3.2.1 (#46)
[db-jdo-site.git] / .asf.yaml
2021-07-15  Tobias BouschenAdjust .asf.yaml and GitHub workflows to use 'main...
2021-03-25  Tobias BouschenRemove required GitHub actions
2021-03-19  Tobias BouschenAdjust branch protection to use previous name
2021-03-17  Tobias BouschenJDO-792: Add branch protection rules
2021-02-15  Tobias BouschenSet notification settings in .asf.yaml
2021-02-11  Tobias BouschenSet up branch protection for the 'publish' branch
2021-01-21  Tobias BouschenMove site build artifacts to separate site branch
2020-06-18  TilmannUpdate .asf.yaml
2020-05-07  Daniel GrunoObvious Fix: CMS checks out into content/, check out...
2020-05-07  Daniel Grunofix outputdir -> subdir.
2020-05-07  TilmannUpdate .asf.yaml
2020-05-07  TilmannUpdate .asf.yaml
2020-05-07  TilmannUpdate .asf.yaml
2020-05-06  TilmannMerge branch 'master' into content-subdir
2020-05-06  TilmannUpdate .asf.yaml
2020-05-02  Michael BouschenJDO-779: added content subdir
2020-04-09  TilmannUpdate .asf.yaml
2020-04-09  TilmannCreate .asf.yaml (#1)