8 days ago  Stefan SeelmannFix test with java 9/10/11, behaviour of LdapContext... master
8 days ago  Stefan SeelmannRemove tests not working with Java8+
10 days ago  Emmanuel LécharnyBumped up to 'project' version 42'
10 days ago  Emmanuel LécharnyFixed a LDAP API call, as the API has changed
10 days ago  Emmanuel LécharnyRemoved a useless 'final'
2018-06-15  Emmanuel LécharnyFixed some error messages
2018-06-12  Emmanuel Lécharnyun-ignoring some tests
2018-06-05  Emmanuel Lécharnyo Using MINA 2.0.18
2018-06-05  Emmanuel Lécharnyo Extending IoHandlerAdapter instead of implementing...
2018-06-05  Emmanuel LécharnyFixed a toString() method
2018-05-21  Emmanuel LécharnyMerge branch 'master' of
2018-05-21  Emmanuel LécharnyAdded the missing session.closeNow() call when the...
2018-05-20  Stefan SeelmannAdd tests that add and delete member attributes with...
2018-05-19  Stefan SeelmannChange the import package name to commons-pool 2
2018-05-18  Emmanuel LécharnyFixed ApacheDS to use commons-pool 2.5
2018-05-16  Emmanuel LécharnyFixed apacheDS now that the Fast schema parser is teh...
2018-05-02  Emmanuel LécharnyFixed some I18n bad codes
2018-04-09  Emmanuel LécharnyFixed compilation error caused by some LDAP API package...
2018-04-03  Emmanuel LécharnyMerge branch 'master' of
2018-04-03  Emmanuel LécharnyFix for DIRSERVER-2231. If the entryDnCache is not...
2018-04-03  Colm O hEigeartaighMerge pull request #4 from khmarbaise/DIRSERVER-2230
2018-04-03  Colm O hEigeartaighMerge pull request #3 from khmarbaise/DIRSERVER-2229
2018-03-31  Emmanuel LécharnyApplied patch for DIRSERVER-2229 - Remove duplicated...
2018-03-31  Emmanuel LécharnyApplied patch from [DIRSERVER-2230] - SCM pointing...
2018-03-31  Karl Heinz... [DIRSERVER-2230] - SCM pointing to gitbox instead of svn 4/head
2018-03-31  Karl Heinz... [DIRSERVER-2229] - Remove duplicated declaration of... 3/head
2018-03-31  Emmanuel LécharnySwitched back to MINA 2.0.17 now that the startTLS...
2018-03-31  Emmanuel LécharnyDon't initiate the handshake on the server side
2018-03-31  Emmanuel LécharnyApplied the suggested change in
2018-03-28  Emmanuel LécharnyReverted to MINA 2.0.16, as the new version is causing...
2018-03-26  Emmanuel LécharnyBumped up a few dependencies :
2018-03-18  Stefan SeelmannAdd missing import
2018-03-18  Stefan SeelmannFix uber jar generation, bcprov signature file names...
2018-03-18  Stefan SeelmannUpdate bouncycastle, new version fixes OSGi BREE issue...
2018-03-18  Stefan SeelmannFix startup scripts:
2018-03-17  Emmanuel Lécharnyo Fixed replication to use the SyncInfoValue intermedia...
2018-03-08  Emmanuel Lécharnyo Added support for operation transaction
2018-01-23  Emmanuel LécharnyFix for DIRSERVER-2220
2018-01-10  Emmanuel LécharnyMerge branch 'master' of
2018-01-10  Emmanuel LécharnyAdding transaction to partitions
2018-01-05  Emmanuel Lécharnyo Fixed Java 8 warnings
2017-12-28  Emmanuel Lécharnyo Added a test for PersisteSearch that uses the LDAP API
2017-12-12  Stefan SeelmannTry to use new JVM for each test class
2017-12-12  Stefan SeelmannFix checkstyle error
2017-12-12  Stefan SeelmannUpdate parent pom
2017-12-12  Stefan SeelmannMerge branch 'master' into apacheds-value
2017-12-11  Stefan SeelmannFix OSGi imports/exports apacheds-value
2017-12-11  Stefan SeelmannDIRSERVER-2109: Enable tests and assertions
2017-12-05  Stefan SeelmannAdd .gitignore file
2017-12-05  Stefan SeelmannAdd package imports to fix OSGi tests
2017-11-23  Stefan SeelmannGit test
2017-10-31  Emmanuel LécharnyRemoved a useless import apacheds-value
2017-10-26  Colm O hEigeartaighFixing a few typos trunk trunk
2017-10-25  Emmanuel LécharnySolved a compilation error
2017-10-25  Emmanuel LécharnyFixed some sonar issues, renamed a method parameter
2017-08-30  Emmanuel LécharnyAdded some check for Attribute which value is null
2017-08-30  Emmanuel LécharnyRevert a previous change made for DIRSERVER-2077 :...
