2018-08-24  plusplusjiajiaImprove the keytab deployment tool. kerby-2.0.0
2018-08-24  Colm O hEigeartaighUpdating Apache parent pom
2018-08-24  plusplusjiajiaRefine
2018-08-24  plusplusjiajiaUpdate Hadoop version from 3.0.0 to 3.0.3
2018-08-24  plusplusjiajiaAdd licenses in HAS distribution.
2018-08-24  plusplusjiajiaRemove the org.json dependency.
2018-08-24  plusplusjiajiaChange the HAS pid location.
2018-08-24  Colm O hEigeartaighDIRKRB-726 - Adding owasp dependency plugin configuration
2018-08-24  Colm O hEigeartaighUpdating Zookeeper
2018-08-09  plusplusjiajiaUpdate, and
2018-08-09  plusplusjiajiaAdd license in docs.
2018-08-09  plusplusjiajiaAdd HAS performance report.
2018-08-09  plusplusjiajiaUpdate
2018-08-09  plusplusjiajiaUpdate
2018-08-03  plusplusjiajiaDIRKRB-707 start has server with specific conf_dir...
2018-08-02  plusplusjiajiaDIRKRB-725 Add the guide to enable MySQL plugin.
2018-08-02  plusplusjiajiaFix the bug in HasLoginModule.
2018-08-02  zenglinxUpdate HAS documents.
2018-08-01  plusplusjiajiaDIRKRB-723 Add the guide to enable LDAP plugin.
2018-08-01  plusplusjiajiaFix the url of getting cert in HAS client.
2018-08-01  plusplusjiajiaAdd get CA file REST API.
2018-08-01  Colm O hEigeartaighBouncyCastle upgrade
2018-08-01  Colm O hEigeartaighUpgrading Apache parent version
2018-08-01  Colm O hEigeartaighAdding whitespace test for DIRKRB-717
2018-07-19  plusplusjiajiaDIRKRB-724 Replace JNDI with LDAP API in LDAP plugin. asf/kerby-2.0.0
2018-07-18  zenglinxUpdate pom file of HAS server to set correct version...
2018-07-13  plusplusjiajiaCheck the ssl config file exist.
2018-07-12  plusplusjiajiaDIRKRB-677 Add LDAP plugin for new authentication mecha...
2018-07-11  plusplusjiajiaMerge remote-tracking branch 'asf/trunk' into trunk
2018-07-11  plusplusjiajiaChange the default plugin type.
2018-07-10  zenglinxUpdate TestRestApiBase.
2018-07-06  zenglinxAdd unit tests of HAS REST API.
2018-07-06  plusplusjiajiaDIRKRB-722 Add HAS client login tool.
2018-07-06  zenglinxDIRKRB-721 Add some commands into HAS remote admin...
2018-07-06  plusplusjiajiaAdd some prompts in admin tool.
2018-07-04  plusplusjiajiaAdd the change password command.
2018-06-28  plusplusjiajiaAdd change_password in remote admin tool.
2018-06-28  plusplusjiajiaUpdate hadoop patch.
2018-06-25  plusplusjiajiaChange the pic of HAS protocol flow.
2018-06-22  plusplusjiajiaMerge remote-tracking branch 'asf/trunk' into trunk
2018-06-22  plusplusjiajiaDIRKRB-719 Enable Phoenix/Presto.
2018-06-11  Colm O hEigeartaighSome grammatical fixes
2018-06-07  Colm O hEigeartaighUpdating javadoc plugin
2018-06-06  zenglinxUpdate MySQL backend for improving concurrency performance.
2018-06-01  plusplusjiajiaDIRKRB-718 Add local admin shell script.
2018-06-01  plusplusjiajiaMerge branch 'trunk' of
2018-06-01  plusplusjiajiaDIRKRB-716 Implement local admin tool.
2018-05-31  Colm O hEigeartaighDIRKRB-717 - Allow semicolon as a comment character...
2018-05-25  plusplusjiajiaDIRKRB-701 Enable Oozie
2018-05-21  Colm O hEigeartaighUpdating LDAP API
2018-05-18  plusplusjiajiaDIRKRB-715 Store the TGT in credential cache.
2018-05-16  plusplusjiajiaDIRKRB-714 Replace Jersey client with HttpURLConnection...
2018-05-09  plusplusjiajiaDIRKRB-713 Switching to use JLine for the AdminRemoteTo...
