2 days ago  elecharnyo Added the IntermediateResponse reverse encoding master
3 days ago  elecharnyAdded some test with controls
3 days ago  elecharnyCompleted the ExtendedResponse reverse encoding factories
3 days ago  elecharnyo Added the EndTransacytionResponse reverse encoding
4 days ago  elecharnyAdded the reverse encoding for all the ExtendedRequest...
5 days ago  Emmanuel LécharnyMerge branch 'master' of
5 days ago  elecharnyo Added a BerValue.encodeOctetString( Asn1Buffer, Strin...
5 days ago  elecharnyo Added a BerValue.encodeOctetStriung( Asn1Buffer,...
8 days ago  elecharnyo Created a Asn1Buffer constructor
8 days ago  elecharnyo Fixed the reverse encoding of controls
9 days ago  elecharnyo Completed the controls reverse encoding implementation.
9 days ago  elecharnyo Added the reverse encoding for VLV
9 days ago  elecharnyo Fixed the AdPolicyHints control, it can't be decoded
9 days ago  elecharnyo Added the SyncStateValue reverse encoding
9 days ago  elecharnyo Added the reverse encoding for SyncDoneValue and...
9 days ago  elecharnyRemoved a checkstyle error
9 days ago  elecharnyo Split the PasswordPolicy control into request and...
10 days ago  elecharnyImproved the class header
11 days ago  Stefan SeelmannFix OSGi
11 days ago  Emmanuel LecharnyCalling the correct Request/Response control crator...
12 days ago  Emmanuel Lecharnyo Split the AdDirSync control into two classes: one...
2018-11-29  Colm O hEigeartaighSet the secure processing feature on the TransformerFactory
2018-11-28  Emmanuel LecharnyMoved some constants from decorator to factory
2018-11-28  Emmanuel Lecharnyo Rename 2 control Impl classes
2018-11-28  Emmanuel Lecharnyo Completed the reverse encoding for all the Model...
2018-11-27  Emmanuel Lecharnyo Formatted tests for EntryChange control, and added...
2018-11-27  Emmanuel Lecharnyo Added the reverse encoded value for PagedSearch Contr...
2018-11-27  Emmanuel Lecharnyo Improved the Asn1Buffer toString() method
2018-11-27  Emmanuel Lecharnyo Implemented the SearchResultReference reverse encoding
2018-11-26  Emmanuel LecharnyMerge branch 'master' of
2018-11-26  Emmanuel Lecharnyo Implemented the SearchResultDone and SearchResultEntr...
2018-11-26  Emmanuel Lecharnyo Added the Compare, Delete, Modify and ModifyDn factories
2018-11-26  Emmanuel Lecharnyo Added the AddResponse and BindResponse factories
2018-11-26  Emmanuel Lecharnyo Added the AddResponse and BindResponse factories
2018-11-24  Emmanuel Lecharnyo Completed the SearchRequest test refactoring
2018-11-23  Emmanuel Lecharnyo Added tests for Substring filters
2018-11-23  Emmanuel Lecharnyo Added the SearchRequest revert encoding
2018-11-21  Emmanuel Lecharnyo Added the Modify and Unbind factories
2018-11-20  Emmanuel Lecharnyo Formatted request tests
2018-11-19  Emmanuel Lecharnyo Added the Abandon, Add, Bind and Delete request factories
2018-11-17  Emmanuel LecharnyAdded a second implementation of an Asn1Buffer, with...
2018-11-17  Emmanuel LecharnyMerge branch 'master' of
2018-11-17  elecharnyo Some fix for Asn1Buffer
2018-11-15  elecharnyAdded the Asn1Buffer class. It's not being used atm.
2018-11-15  Emmanuel LécharnyMerge pull request #3 from solomax/master
2018-11-15  elecharnyApplied patch from DIRAPI-324
2018-11-15  elecharnyo Made the LdapEncoder class a static class
2018-11-10  elecharnyFix for DIRSERVER-2256 (which is an API issue)
2018-10-20  Maxim Solodovnik[DIRAPI-324] commons-lang and commons-collections are... 3/head
2018-10-09  Stefan SeelmannRemove superfluous plugin configuration. OSGi tests...
