2015-01-30  Drankyeadded some java doc javadoc 38/head
2015-01-29  DrankyeAdded some javadoc
2015-01-26  DrankyeDIRKRB-152 Switching to AssertJ framework for unit...
2015-01-25  DrankyeClean up and fixing building
2015-01-25  Kiran Ayyagaritesting commit using a work-in-progress file
2015-01-25  DrankyeRemoved http related from not-commons-ssl library
2015-01-25  DrankyeClean up not-commons-ssl library, removing many unwante...
2015-01-25  DrankyeRemoved the ASN1 parsers included in not-commons-ssl...
2015-01-23  DrankyeDIRKRB-150 Fix some issues in tests. Contributed by...
2015-01-23  DrankyeDIRKRB-149 New layout structure with the new name ...
2015-01-21  drankyeDIRKRB-120 Enhance KDC Server to respect kdc.conf file...
2015-01-21  drankyeAvoided some unnecessarily thrown exception
2015-01-21  drankyeDIRKRB-119 Enhance KrbClient to respect krb5.conf file...
2015-01-21  drankyeDIRKRB-112 MIT Kerberos configuration format support...
2015-01-21  drankyeDIRKRB-129 KDC server supports both TCP and UDP. Contri...
2015-01-21  drankyeFixed an issue when "mvn package", thanks to Niklas
2015-01-21  drankyeDIRKRB-116 Add test for TGS-REQ message codec. Contribu...
2015-01-21  drankyeDIRKRB-115 Add test for AS-REP message codec. Contribu...
2015-01-21  drankyeDIRKRB-140 Section support in Configuration. Contribute...
2015-01-21  drankyeDIRKRB-117 Add test for TGS-REP message codec. Contribu...
2015-01-20  drankyeDIRKRB-114 Add tests for AS-REQ message codec. Contribu...
2015-01-20  drankyeDIRKRB-139 Refactor and split CheckSumsTest. Contribute...
2015-01-16  DrankyeMerge branch 'master' into fixdes
2015-01-16  DrankyeUpdated some comments
2015-01-16  DrankyeFinished and passed all the tests
2015-01-15  Emmanuel LécharnyAdded the rat plugin configuration in 3rdParty to ignor...
2015-01-15  Emmanuel LécharnyAdded a global rat-plugin
2015-01-13  DrankyeAdded test for the des key maker for intermediate steps
2015-01-13  DrankyeMerge branch 'master' into fixdes
2015-01-13  Emmanuel LécharnyAdded some missing AL 2.0 header
2015-01-13  DrankyeDIRKRB-138 Adding Apache License for non-code files...
2015-01-13  DrankyeDIRKRB-133 Added apache license header. Contributed...
2015-01-13  DrankyeGetting rid of a deprecation
2015-01-13  DrankyeConsolidating common utils
2015-01-13  DrankyeConsolidating common utils
2015-01-12  DrankyeWorking on fixing des etypes
2015-01-12  drankyeMerge branch 'master' into dsdev
2015-01-12  DrankyeRefactored the decryption test codes some bit and disab...
2015-01-12  Emmanuel Lécharnyo Added the missing AL 2.0 header maven-refactor
2015-01-11  Emmanuel LécharnyBumped up to the latest dependencies version; Added...
2015-01-11  DrankyeMerge branch 'master' of https://git-wip-us.apache...
2015-01-10  drankyeInitially import Haox codebase (
2015-01-10  DrankyeRemoved the test file
2015-01-10  DrankyeA test
2015-01-01  DrankyeMerge branch 'master' of
2015-01-01  DrankyeWorking on string2key tests and re-implemented des...
2015-01-01  DrankyeAdded string2key tests to guard related cleanup
2014-12-29  drankyeUpdate
2014-12-29  DrankyeDisable DES related crypto types for the moment as...
2014-12-28  DrankyeAdding missed files and some clean up
2014-12-28  DrankyeAdding kerb-core-test project back for more crypto...
2014-12-27  DrankyeRefactoring and clean up
2014-12-27  DrankyeImplementing des is_weak to get rid of a dependency
2014-12-26  DrankyeCleanup a bit
2014-12-26  DrankyeClean up a bit
2014-12-26  DrankyeClean up a bit
2014-12-25  DrankyeMerge branch 'master' of
2014-12-25  DrankyeSome clearance
2014-12-25  drankyeCleanup test exceptions
2014-12-25  drankyeUpdate
2014-12-25  DrankyeRenamed a pom
2014-12-25  DrankyeAdded missing files
2014-12-25  DrankyeFixed an entry conflict
2014-12-25  DrankyeRenaming packages in haox-kdc projects, using "apache"
2014-12-25  DrankyeRenaming packages in haox-kerb projects, using "apache"
2014-12-25  DrankyeRenaming packages in contrib projects, using "apache"
2014-12-25  DrankyeRefactoring and clean up
2014-12-24  DrankyeFixed a compiling issue on Linux
2014-12-24  DrankyeCleanup not relevant codes and originated codes from...
2014-12-24  DrankyeMove non-Kerberos relevant projects into contrib folder...
2014-12-24  DrankyeExluding running tests from 3rdparties by default
2014-12-23  DrankyeOptimized by Emmanuel
2014-12-22  DrankyeFixed two NPEs in tests
2014-12-22  DrankyeFixed some building issue
2014-12-22  DrankyePerf optimizations according to Emmanuel
2014-12-21  DrankyeAdded benchmark project to bench related perf considera...
2014-11-30  DrankyeWorking on PKINIT
2014-11-29  DrankyeSupporting multiple kdc realms
2014-11-28  DrankyeRefined a little bit of KDC side codes
2014-11-28  DrankyeWorking on preauth framework on KDC side
2014-11-28  DrankyeRefactored preauth framework
2014-11-28  DrankyeRefactored preauth framework for both KDC and client
2014-11-28  DrankyeUnified handling about TgsRequest with AsRequest
2014-11-28  DrankyeWorking on preauth framework on client side
2014-11-28  DrankyeWorking on preauth framework on client side
2014-11-27  DrankyeRefactored a little bit
2014-11-26  DrankyeWorking on preauth framework
2014-11-26  DrankyeMoving preauth related stuffs from request to preauthco...
2014-11-26  DrankyeWorking on preauth framework
2014-11-25  DrankyeWorking on preauth framework
2014-11-24  DrankyeRemoved unused lib folder with the help of maven
2014-11-24  DrankyeLoading private key from key file
2014-11-24  DrankyeIntroduced not-so-commons-ssl library
2014-11-23  DrankyeFixed two pom issues
2014-11-23  DrankyeInitiated pkinit-crypto project
2014-11-23  DrankyeGot network test cases passed
2014-11-22  DrankyeIntroduced mixed network facility combining udp & tcp...
2014-11-22  DrankyeMixed Acceptor and Connector
2014-11-21  DrankyeInitiated haox-kdc related projects
2014-11-21  DrankyeWorking on PKINIT