10 days ago  Richard ZowallaDELTASPIKE-1434 - Refine relocation patterns for javax... master
2022-04-08  Mark Struberg[maven-release-plugin] prepare for next development...
2022-04-08  Mark Struberg[maven-release-plugin] prepare release deltaspike-1.9.6 deltaspike-1.9.6
2022-04-08  Mark StrubergDELTASPIKE-1454 upgrade to ASM 9.3
2022-04-08  Mark Strubergfix maven-javadoc-plugin config
2022-04-08  Mark Strubergadd release notes for 1.9.6
2022-04-08  Mark StrubergDELTASPPIKE-1431 allow disabling InvocationResultLogger
2022-04-08  Mark StrubergDELTASPIKE-1433 add disposer for EntityManagerFactory
2022-04-08  Mark StrubergDELTASPIKE-1453 fix injection of configured Class
2022-04-08  Mark StrubergDELTASPIKE-1452 upgrade to apache-parent 25
2022-04-06  Mark StrubergDELTASPIKE-1133 remove setting logger level
2021-12-08  Mark StrubergDELTASPIKE-1445 implement Supplier<T> support
2021-12-08  Mark StrubergDELTASPIKE-1444 make BeanConverter a non-static factory
2021-12-07  Mark StrubergDELTASPIKE-1444 add POJO based Config
2021-12-04  Mark StrubergDELTASPIKE-1426 fix proxyfactory test
2021-09-19  Thomas AndraschkoMerge pull request #111 from Daniel-Dos/DELTASPIKE...
2021-09-19  Thomas AndraschkoMerge pull request #117 from skybber/DELTASPIKE-1426
2021-09-19  Thomas AndraschkoMerge pull request #119 from beikov/DELTASPIKE-1432
2021-09-04  Christian BeikovDELTASPIKE-1432 Implement MethodHandles.Lookup based... 119/head
2021-08-27  Mark StrubergDELTASPIKE-1434 add shading for jakarta EE package...
2021-03-31  Vladimir DvorakDELTASPIKE-1426 add Proxyfactory unit test 117/head
2021-03-26  Vladimir DvorakDELTASPIKE-1426: Improve ProxyFactory performance on...
2021-03-22  Mark StrubergDELTASPIKE-1427 fix log format {} -> {0} for JUL
2021-03-10  Mark Strubergupdate docs after release
2021-03-05  Mark Strubergadd release notes for 1.9.5
2021-03-05  Mark Struberg[maven-release-plugin] prepare for next development...
2021-03-05  Mark Struberg[maven-release-plugin] prepare release deltaspike-1.9.5 deltaspike-1.9.5
2021-03-04  Mark StrubergDELTASPIKE-1413 add SameSite=Strict to dsrwid cookie
2021-03-04  Mark StrubergDELTASPIKE-1416 fix missing mainclass in Manifest
2021-03-04  Mark StrubergDELTASPIKE-1420 update to ASM-9.1
2021-03-04  Mark StrubergDELTASPIKE-1423 fix weird Spelling error
2021-03-03  Mark StrubergDELTASPIKE-1423 exlude tests which are broken w JSF-2.3
2021-02-26  Mark StrubergDELTASPIKE-1314 fix tomee7-build-managed profile
2021-02-26  Mark Strubergfix compile error
2021-02-26  Mark Strubergfix small test failurs and Diamond
2021-02-26  Thomas AndraschkoMerge pull request #114 from SethFalco/add-on-docs
2021-02-26  Thomas AndraschkoMerge pull request #113 from lorenzleutgeb/patch-1
2021-02-26  Thomas AndraschkoMerge pull request #116 from melloware/PROXY
2021-02-21  mellowareProxy support for Quarkus and Hibernate 116/head
2020-11-30  Christian BeikovDELTASPIKE-1420 upgrade to ASM 9.0 115/head
2020-10-02  Seth FalcoMerge branch 'master' of 114/head
2020-09-25  Thomas AndraschkoMerge pull request #107 from dengliming/patch-1
2020-09-25  Thomas AndraschkoMerge pull request #112 from SethiPandi/readme-typos
2020-09-16  Lorenz LeutgebAvoid NPE in WindowContextImpl 113/head
2020-09-14  Seth FalcoFixed typos in README. 112/head
2020-09-14  Seth FalcoMerge branch 'master' of
2020-09-14  Daniel DiasDELTASPIKE-1416: add maven-jar-plugin to to use the... 111/head
2020-08-26  Mark Strubergusing now officially released arquillian adaptor
2020-08-25  Mark Strubergfix setup for Weld3 based containers.
2020-08-25  Mark Strubergfix setup for Weld3 based containers.
