5 days ago  emmanuel lecharnyFixed some reference to LDAP API 2.1 master
6 days ago  emmanuel lecharnyFixed a wrong JIRA comment
6 days ago  emmanuel lecharnyUpdated the web site for the Apache LDAP API 2.1.1...
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12 days ago  Shawn McKinneyminor chg
12 days ago  Shawn McKinneyremove extraneous import
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13 days ago  Shawn McKinneycleanup imports
2022-07-28  emmanuel lecharnyUpdated the members page
2022-07-28  Shawn McKinney+ assign/deassign user & grant/revoke permission
2022-07-27  Shawn McKinneycleanup
2022-07-27  Shawn McKinneyminor corrections
2022-07-27  Shawn McKinney+ add/deletePermission
2022-07-27  Shawn McKinney+ add/deletePermObj
2022-07-27  Shawn McKinney+ imports into code sections
2022-07-26  Shawn McKinneyremove extraneous optional params
2022-07-26  Shawn McKinney+ addUser, deleteUser
2022-07-26  Shawn McKinney+ todos
2022-07-26  Shawn McKinneyConsistent param descriptions
2022-07-26  Shawn McKinney+ add, deleteRole
2022-07-25  Shawn McKinneyformat the arguments
2022-07-25  Shawn McKinney+ code samples
2022-07-25  Shawn McKinney+ fortress code samples
2022-07-25  Shawn McKinneyChange the descriptions
2022-07-25  Shawn McKinneycleanup
2022-07-25  Shawn McKinneyrefined exception table
2022-07-24  Shawn McKinneyone more round of minor changes
2022-07-24  Shawn McKinneyminor correction
2022-07-24  Shawn McKinney+ exception handling and load utility
2022-07-24  Shawn McKinney+ CLI
2022-07-24  Shawn McKinneyrefine description
2022-07-23  Shawn McKinneyrefine image and description
2022-07-23  Shawn McKinneyadd loadtesting page, fix multitenancy image, cleanup...
2022-07-23  Shawn McKinneybegin the user guide overhaul
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2022-07-23  Shawn McKinneyremove redundant info
2022-07-23  Shawn McKinney+ security and load testing
2022-07-23  Shawn McKinneylast edit for now
2022-07-23  Shawn McKinneyrefine
2022-07-23  Shawn McKinneyChange image
2022-07-23  Shawn McKinney+ Brian Demers as committer, move Brian Burch to emeritus
2022-07-21  Shawn McKinneyfix release note and old javadoc links
2022-07-21  Shawn McKinneyfortress 2.0.8 release
2022-07-15  emmanuel lecharnyMerge branch 'master' of
2022-07-15  emmanuel lecharnyUpdated the search cursor doc with the use of try-with...
2022-05-10  Colm O hEigeartaighUpdating website for Kerby 2.0.2 release
2022-05-10  Colm O hEigeartaighMerge pull request #10 from sebbASF/patch-1
2022-02-21  emmanuel lecharnyFixed Lothar's image size
2022-02-21  emmanuel lecharnyFixed Lothar's image size
2022-02-21  emmanuel lecharnyMoved Lothar from PMC members to committers
2022-02-21  emmanuel lecharnyMerge branch 'master' of
2022-02-21  emmanuel lecharnyAdded Lothar name and image
2021-12-13  Shawn McKinneymore clarifications
2021-12-13  Shawn McKinneyA bit more detail on CVE and release items
2021-12-13  Shawn McKinneymore detailed info about CVE
2021-12-12  Shawn McKinneyclarification
2021-12-12  Shawn McKinneygrammar
2021-12-12  Shawn McKinneyclarify announcement
2021-12-12  Shawn McKinneyfortress 2.0.7 release
2021-09-10  rootfixed broken link, added contact us page
2021-07-24  Stefan SeelmannPublish CVE-2021-33900
2021-07-24  Stefan SeelmannRelease Studio 2.0.0.v20210717-M17
2021-07-16  Shawn McKinneyhistory image
2021-07-16  Shawn McKinneyformatting
2021-07-16  Shawn McKinneyminor correction
2021-07-16  Shawn McKinneyminor correction
2021-07-16  Shawn McKinneySome simple updates formatting and wording
2021-07-15  Shawn McKinneyfortress 2.0.6 release updates
2021-07-15  Shawn McKinneyfortress 2.0.6 javadoc
2021-06-30  sebbASFUpdate doap_fortress.rdf 10/head
2021-06-29  Stefan SeelmannRank APIv2 higher
2021-06-29  Stefan SeelmannRelease LDAP API 2.1.0
2021-05-26  Stefan SeelmannRelease LDAP API 2.0.2
2021-05-20  emmanuel lecharnyformatting
2021-05-19  emmanuel lecharnyformatting
2021-05-19  emmanuel lecharnyformatting
2021-05-19  emmanuel lecharnyformatting
2021-05-19  emmanuel lecharnyformatting
2021-05-19  emmanuel lecharnyformatting
2021-05-18  emmanuel lecharnyFormatted the code blocks
2021-05-17  emmanuel lecharnyFixed some typoes and formating
2021-05-17  emmanuel lecharnyFixed some typoes and formating
2021-04-14  Stefan SeelmannDIR-339: Fix typo
2021-04-12  Stefan SeelmannMerge pull request #9 from apache/production-readiness
2021-04-09  Stefan SeelmannTypos 9/head
2021-04-09  Stefan SeelmannAdd production readiness statement
2021-04-03  Stefan SeelmannUpdate minimum Java version to 8 (DIRAPI-363)
2021-03-07  Emmanuel L├ęcharnyMerge pull request #8 from nhojpatrick/homebrew-install
2021-03-02  John PatrickMacOS install using Homebrew 8/head
2021-02-28  Stefan SeelmannMerge pull request #7 from rlenferink/fix-apacheds...
2021-02-28  Roy LenferinkUpdated styling for the 'reporting bugs' page of ApacheDS 7/head
2021-02-28  Stefan SeelmannMerge pull request #6 from rlenferink/fix-studio-eclips...
2021-02-28  Roy LenferinkRemoved <center> tags to not mix markdown & html 6/head
2021-02-21  Stefan SeelmannDIRSTUDIO-1266: Fix broken sig and hashes links
2021-02-21  Stefan SeelmannRelease Studio 2.0.0.v20210213-M16
2021-02-13  Stefan SeelmannUse parameters from config.toml
2021-02-13  Stefan SeelmannUpdate Studio Java requirements
2021-01-08  emmanuel lecharnyFixed some broken links
2021-01-06  emmanuel lecharnyfixed some broken links and bad TM chars