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2013-10-18  mariosAdds profitbricks documentation output (nanoc)
2013-10-18  Dominik SanderAdded profitbricks documentation
2013-07-17  Dies Koperfixed version number in DOAP file
2013-07-17  Dies KoperAdded categories and CIMI standard to DOAP file
2013-07-16  mariosSite - update links for community call #21
2013-07-16  mariosAdding Deltacloud doap file -
2013-05-02  Joe VLcekSite: Add description of git pull request workflow
2013-04-26  mariosSite - update links for community call #20
2013-04-23  mariosSITE: update links for Community Call #19
2013-04-23  mariosSITE: Arubacloud storage support - updated website...
2013-04-12  mariosSite - update links for community call #18
2013-04-04  mariosSite - update links for community call #17
2013-03-25  Joe VLcekSITE: Add recent Community Call
2013-03-18  Michal FojtikSite: Update for 1.1.2 release
2013-03-15  Joe VLcekSITE: Update test recording instructions
2013-03-08  Joe VLcekSITE: Improvements Add white box unit test description.
2013-03-07  mariosSite - update links for community call #14
2013-03-06  mariosSITE: addresses DTACLOUD-478, DTACLOUD-479 and removes...
2013-02-26  mariosSite - update links for community call #13
2013-02-19  mariosSite - update links for community call #12
2013-02-19  Michal FojtikSite: Updated links for 1.1.1 release
2013-02-12  mariosSite - update links for community call #11
2013-02-08  mariosSITE: Aruba driver name change DTACLOUD-444
2013-02-05  mariosSite - update links for community call #10
2013-01-30  mariosSite - update links for Deltacloud Community Call #9
2013-01-28  mariosSITE - typo - DTACLOUD-435
2013-01-24  Joe VLcekReview input for SITE: fix nits in CIMI docs - update...
2013-01-24  mariosSITE: fix nits in CIMI docs - update links and nav bar
2013-01-22  mariosSite - update links for community call #8
2013-01-21  mariosSITE: CIMI Docs (REST API) and cURL examples
2013-01-18  mariosSITE update for release 1.1.0 (links, version, sqlite...
2013-01-17  mariosSITE: update contact page links for community call #7
2013-01-03  mariosSITE: Fix Deltacloud δ logo
2013-01-03  mariosSITE: Adds CIMI REST API and cURL Examples (incomplete)
2012-12-14  mariosSITE: update links for Community Call #5
2012-12-11  mariosSite - fix broken link to aeolus wiki for vsphere setup
2012-12-07  mariosSite: update links for Community Call #4
2012-11-29  mariosSITE - update links for Community Call #3
2012-11-28  mariosSITE - update contact page with links to deltacloud...
2012-11-27  mariosSITE: Update Openstack specific information on drivers...
2012-11-21  mariosSITE - add output for 'require_relative' note on install
2012-11-21  Ronelle LandySite: Add note about require_relative gem install for...
2012-11-02  David LutterkortSite: announce version 1.0.4
2012-10-29  David Lutterkortsite: link to install instructions for OS X
2012-10-26  mariosfgcp; fixed certificate location, added some notes
2012-10-23  mariosUpdate site docs to include fgcp specific caveats/notes
2012-09-24  mariosSite - adds forgotten /output for adding Aruba driver...
2012-09-24  mariosAdd Aruba to supported drivers for DTACLOUD_324
2012-09-24  Aruba DeltacloudSite: Add Aruba to the supported providers
2012-09-20  David LutterkortSite: mention that we turn virt mgmt into cloud
2012-09-20  David LutterkortSite: rename IBM SBC to IBM SmartCloud
2012-09-17  David Lutterkortsite (index): bump version to 1.0.3
2012-09-14  David Lutterkortsite: point downloads at 1.0.3 release
2012-08-28  David Lutterkortsite: mention CIMI and EC2 frontends
2012-08-22  lutterRegenerate site
2012-08-22  David Lutterkortsite: remove files from tmp/site/
2012-08-22  lutterShow release 1.0.2 on download page
2012-08-22  lutterGemfile: add fssm needed by 'nanoc view'
2012-08-22  jimNo longer point to incubator
2012-08-22  mfojtikFixed htaccess to allow new download page
2012-08-22  mfojtikAdded download page
2012-08-22  mfojtikAdded Piwik tracking code
2012-08-22  mfojtikRemoved list of supported regions in EC2 and say that...
2012-08-22  mfojtikAdded redirects to missing top level pages
2012-08-22  mfojtikAdded Datastore reference to VSphere driver details
2012-08-22  mfojtikRemoved 'reboot' from the list of supported operations...
2012-08-22  mfojtikRemoved 'reboot' from the list of supported operations...
2012-08-22  mfojtikFixed Deltacloud API release version
2012-08-09  mariosSite Docs: adds cURL examples and deprecation notice...
2012-06-25  Michal FojtikSite: Update for jquery.tweet.js
2012-06-25  Michal FojtikSite: Complete site revamp using bootstrap and docs...
2012-05-10  mariosAdding doap .rdf file to resolve JIRA DTACLOUD_193
2012-04-05  David LutterkortInstance states: settle on fixed set of possible states...
2012-03-14  Michal FojtikSite: Fixed tracking code
2012-03-14  Michal FojtikSite: Added Piwik tracking code to pages
2012-02-20  mariosMinor change to website - Adds 'yes' to reboot for...
2012-02-20  Michal FojtikSite: Removed background image from the box on front...
2012-02-10  mariosUpdate site docs - adds link to OpenNebula 'how-to...
2012-02-03  David Lutterkortsite: update download links to point to TLP, not incubator
2012-02-02  David Lutterkortsite: point to our git repo since we migrated from svn
2012-01-26  Michal FojtikSite: Updated RHEV-M instruction and added OpenStack...
2011-12-14  David Lutterkortsite: mention CIMI; remove link to roadmap
2011-12-14  Marios AndreouRemove references to incubator from deltacloud website
2011-10-18  Michal FojtikSite: Added updated tweet.js
2011-10-18  Michal FojtikSite: Fixed twitter query
2011-10-17  Marios AndreouSite Docs update - Adds information for developers...
2011-10-17  Marios AndreouSite Docs udpate - Edits the hopepage, download page...
2011-10-17  Marios AndreouUpdates REST API clarify use of application/x-www-form...
2011-10-17  Marios AndreouSite: Commiting output directories for Michal's twitter...
2011-10-17  Michal FojtikSite: Replaced static news with twitter updates
2011-10-12  David Lutterkortsite: link to mirror script for downloads
2011-08-23  David Lutterkortsite: fix disclaimer text
2011-08-23  David LutterkortReplace 'blob' with 'blob_id' in create blob operation
2011-08-22  David Lutterkortsite: add ASF incubator logo and disclaimer to layout
2011-08-18  David LutterkortFix svn properties for various files
2011-08-18  Christopher LalancetteAdd the libdeltacloud documentation to the output.
2011-08-11  David LutterkortDocs: Updated RPM dependencies in Contribute page
2011-08-08  Christopher LalancetteAdd libdeltacloud API documentation to the website.
2011-08-05  David LutterkortMajor rewrite of the REST API documentation