descriptionApache Directory LDAP API
ownerThe Apache Software Foundation
last changeSun, 18 Mar 2018 15:34:18 +0000 (16:34 +0100)
7 hours ago  Stefan SeelmannFix docs master
8 hours ago  Stefan SeelmannRemove unused abstract test class with outdated FQCNs.
41 hours ago  Emmanuel Lécharnyo Made the SyncInfoValue an IntermediateResponse, not...
2018-02-27  Emmanuel LécharnyRemoved the constant TYPE from the interfaces, moved...
2018-02-27  Emmanuel LécharnyMoved teh SyncRequest control to its own package
2018-02-27  Emmanuel LécharnyRemoved an unused thrown exception
2018-02-27  Emmanuel Lécharnyo Used syncrhonized/wait/notifyll to manage single...
2018-02-27  Emmanuel LécharnyMoved some messages to I18n
2018-02-27  Emmanuel Lécharnyo Used synchronized/wait/notifyAll to manage messages...
2018-02-01  Emmanuel Lécharnyo Declared the EndTransaction extended operation for...
2018-02-01  Emmanuel Lécharnyo Added the EndTransactionResponse implementation
2018-01-28  Emmanuel Lécharnyo Changed an error message
2018-01-27  Emmanuel Lécharnyo Fix failing tests (ByteBuffer was not flipped)
2018-01-27  Emmanuel Lécharnyo Added tests for the EndTransactionRequest class
2018-01-26  Emmanuel LécharnyAdded the EndTransactionRequest decoder
2018-01-25  Emmanuel LécharnyAnother bad javadoc...
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