2018-02-27  leventovFix
2018-02-27  leventovFix a bug in getAndAdd implementation; Simplify for...
2018-02-27  leventovRead-write safety and minor changes and cleanups
2018-02-27  lrhodesFix getAndAdd bug.
2018-02-27  Lee RhodesMerge pull request #46 from DataSketches/AllowJDK_GT1.7