2020-08-25  Mark Strubergtrying to fix randomly failing Test on Wildfly
2020-08-22  Mark Strubergfix side effect of setting project stage for some unit...
2020-08-15  Seth FalcoMoved Add-on section from external to the dedicated...
2020-06-13  Mark Strubergupdate docs to release 1.9.4
2020-06-03  Mark Struberg[maven-release-plugin] prepare for next development...
2020-06-03  Mark Struberg[maven-release-plugin] prepare release deltaspike-1.9.4 deltaspike-1.9.4
2020-06-03  Mark StrubergMerge pull request #108 from SethiPandi/master
2020-06-03  Seth Falco* Two Class Loggers used `toString` instead of `getName... 108/head
2020-06-03  Seth FalcoMerge branch 'master' of
2020-06-02  Mark StrubergDELTASPIKE-1397 log variable in case of recursive defin...
2020-06-02  Mark StrubergDELTASPIKE-1358 upgrade to ASM-8.0.1
2020-06-02  Mark StrubergMerge pull request #106 from Daniel-Dos/DELTASPIKE...
2020-06-02  Mark StrubergDELTASPIKE-1402 wait a bit longer
2020-06-02  Mark StrubergDELTASPIKE-1402 add a way to disable dynamic reloading
2020-06-02  Mark StrubergDELTASPIKE-1402 dynamic reload of PropertyFileConfigSource
2020-06-02  Mark Strubergfix old coment
2020-06-01  Seth Falco* Corrected Typo in EntityManagerFactoryProducer
2020-05-18  Mark StrubergDELTASPIKE-519 fix potential ClassLoader leak
2020-05-15  Mark StrubergDELTASPIKE-1409 disable test-control tests for Weld2
2020-05-15  Mark StrubergDELTASPIKE-1408 in some situations CDI.current() doesn...
2020-05-15  Mark Struberguse spaces instead of tabs
2020-05-12  denglimingRemove deprecated sudo setting. 107/head
2020-04-12  Mark StrubergDELTASPIKE-1405 upgrade to apache parent 23 and fix...
2020-04-11  Daniel DiasDELTASPIKE-1404 - add some links for example and articles. 106/head
2020-04-10  Mark Strubergfix side effect of setting project stage per System...
2020-04-09  Mark Strubergremove deprecation, still useful and supported.
2020-03-29  Thomas AndraschkoMerge pull request #101 from apache/dependabot/maven...
2020-03-29  Thomas AndraschkoMerge pull request #105 from Daniel-Dos/DELTASPIKE...
2020-03-25  Daniel DiasDELTASPIKE-1403 105/head
2020-02-14  Jonathan LeitschuhUse HTTPS instead of HTTP to resolve dependencies
2020-02-05  Mark Strubergmove from cgi to lua and replace md5 with sha512
2020-02-05  Mark Strubergsuppress maven-dependency:unpack when generating javadocs
2020-02-05  Mark Strubergset latest stable for site
2020-01-27  Mark Struberg[maven-release-plugin] prepare for next development...
2020-01-27  Mark Struberg[maven-release-plugin] prepare release deltaspike-1.9.3 deltaspike-1.9.3
2020-01-16  Christian BeikovDELTASPIKE-1401 - Fix multiple XSS issues in ClientSide...
2019-12-13  Thomas Andraschko[maven-release-plugin] prepare for next development... ds-1.9.2
2019-12-13  Thomas Andraschko[maven-release-plugin] prepare release deltaspike-1.9.2 deltaspike-1.9.2
2019-12-12  Thomas AndraschkoDELTASPIKE-1398 - fixed delegation and change it to...
2019-11-21  dependabot... Bump httpclient from 4.2.5 to 4.3.6 in /deltaspike... 101/head
2019-11-21  Mark StrubergDELTASPIKE-1359 always include all modules
2019-11-10  Mark Strubergremove unused imports
2019-11-10  Mark StrubergDELTASPIKE-1364 Variables in @ConfigProperty
2019-11-08  Mark StrubergDELTASPIKE-1396 switch default to false for backward...
2019-11-07  Mark StrubergDELTASPIKE-1396 inverted waitForJobsToComplete logic
2019-10-21  Christian BeikovAdd myself to the developers
2019-10-15  Mark StrubergDELTASPIKE-1386 check SecurityAccess when accessing...
2019-10-15  Mark StrubergDELTASPIKE-1389 further stricten dswid
2019-10-13  Thomas AndraschkoMerge pull request #98 from beikov/DELTASPIKE-1390
2019-10-11  Christian BeikovDELTASPIKE-1391 - Never install tokenized redirect... 98/head