7 days ago  Emmanuel Lécharny[maven-release-plugin] prepare for next development... master
7 days ago  Emmanuel Lécharny[maven-release-plugin] prepare release 2.0.0.AM1 2.0.0.AM1
7 days ago  Emmanuel LécharnyTrying anoyther way to disable this stupid Javadoc...
7 days ago  Emmanuel LécharnyAdded a configuration flag to the Javadoc plugin to...
7 days ago  Emmanuel LécharnyFixed a javadoc issue
7 days ago  Emmanuel LécharnyMerge branch 'master' of
7 days ago  Emmanuel LécharnyFixed a non-UTF-8 character
8 days ago  Stefan SeelmannUpdate versions to fix Java 9/10/11 build
8 days ago  Emmanuel LécharnyMerge branch 'master' of
8 days ago  Emmanuel LécharnyMany little SONAR fixes
9 days ago  Emmanuel LécharnyMany little SONAR fixes
9 days ago  Emmanuel LécharnyFixed some SONAR issues
10 days ago  Emmanuel LécharnyFixed some warnings
10 days ago  Emmanuel LécharnyMerge branch 'master' of
10 days ago  Emmanuel LécharnyBumped up to the latest 'project' version
10 days ago  Radovan SemancikRemoving ancient leftovers
11 days ago  Radovan SemancikFlexible schema error handling
2018-07-04  Emmanuel LécharnyFixed some XML syntax
2018-07-04  Emmanuel LécharnyFixed the surefire pluging version to a version that...
2018-07-02  Emmanuel Lécharnyo Fixed a bug in the startTLS handling : teh SslFilter...
2018-06-22  Radovan SemancikFixes to support bad LDAP servers
2018-06-21  Emmanuel LécharnyCleaned up the file
2018-06-20  Emmanuel LécharnyRemoved a useless file
2018-06-20  Emmanuel LécharnyLast drop of changes related to ERR/MSG
2018-06-20  Emmanuel LécharnyProcessed the DSML engine err/msg
2018-06-19  Emmanuel LécharnyMoving the last messages for LDAP API
2018-06-19  Emmanuel LécharnyRenamed MSG
2018-06-17  Emmanuel LécharnyMerge branch 'master' of
2018-06-17  Emmanuel LécharnySome more error/msg I18nalization
2018-06-16  Emmanuel LécharnySome more Err/Msg modifications
2018-06-15  Emmanuel LécharnySome more Err/Msg modifications
2018-06-10  Emmanuel LécharnyFinishing migrating errors and messages to I18n for...
2018-06-09  Emmanuel LécharnyMerge branch 'master' of
2018-06-09  Emmanuel LécharnyMoved some error messages to I18n
2018-06-09  Emmanuel LécharnyMoved error and debug messages to I18n
2018-06-02  Emmanuel LécharnyFixed some race condition in LdapConnection when using SSL
2018-06-02  Emmanuel LécharnyBumped up some dependencies
2018-05-20  Stefan SeelmannFix value equals. Don't normalize already normalized...
2018-05-18  Emmanuel LécharnyMigrated to commons-pool 2.5.0
2018-05-16  Emmanuel LécharnyHad the OpenLdapSchemaParser.parse method to throw...
2018-05-15  Emmanuel LécharnyMerge branch 'master' of
2018-05-15  Emmanuel LécharnyThe Fast OpenLdapSchemaParser and all the associate...
2018-05-02  Emmanuel LécharnyFixed some typoes in messages
2018-05-02  Emmanuel LécharnySome fixes in LdapNetworkConnection
2018-05-02  Emmanuel LécharnyAdded a hand-crafted OpenLDAP schema parser, which...
2018-04-11  Emmanuel Lécharnyo Refactored api-ldap-codec-standalone error messages
2018-04-10  Emmanuel Lécharnyo Fixed a compilation failure
2018-04-10  Emmanuel LécharnyRefactored the error messages for extra-utils
2018-04-10  Emmanuel LécharnyEncapsulated all calls to LOG.debug/info/warn/trace...
2018-04-09  Emmanuel LécharnyAdded a if ( LOG.isDebugEnabled() ) around the LOG...
2018-04-09  Emmanuel LécharnyFix for DIRAPI-302. We now throw an IllegalArgumentExce...
