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2022-02-18  AlexanderSaydakovdatasketches-pig-1.1.0 released 111/head
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2020-11-05  Lee RhodesAdded New Committer Process to ToC
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2020-04-01  AlexanderSaydakovfrequent items performance
2020-04-01  AlexanderSaydakovHLL performance
2020-03-27  AlexanderSaydakovCPC performance
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2020-03-26  Lee RhodesMore Refactoring of ToC.
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2020-03-25  Kirby Domingofix: remove menu opening, added proper css for highlight 83/head
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2020-03-23  Lee RhodesAutmated creation of downloads page. 82/head
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2020-03-19  Lee RhodesCorrections to Downloads plus other minor changes. 80/head
2020-03-18  AlexanderSaydakovslightly better description
2020-03-18  AlexanderSaydakovKLL C++ example
2020-03-17  Shivay LambaUpdated Copyright for the year 2020 77/head
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2020-03-17  AlexanderSaydakovadded CPC sketch to navigation 76/head
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