2020-12-26  Stefan SeelmannFix Studio 2.0.0-M15 download links and update site
2020-12-26  emmanuel lecharnyUpdated the Studio version to M15
2020-12-26  emmanuel lecharnyFixed broekn links, added info on STUDIO M15 5/head
2020-12-25  Stefan SeelmannExtract head. Add charset utf8 meta attribute.
2020-12-25  Stefan SeelmannMerge pull request #3 from rlenferink/master-add-asf...
2020-12-25  Roy LenferinkAdded .asf.yaml for publishing website and setting... 3/head
2020-12-25  emmanuel lecharnyUpdated the ApacheDS dev guide to explain how to update...
2020-12-08  Stefan SeelmannMerge pull request #2 from rlenferink/add-redirects
2020-12-04  Roy LenferinkAdded redirect for Studio documentation 2/head
2020-11-30  Stefan SeelmannMerge pull request #1 from rlenferink/add-redirects
2020-10-23  Roy LenferinkAdded .htaccess files for initial gen-docs 1/head
2020-10-05  Roy LenferinkOnly check-in 'content/' on the asf-site branch origin/HEAD origin/master
2020-08-08  Roy LenferinkAdded Jenkinsfile for website deployment
2020-08-08  Roy LenferinkConverted site from CMS to Hugo
2020-06-10  elecharnyReplaced the Master/Slave terms by Producer/Consumer
2020-06-03  coheigeaUpdating website for Kerby 2.0.1 release
2020-05-26  smckinneyslight change to wording
2020-05-26  smckinneyminor chng
2020-05-26  smckinneyfix typeo, slight chagne to description
2020-05-26  smckinneyfortress 2.0.5 release
2020-05-26  smckinneyfortress 2.0.5
2020-05-26  smckinneyfortress 2.0.5
2020-05-26  smckinney2.0.5 fortress
2020-05-17  elecharnyFixed a broken link
2020-04-19  seelmannRemove Studio 32bit downloads
2020-04-18  seelmannRelease Studio 2.0.0.v20200411-M15
2020-04-18  seelmannUpdate update site 2.0.0.v20200411-M15
2020-04-08  seelmannDIRSTUDIO-1236: Replace Mac OS X with macOS
2020-03-27  elecharnyFixed a reference to 1.0.3
2020-03-27  elecharnyForgot to push the old download page update
2020-03-26  elecharnyUpdated the .htaccess fille with the latest LDAP API...
2020-03-26  elecharnyAdded the LDAP API 2.0.1 version to the excluded paths
2020-03-26  elecharnyUpdated the web site for teh Apache LDAP API 2.0.1...
2020-03-08  elecharnyDiscarded the Mac OSX download
2020-03-07  elecharnyUpdated the web site for the APacheDS 2.0.0.AP26 release
2020-03-05  coheigeaSwitching from to downloads.apache...
2020-03-03  elecharnyAdded the buildTools source references
2019-12-16  elecharnyRemoved the link around images
2019-12-13  elecharnyMoved Chris Pike to PMC member
2019-12-11  smckinneyfortress 2.0.4
2019-12-11  smckinneyfortress 2.0.4
2019-12-11  smckinneyfortress 2.0.4
2019-12-11  smckinneyfortress 2.0.4
2019-12-11  smckinney2.0.4 fortress
2019-12-11  smckinney2.0.4
2019-12-10  brianb2reinstate lost change from April 2017
2019-12-10  brianb2code block formatting
2019-12-10  brianb2code block formatting
2019-12-09  brianb2code block formatting
2019-12-07  brianb2restore lost update from April 2017
2019-11-13  elecharnyUpdated the web site for the Apache LDAP 2.0.0 release
2019-11-06  elecharnyMany small updates
2019-08-07  lhaeger"Mac OS X" > "macOS", added MacPorts install option
2019-07-12  elecharnyFixed some formatting
2019-07-12  elecharnyAdded doc proposed by Charles Hedrick, DIRAPI-350
2019-06-23  seelmanns/git-wip-us/gitbox && s/http/https
2019-06-10  elecharnyLink to th elatest API javadoc pages
2019-06-09  elecharnyUpdate the web site for the Apache LDAP API 2.0.0.AM4...
2019-05-29  elecharnyUpdated the ML page to clarify subscribing/unsibcribing
2019-05-29  elecharnyUpdated the ML page to clarify subscribing/unsibcribing
2019-05-29  elecharnyUpdated the ML page to clarify subscribing/unsibcribing
2019-05-16  elecharnyFixed the JIRA list
2019-05-15  elecharnyUpdated the site for teh Apache LDAP API 2.0.0.AM3...
2019-05-08  elecharnyFixed the command line names
2019-04-29  elecharnyRemoved any SHA1 reference. Updated the MODIFY doco...
2019-04-20  elecharnyFixed the old downloads page, 1.0.1 was refered twice
2019-04-19  elecharnyFixed some broken links
2019-04-19  elecharnyUpdated the site for LDAP 1.0.3 release
2019-04-14  seelmannDIRSTUDIO-1221: Fix location of ApacheDirectoryStudio...
2019-03-12  elecharnyFixed bad references to MINA, and some broiken URLs
2019-03-12  elecharnyFixed some typoes
2019-03-12  elecharnyFixed a bad URL
2019-02-06  coheigeaSwitching to https
2019-02-06  coheigeaUpdating Kerby old versions page
2019-02-01  seelmannAdd SCIMple mailing list
2019-01-29  coheigeaSwitching mavibot to SHA-1
2019-01-29  coheigeaMore updates for mavibot
2019-01-29  coheigeaReferencing Apache dist rather than the archive for...
2019-01-28  coheigeaReverting last commit
2019-01-28  coheigeaSwitching to https
2019-01-24  coheigeaUpdating Kerby repo
2019-01-14  elecharnyUpatded the page: some typos, completed infos
2019-01-14  elecharnyAdded Guacamol OID
2019-01-14  coheigeaUpdating website for Kerby 2.0.0 release
2019-01-05  elecharnyAdded Lothar in the committer list, change the chairman
2019-01-02  coheigeaFixing ordering
2019-01-02  coheigeaGrouping per-project
2019-01-02  coheigeaAdding security advisories page
2018-11-13  elecharnyAdded a missing closing parenthesis'
2018-11-12  smckinneyget 2.0.3 in rest and war archive
2018-11-12  smckinney2.0.3
2018-11-12  smckinneyfortress 2.0.3
2018-11-12  smckinneyforress 2.0.3
2018-11-12  smckinneyfortress 2.0.3
2018-11-12  smckinneyfortress 2.0.3
2018-11-07  seelmannRemove outdated table of old versions, just link to...
2018-11-01  seelmannAdd unit test doc, contributed by Maxim Solodovnik
2018-09-26  elecharnyfixed another typo
2018-09-26  elecharnyFixed a broken link
2018-09-26  elecharnyFixed a typo