2018-04-09  Emmanuel LécharnyUsing StandardCharset.UTF_8 instead of "UTF-8"
2018-04-09  Emmanuel LécharnyFinishing the error message refactoring for ldap-model
2018-04-07  Emmanuel LécharnyFixed OSGi missing declarations and errors
2018-04-07  Emmanuel LécharnyEnd of teh ldap/model message refactoring
2018-04-06  Emmanuel LécharnyRefactored I18n messages for ldap model schema
2018-04-06  Emmanuel LécharnySimplified the getClassType method
2018-04-03  Emmanuel LécharnyUsing a future to manage the startTLS operation, not...
2018-03-31  Emmanuel LécharnyMerge branch 'master' of
2018-03-31  Emmanuel LécharnyApplied patch for [DIRAPI-313] - SCM Pointing to SVN...
2018-03-31  Stefan SeelmannMerge pull request #2 from khmarbaise/DIRAPI-313
2018-03-31  Karl Heinz... [DIRAPI-313] - SCM Pointing to SVN instead of GitBox 2/head
2018-03-31  Emmanuel LécharnySwitching back to MINA 2.0.17 as the startTLS problme...
2018-03-31  Emmanuel Lécharnyo Added a loop to wait for the startTLS operation to...
2018-03-28  Emmanuel LécharnyReverted to MINA 2.0.16, as the new version is causing...
2018-03-26  Emmanuel LécharnyBumped up a few dependencies :
2018-03-26  Emmanuel LécharnyRemoved a scrip that was comitted by mistake
2018-03-24  Emmanuel LécharnyFixed some more tests
2018-03-24  Emmanuel LécharnyFixed some test failure
2018-03-24  Emmanuel LécharnyRefactored err/msg for ldap/model/name
2018-03-24  Emmanuel LécharnyResolve a merge conflict
2018-03-24  Emmanuel LécharnyMerge branch 'master' of
2018-03-24  Emmanuel LécharnyRefactored msg and errors for message module
2018-03-23  Emmanuel LécharnyRefactored msg and errors for ldif module
2018-03-19  Emmanuel LécharnyRefactored the ldap-model entry error and messages
2018-03-19  Emmanuel LécharnyRemoved the first-benchmark project as it was just...
2018-03-18  Stefan SeelmannFix docs
2018-03-18  Stefan SeelmannRemove unused abstract test class with outdated FQCNs.
2018-03-17  Emmanuel Lécharnyo Made the SyncInfoValue an IntermediateResponse, not...
2018-02-27  Emmanuel LécharnyRemoved the constant TYPE from the interfaces, moved...
2018-02-27  Emmanuel LécharnyMoved teh SyncRequest control to its own package
2018-02-27  Emmanuel LécharnyRemoved an unused thrown exception
2018-02-27  Emmanuel Lécharnyo Used syncrhonized/wait/notifyll to manage single...
2018-02-27  Emmanuel LécharnyMoved some messages to I18n
2018-02-27  Emmanuel Lécharnyo Used synchronized/wait/notifyAll to manage messages...
2018-02-01  Emmanuel Lécharnyo Declared the EndTransaction extended operation for...
2018-02-01  Emmanuel Lécharnyo Added the EndTransactionResponse implementation
2018-01-28  Emmanuel Lécharnyo Changed an error message
2018-01-27  Emmanuel Lécharnyo Fix failing tests (ByteBuffer was not flipped)
2018-01-27  Emmanuel Lécharnyo Added tests for the EndTransactionRequest class
2018-01-26  Emmanuel LécharnyAdded the EndTransactionRequest decoder
2018-01-25  Emmanuel LécharnyAnother bad javadoc...
2018-01-25  Emmanuel LécharnyFixed some wrong Javadoc
2018-01-25  Emmanuel LécharnyAdded the EndTransaction extended request and response
2018-01-25  Emmanuel Lécharnyo Many fixes in controls : hashCode/equals/toString
2018-01-25  Emmanuel LécharnyFixed a failing tests after a fix in the code
2018-01-24  Emmanuel LécharnyFixed issue where Map key was using an AtomicInteger...
2018-01-24  Emmanuel Lécharnyo Added the startTransaction extended operation
2018-01-23  Emmanuel Lécharnyo Removed the useless LDAP_ENCODER/LDAP_DECODER variabl...
2018-01-17  Emmanuel LécharnyRegistered the transactionSpecification control