2018-10-01  Radovan SemancikFixed wrong access to Syntax member instead of getter
2018-09-24  Emmanuel Lécharnyo Removed unused abstract classes
2018-09-23  Emmanuel LécharnyRestore the previous switch for requests/response to...
2018-09-23  Emmanuel LécharnyThe AbstractRequest class should be abstract
2018-09-21  Emmanuel LécharnyFixed the compilation errors
2018-09-21  Emmanuel Lécharnyo Formatting tests
2018-09-20  Emmanuel LécharnyReturn the result immediately
2018-09-20  Emmanuel LécharnyAlways write a decorator
2018-09-20  Emmanuel LécharnyAdded the endTransaction OSGi tests
2018-09-20  Emmanuel Lécharnyo Updated the copyright date
2018-09-20  Emmanuel LécharnyMinor refactoring
2018-09-20  Emmanuel LécharnyMany fixes for the Transaction extended operations
2018-09-15  Emmanuel Lécharnyo Fixed some StartTransaction implementation errors
2018-09-12  Emmanuel LécharnyRemoved the useless findbugs dependency
2018-09-10  Emmanuel LécharnyRemoved the useless findbugs dependency; Fixed some...
2018-09-01  Emmanuel LécharnyUpdated the NOTICE date to 2018
2018-08-28  Emmanuel Lécharny[maven-release-plugin] prepare for next development...
2018-08-28  Emmanuel Lécharny[maven-release-plugin] prepare release 2.0.0.AM2 2.0.0.AM2
2018-08-28  Emmanuel LécharnyRemoved useless calls to computeHashCode()
2018-08-28  Emmanuel LécharnyFixed a dependency revision
2018-08-27  Emmanuel LécharnyMerge branch 'master' of
2018-08-27  Emmanuel LécharnyFixed the SchemaObject hashcode computation
2018-08-23  Radovan SemancikA couple of NPE fixes
2018-08-19  Stefan SeelmannDelete broken utils only used by Studio (Files.newInput...
2018-08-17  Emmanuel LécharnyRemoved commented code
2018-08-17  Emmanuel LécharnyFix the multithreaded test (DIRAPI-317)
2018-08-08  Emmanuel LécharnyFix the failing test.
2018-08-08  Emmanuel LécharnyMerge branch 'master' of
2018-08-07  Emmanuel LécharnyFixed a stack overflow
2018-08-07  Stefan SeelmannJenkinsfile: define label
2018-08-07  Stefan SeelmannAdd Jenkinsfile
2018-08-07  Emmanuel LécharnyLast batch of Javadoc fixing: we now don't have anymore...
2018-08-03  Emmanuel Lécharnyo Fixed all the remaining Javadoc errors, and many...
2018-08-02  Emmanuel LécharnyFixed many Javadoc issues
2018-08-01  Emmanuel LécharnyFixed Javadoc
2018-07-31  Emmanuel LécharnyFixed javadoc LINT warnings and errors
2018-07-15  Emmanuel Lécharny[maven-release-plugin] prepare for next development...
2018-07-15  Emmanuel Lécharny[maven-release-plugin] prepare release 2.0.0.AM1 2.0.0.AM1
2018-07-15  Emmanuel LécharnyTrying anoyther way to disable this stupid Javadoc...
2018-07-15  Emmanuel LécharnyAdded a configuration flag to the Javadoc plugin to...
2018-07-15  Emmanuel LécharnyFixed a javadoc issue
2018-07-15  Emmanuel LécharnyMerge branch 'master' of
2018-07-15  Emmanuel LécharnyFixed a non-UTF-8 character
2018-07-14  Stefan SeelmannUpdate versions to fix Java 9/10/11 build
2018-07-14  Emmanuel LécharnyMerge branch 'master' of
2018-07-14  Emmanuel LécharnyMany little SONAR fixes
2018-07-14  Emmanuel LécharnyMany little SONAR fixes
2018-07-13  Emmanuel LécharnyFixed some SONAR issues
2018-07-12  Emmanuel LécharnyFixed some warnings
2018-07-12  Emmanuel LécharnyMerge branch 'master' of