2018-05-08  plusplusjiajiaFix the MySQLIdentityBackend package name.
2018-05-08  plusplusjiajiaDIRKRB-712 Copy dependencies of supported backend to...
2018-05-04  plusplusjiajiaDIRKRB-697 Add start/stop shell scripts for windows...
2018-04-26  plusplusjiajiaDIRKRB-711 Implement tool based on REST API for KDC...
2018-04-26  plusplusjiajiaDIRKRB-673 Add REST API for Kerby KDC configuration.
2018-04-23  Colm O hEigeartaighDIRKRB-710 - Add support for arcfour-hmac
2018-04-20  Colm O hEigeartaighAdding a keytab test for a different encryption type
2018-04-20  plusplusjiajiaDIRKRB-709 Add principals and export keytabs by host...
2018-04-19  plusplusjiajiaFix DIRKRB-694, removing CacheableIdentityService in...
2018-04-03  plusplusjiajiaDIRKRB-700 DIRKRB-700.
2018-03-27  plusplusjiajiaDIRKRB-699 Enable Hadoop/HBase/Hive/Zookeeper.
2018-03-26  plusplusjiajiaDIRKRB-706 pom for directory-kerby fails in eclipse...
2018-03-21  plusplusjiajiaDIRKRB-704 Refresh constants related to standards....
2018-03-20  plusplusjiajiaFix doc link.
2018-03-20  plusplusjiajiaMerge remote-tracking branch 'asf/trunk' into trunk
2018-03-20  plusplusjiajiaDIRKRB-705 Add documents: HAS Introduction,Getting...
2018-03-19  zenglinxDIRKRB-703 Reduce client-side information leakage of...
2018-03-16  zenglinxRefine logging output of HasClient.
2018-03-12  plusplusjiajiaMerge remote-tracking branch 'asf/trunk' into trunk
2018-03-12  plusplusjiajiaDIRKRB-675 Implement remote kadmin tool based on kadmin...
2018-03-08  Colm O hEigeartaighSecuring the DocumentBuilderFactory instance
2018-03-06  plusplusjiajiaMerge remote-tracking branch 'asf/trunk' into trunk
2018-03-06  plusplusjiajiaDIRKRB-698 Implement kadmin client based on REST API.
2018-03-05  Colm O hEigeartaighUpdating Apache parent pom
2018-03-02  plusplusjiajiaParse the error message from https response.
2018-02-26  Colm O hEigeartaighFixing some errors thrown up by SpotBugs
2018-02-13  zenglinxDIRKRB-688 Add time check in MySQL server plugin
2018-02-13  Colm O hEigeartaighSome trivial typos
2018-02-13  plusplusjiajiaFix PMD issues.
2018-02-13  plusplusjiajiaMerge remote-tracking branch 'asf/trunk' into trunk
2018-02-13  plusplusjiajiaDIRKRB-691 Add tool for remote initialization.
2018-02-13  plusplusjiajiaDIRKRB-696 Add REST API and client for remote initializ...
2018-02-12  Colm O hEigeartaighDIRKRB-692 - This closes #29.
2018-02-12  FabianoFix for SGT clientPrincipal that is currently not popul...
2018-02-12  Colm O hEigeartaighDIRKRB-693/DIRKRB-695 - Switching to use JLine for...
2018-02-11  zenglinxDIRKRB-685 Add MySQL plugin for new authentication...
2018-02-09  Colm O hEigeartaighUpdating versions to 2.0.0-SNAPSHOT
2018-02-09  Colm O hEigeartaighThis closes #28.
2018-02-08  Colm O hEigeartaighDIRKRB-692 - Adding test
2018-02-05  plusplusjiajiaDIRKRB-690 Add shell script to start and stop Web Server.
2018-01-30  plusplusjiajiaFix compilation failure.
2018-01-29  plusplusjiajiaDIRKRB-689 Create principals and export keytabs with...
2018-01-29  plusplusjiajiaDIRKRB-674 Add REST API for kadmin interface.
2018-01-26  plusplusjiajiaFix the build failure.
2018-01-24  plusplusjiajiaDIRKRB-687 Define new PA data type being used by Window...
2018-01-22  plusplusjiajiaDIRKRB-681 Add new LoginModule
2018-01-17  zenglinxDIRKRB-686 Some refactor work for MySQL backend.