descriptionApache Directory Server
ownerThe Apache Software Foundation
last changeWed, 5 Dec 2018 16:54:07 +0000 (17:54 +0100)
7 days ago  elecharnyFixed teh server accordingly to the LDAP API control... master
10 days ago  Stefan SeelmannFix OSGi
10 days ago  Emmanuel LecharnyFixed ApacheDS compilation error accordingly to the...
2018-11-28  Emmanuel Lecharnyo Applied the SortRequest/Response renaming
2018-11-16  elecharnyAdded the commons-codec explicit dependency
2018-11-15  elecharnyBumped up commons-collections and commons-lang to versi...
2018-11-15  elecharnyFixed the test to use the static LdapEnoder class
2018-11-15  elecharnyRemoved spurious sysout
2018-11-15  elecharnyAdding a check for Azul JVM. This test class function...
2018-10-15  Emmanuel LécharnyMerge branch 'master' of
2018-10-15  Emmanuel LécharnyApplied patch for DIRSERVER-2247
2018-10-09  Stefan SeelmannRemove superfluous plugin configuration. OSGi tests...
2018-09-25  Emmanuel LécharnyMinor cleanup
2018-09-25  Emmanuel LécharnyFixed a compilation error
2018-09-24  Emmanuel LécharnyFixed some compilation errors following the abstract...
2018-09-23  Emmanuel Lécharnyo Using Decorator in handlers to avoid using a big...
3 months ago 2.0.0.AM25 [maven-release-plugin] copy for...
18 months ago 2.0.0-M24 2.0.0-M24
2 years ago 2.0.0-M23 2.0.0-M23
2 years ago 2.0.0-M22 2.0.0-M22
2 years ago 2.0.0-M21 2.0.0-M21
3 years ago 2.0.0-M20 2.0.0-M20
4 years ago 2.0.0-M19 2.0.0-M19
4 years ago 2.0.0-M18 2.0.0-M18
4 years ago 2.0.0-M17 2.0.0-M17
4 years ago 2.0.0-M16 2.0.0-M16
5 years ago 2.0.0-M15 2.0.0-M15
5 years ago 2.0.0-M14 2.0.0-M14
5 years ago 2.0.0-M13 2.0.0-M13
5 years ago 2.0.0-M12 2.0.0-M12
5 years ago 2.0.0-RC1 2.0.0-RC1
5 years ago 2.0.0-M11 2.0.0-M11
7 days ago master
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