2022-04-10  andyjeffersonmissed the jdoquery in last commit
2022-04-10  andyjeffersonupdate XSD/DTD to match the JDO 3.2.1 variant
2022-03-26  TilmannSeparate downloads folder
2022-03-25  Craig L RussellAdd files via upload
2022-03-24  TilmannUpdate README.TXT
2022-03-24  TilmannUpdate readme.txt
2022-03-24  Tilmannxsd/dtd files
2022-03-24  TilmannUpdate annotations.adoc
2022-03-24  TilmannUpdate pom.xml
2022-03-24  Michael BouschenMerge branch 'main' of https://gitbox.apache.org/repos...
2022-03-24  Michael BouschenFirst Version of xmlns.adoc
2022-03-24  TilmannUpdate info.adoc
2022-03-24  TilmannUpdate annotations.adoc
2022-03-24  Tilmannrebuild trigger
2022-03-24  Craig L RussellUpdate deploy-site.yml
2022-03-24  Tilmanntest
2022-03-24  Craig L RussellUpdate index.adoc
2022-03-24  Craig L RussellDelete xmlns directory
2022-03-24  Craig L RussellDelete README.md
2022-03-24  Tobias BouschenAdd quotes around git arguments in workflows
2022-03-24  TilmannUpdate index.adoc
2022-03-24  Craig L RussellCreate index.adoc
2022-03-23  TilmannUpdate README.md
2022-03-19  Craig L RussellCreate README.md
2022-03-19  Craig L RussellCreate README.md
2022-03-17  Michael BouschenRemoved JDO 3.1-rc1 from the specification page
2022-03-12  Michael BouschenFixed spacing
2022-03-12  Michael BouschenUpdate spec links to jcp and new repo
2022-03-11  TilmannUpdate source-code.adoc
2022-03-09  TilmannUpdate source-code.adoc
2022-03-09  TilmannUpdate source-code.adoc
2022-02-07  TilmannNew release notes for 3.2
2022-02-07  Tilmann3.2 initial (#44)
2022-01-31  Tilmannchanged subdir to "content/jdo" (#43)
2022-01-31  TilmannUpdate .asf.yaml.publish
2022-01-31  Tilmannchanged subdir to "jdo" (#42)
2022-01-31  TilmannDummy change to trigger redeploy (#41)
2022-01-31  TilmannMinor change to trigger rebuild/deploy
2022-01-31  TilmannUpdate README.md
2021-07-15  Tobias BouschenRemove references to 'master' branch
2021-07-15  Tobias BouschenAdjust .asf.yaml and GitHub workflows to use 'main...
2021-07-11  Tobias BouschenMinor change to trigger re-deploy
2021-07-11  Tobias BouschenFix deploy action by specifying '--local' for git config
2021-07-10  Craig L RussellUpdate issuetracking.adoc
2021-07-10  Craig L RussellUpdate guides-maven-jdo.adoc
2021-04-08  TilmannUpdate README.md
2021-04-08  TilmannUpdate README.md
2021-04-08  TilmannUpdate README.md
2021-04-04  Craig L RussellUpdate README.md (#14)
2021-03-25  Tobias BouschenRemove required GitHub actions
2021-03-19  Tobias BouschenFix typos
2021-03-19  Tobias BouschenRevert "Fix branch protection"
2021-03-19  Tobias BouschenAdjust branch protection to use previous name
2021-03-18  Tobias BouschenFix branch protection
2021-03-17  Tobias BouschenJDO-792: Add branch protection rules
2021-03-17  Tobias BouschenRename GitHub action jobs
2021-03-07  Michael BouschenJDO-789: Cleanup jdo-site pom (#33)
2021-02-27  Michael BouschenMove copy-resources from compile to prepare-package...
2021-02-25  Tobias BouschenAdd site build workflow for pull requests
2021-02-25  Tobias BouschenSimplify workflow branch rule
2021-02-24  Tobias BouschenUse icons with highest resolution available for website
2021-02-18  Tobias BouschenMention automatic JIRA linking as part of the "Get...
2021-02-15  Tobias BouschenSet notification settings in .asf.yaml
2021-02-11  Tobias BouschenOnly try to publish results if there are any changes
2021-02-11  Tobias BouschenSplit up publishing stage of recreate action into multi...
2021-02-11  Tobias BouschenSplit up publishing stage of deploy action into multipl...
2021-02-11  Tobias BouschenSet 'bash' as the default shell for all deploy tasks
2021-02-11  Tobias BouschenCapitalize short sha env name in deploy actions
2021-02-11  Tobias BouschenUse GitHub action env field to declare publish branch...
2021-02-11  Tobias BouschenEnsure that all changes are staged by deploy action
2021-02-11  Tobias BouschenSet up branch protection for the 'publish' branch
2021-02-04  TilmannRemove svn references for specification PDFs (#21)
2021-02-04  TilmannRemoved github.io reference (#24)
2021-02-04  TilmannUpdate get-involved.adoc (#22)
2021-02-04  Tobias BouschenRemove 'docs/' and 'content'
2021-02-04  Tobias BouschenMove quickref to resources
2021-02-04  TilmannRemoved unused release PDF (#20)
2021-02-04  TilmannUpdate pom.xml (#19)
2021-01-30  TilmannUpdate .gitignore
2021-01-30  TilmannUpdate .gitignore
2021-01-28  TilmannUpdate glossary.adoc
2021-01-28  Tobias BouschenMove javadoc entries to resources folder
2021-01-28  Tobias BouschenAdd recovery workflow to recreate the site branch
2021-01-28  Tobias BouschenAdjust site build workflow to preserve build artifact...
2021-01-28  Tobias BouschenAdjust hosting configuration to match new setup
2021-01-21  Michael BouschenAdded Tobias Bouschen to the Apache JDO committers...
2021-01-21  Tobias BouschenMove site build artifacts to separate site branch
2021-01-14  Tobias BouschenImplement rudimentary push logic for deploy action
2020-12-27  Craig L RussellUpdate glossary.adoc
2020-11-19  TilmannAuto-deploy site for commit b17128f2ad
2020-11-19  TilmannAdded ZooDB to implementations (#11)
2020-11-17  andyjeffersonAuto-deploy site for commit 50336241fc
2020-11-17  andyjeffersonUpdate DB links
2020-08-20  Andy JeffersonAuto-deploy site for commit 4e7200b24c
2020-08-20  Andy JeffersonRemove title, it appears once already
2020-08-19  Andy JeffersonAuto-deploy site for commit ec3b75e940
2020-08-19  Andy JeffersonMerge pull request #10 from andyjefferson/master
2020-08-19  andyjeffersonfix formatting to use icon tick / cross 10/head
2020-07-22  Craig L RussellAuto-deploy site for commit eeb6d6bd0d
2020-07-22  Craig L RussellUpdate get-involved.adoc