descriptionApache Directory LDAP API
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2 days ago  Emmanuel LécharnyMoving the last messages for LDAP API
2 days ago  Emmanuel LécharnyRenamed MSG
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4 days ago  Emmanuel LécharnySome more error/msg I18nalization
5 days ago  Emmanuel LécharnySome more Err/Msg modifications
6 days ago  Emmanuel LécharnySome more Err/Msg modifications
11 days ago  Emmanuel LécharnyFinishing migrating errors and messages to I18n for...
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12 days ago  Emmanuel LécharnyMoved some error messages to I18n
12 days ago  Emmanuel LécharnyMoved error and debug messages to I18n
2018-06-02  Emmanuel LécharnyFixed some race condition in LdapConnection when using SSL
2018-06-02  Emmanuel LécharnyBumped up some dependencies
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