3.2.1 (#46)
[db-jdo-site.git] / .github /
2022-03-24  Michael BouschenMerge branch 'main' of https://gitbox.apache.org/repos...
2022-03-24  Craig L RussellUpdate deploy-site.yml
2022-03-24  Tobias BouschenAdd quotes around git arguments in workflows
2021-07-15  Tobias BouschenAdjust .asf.yaml and GitHub workflows to use 'main...
2021-07-11  Tobias BouschenFix deploy action by specifying '--local' for git config
2021-03-19  Tobias BouschenRevert "Fix branch protection"
2021-03-18  Tobias BouschenFix branch protection
2021-03-17  Tobias BouschenRename GitHub action jobs
2021-03-07  Michael BouschenJDO-789: Cleanup jdo-site pom (#33)
2021-02-27  Michael BouschenMove copy-resources from compile to prepare-package...
2021-02-25  Tobias BouschenAdd site build workflow for pull requests
2021-02-25  Tobias BouschenSimplify workflow branch rule
2021-02-11  Tobias BouschenOnly try to publish results if there are any changes
2021-02-11  Tobias BouschenSplit up publishing stage of recreate action into multi...
2021-02-11  Tobias BouschenSplit up publishing stage of deploy action into multipl...
2021-02-11  Tobias BouschenSet 'bash' as the default shell for all deploy tasks
2021-02-11  Tobias BouschenCapitalize short sha env name in deploy actions
2021-02-11  Tobias BouschenUse GitHub action env field to declare publish branch...
2021-02-11  Tobias BouschenEnsure that all changes are staged by deploy action
2021-01-28  Tobias BouschenAdd recovery workflow to recreate the site branch
2021-01-28  Tobias BouschenAdjust site build workflow to preserve build artifact...
2021-01-21  Tobias BouschenMove site build artifacts to separate site branch
2021-01-14  Tobias BouschenImplement rudimentary push logic for deploy action
2020-07-22  Tobias BouschenFix output directory of auto deploy action
2020-07-22  Tobias BouschenAdd GitHub workflow to auto-deploy site (#6)