Added the setter for the envdir Filepath
[directory-mavibot.git] / mavibot / src / main / java / org / apache / directory / mavibot / btree /
2014-09-23  Emmanuel LécharnyAdded the setter for the envdir Filepath
2014-08-03  Kiran Ayyagario added support for replacing value of an existing key
2014-05-17  Emmanuel LécharnyMerged the with-txns branch into teh trunk
2014-05-17  Emmanuel Lécharnymerged trunk changes into the branch with-txns
2014-05-17  Emmanuel LécharnyRemoved some useless import, fixed some warnings
2014-05-16  Emmanuel LécharnyAdded the code that allows us to gather all the updates...
2014-04-29  Emmanuel LécharnyMany changes :
2014-02-27  Emmanuel Lécharnyo Injecting the rootPage in the BTreeHeader will comput...
2014-02-26  Emmanuel Lécharnyo Many changes in the RecordManager to make it possible...
2014-02-11  Emmanuel Lécharnyo Get rid of the WriteTransaction class, it's now repla...
2014-02-10  Emmanuel LécharnyChecked in the code I'm working on in a branch
2013-12-18  Emmanuel Lécharnyo Added the WriteTransaction class
2013-12-18  Emmanuel LécharnyFormatted the code
2013-12-18  Emmanuel Lécharnyo Fixed MAVIBOT-20 (the allowDuplicate flag was ignored)
2013-12-18  Emmanuel LécharnyMade the insert(K, V, revision ) package protected
2013-12-18  Emmanuel Lécharnyo Merged the PersistedBTreeFactory and InMemortFactory...
2013-12-16  Emmanuel LécharnyMade many classes package protected
2013-12-16  Emmanuel LécharnyMoved around many classes in order to be able to packag...