2017-08-23  Emmanuel LécharnyMade the "ads-baseDn" attribute not mandatory to avoid...
2017-08-23  Emmanuel LécharnyAdded some Export-Package and Import-Package
2017-08-22  Kiran Ayyagariadded test for DIRSERVER-2206
2017-08-16  Emmanuel LécharnyAdded one more missing Import-Package
2017-08-16  Emmanuel LécharnyAdded a missing Import-Package, fixed some checkstyle...
2017-08-14  Emmanuel Lécharnyo Declare a range for slf4j
2017-08-13  Emmanuel Lécharnyo Added the OSGi Import-Package/Export-Package elements
2017-08-13  Emmanuel LécharnyGet rid of a deprecated mina function
2017-08-13  Emmanuel Lécharnyminor formating
2017-08-05  Emmanuel LécharnySwitched the apacheds value to 2.0.0-M25-SNAPSHOT
2017-08-05  Emmanuel LécharnyAdded a bind(SaslRequest) method
2017-08-05  Emmanuel LécharnyFormatting
2017-06-13  Emmanuel LécharnyFixed a checkstyle error
2017-06-13  Emmanuel LécharnyFixed a checkstyle error
2017-06-12  Emmanuel LécharnyApplied patch for DIRSERVER-2007
2017-06-12  Emmanuel LécharnyFixed some compilation failure (missing '+')
2017-06-12  Emmanuel LécharnyNo need to create the temp file twice...
2017-06-12  Emmanuel LécharnyFixed a double definition of a variable
2017-06-11  Emmanuel LécharnyAdded a log to tell when the server ca't create a tempo...
2017-06-03  Emmanuel Lécharny[maven-release-plugin] prepare for next development...
2017-06-03  Emmanuel Lécharny[maven-release-plugin] prepare release 2.0.0-M24
2017-06-03  Emmanuel LécharnyCommented the osgi-test module as it fails randomly...
2017-06-03  Emmanuel LécharnyMoved back to felix-5.6.1, and enabled the osgi-integ...
2017-06-03  Emmanuel LécharnyBumped up felix dependency again
2017-06-03  Emmanuel LécharnyForgot to uncomment the osgi-integ module...
2017-06-03  Emmanuel Lécharnyretried with an older version fo felix, to see if teh...
2017-06-03  Emmanuel LécharnyUsed the latest project version
2017-06-02  Emmanuel LécharnySwicthed to LDAP API 1.0.0
2017-06-01  Emmanuel LécharnyUsing project-39
2017-05-31  Emmanuel LécharnyDowngraded some depenencies
2017-05-31  Emmanuel LécharnyDowngraded some dependencies
2017-05-30  Emmanuel LécharnyBumped up some dependencies
2017-05-29  Emmanuel LécharnyBumped up some dependencies for the next release to...
2017-04-26  Emmanuel LécharnyApplied Colm's changes (FikeIn/OutputStream)
2017-04-25  Colm O hEigeartaighSwitching FileInput/OutputStream to Files.newInput...
2017-04-21  Emmanuel LécharnyApplied patches from trunk
2017-04-21  Emmanuel LécharnyCheck that the ads_pwdValidator is not null, and if...
2017-04-21  Emmanuel LécharnyAdded a shutdown() method that shutdown the executor...
2017-04-21  Emmanuel LécharnyCall the Interceptor.destroy() method in the shutdown...
2017-04-17  Emmanuel LécharnyModified the exception thrown
2017-04-17  Emmanuel LécharnyPorted modifications made in trunk
2017-04-17  Emmanuel LécharnyAdded the jar containing the test SC
2017-04-17  Emmanuel LécharnyAdded the jar containing the test SC