2018-11-22  Stefan SeelmannDIRSTUDIO-1199, DIRSTUDIO-1204: Fix binary attribute... master
2018-11-21  Stefan SeelmannDIRSTUDIO-1200: Fix attribute comparator, add tests...
2018-11-11  Stefan SeelmannRename variables and methods to clarify if timeout...
2018-11-10  elecharnyFox for DIRSTUDIO-1197: the default timeout is set...
2018-10-11  Stefan SeelmannAttempt to fix test failures, activate dialog.
2018-10-10  Stefan SeelmannDIRSTUDIO-1195: Fix ClassCastException with Eclipse...
2018-10-10  Stefan SeelmannDIRSTUDIO-1195: Update to Eclipse 2018-09
2018-09-22  Stefan SeelmannDIRSTUDIO-1194: Don't execute resources plugin in parent
2018-09-22  Emmanuel LécharnyRemoved a spurious /.. from a copy to avoid checking...
2018-09-14  Stefan SeelmannUpdate readme
2018-09-09  Stefan SeelmannAdd missing license header
2018-09-09  Stefan SeelmannUpdates during release
2018-09-09  Stefan SeelmannUpdate release process
2018-09-09  Stefan SeelmannDistribute user guides
2018-09-09  Stefan SeelmannFix file names of generated PDFs
2018-09-09  Stefan SeelmannMore copyright years to update
2018-09-09  Stefan SeelmannSwitch to sha256 and sha512
2018-09-09  Stefan SeelmannIgnore failing test
2018-09-09  Stefan SeelmannFix the unfold method for Windws line breaks
2018-09-08  Stefan SeelmannFix test
2018-09-08  Stefan SeelmannAdd test for DIRSTUDIO-1160
2018-09-08  Stefan SeelmannDIRSTUDIO-1185, DIRSTUDIO-1140: Sign MacOS App
2018-09-08  Stefan SeelmannDIRSTUDIO-1193: Cleanup documenation
2018-09-08  Stefan SeelmannDIRSTUDIO-1177: Make name and icon attributes optional
2018-09-08  Stefan SeelmannDIRSTUDIO-1193: Cleanup documenation
2018-09-08  Stefan SeelmannChange update site to use https
2018-09-06  Stefan SeelmannUpdate remaining copyright dates
2018-09-06  Stefan SeelmannMerge branch 'update-api-200AM2'
2018-09-01  Emmanuel LécharnyUpdated the copyright dates
2018-08-31  Stefan SeelmannUpdate LDAP API version update-api-200AM2
2018-08-30  Stefan SeelmannAttempt to make UI tests more stable
2018-08-26  Emmanuel LécharnySpeedup the unfold method by replacing the replaceAll...
2018-08-26  Emmanuel LécharnySpeed up the nameAndOidComparator by removing the usele...
2018-08-21  Stefan SeelmannRemove sysout
2018-08-20  Stefan SeelmannChange way how value editor extensions are loaded....
2018-08-19  Stefan SeelmannDisable Java 8 Javadoc linter, property changed in...
2018-08-19  Stefan SeelmannMerge pull request #4 from lhaeger/edir-attr-mappings
2018-08-19  Lothar HaegerUdated Certificate Mapping 3/head 4/head
2018-08-19  Stefan SeelmannUpdate server version to released 2.0.0-AM25
2018-08-19  Stefan SeelmannDIRSTUDIO-1179: Fix connection passwords keystore
2018-08-17  Lothar HaegerAdded value editor mappings
2018-08-06  Stefan SeelmannRSTUDIO-1190: Keystore change from JKS to PKCS12
2018-07-29  Stefan SeelmannDIRSTUDIO-1186: Make Studio Java 11 ready
2018-07-12  Stefan SeelmannFix assert and add message for investigating sporadic...
2018-06-23  Stefan SeelmannUpdate mina version
2018-05-22  Stefan SeelmannAdd test for DIRSTUDIO-1151
2018-05-22  Stefan SeelmannAdd test for DIRSTUDIO-987
2018-05-22  Stefan SeelmannFix typo
2018-05-21  Stefan SeelmannDIRSTUDIO-1148: Fix OOM caused by large log file
2018-05-21  Stefan SeelmannDIRSTUDIO-1172: Add test to verify fixed in LDAP API
2018-05-21  Stefan SeelmannDIRSTUDIO-1177: Add plugin structure for eDirectory
2018-05-21  Stefan SeelmannImprove test execution and condition checks
2018-05-20  Stefan SeelmannAdd flag to wait or not for a node
2018-05-20  Stefan SeelmannNeed to wait until item is in tree
2018-05-20  Stefan SeelmannNeed to wait for selected entry because navigate is...
2018-05-20  Stefan SeelmannIncrease timeout
2018-05-20  Stefan SeelmannFix tests, message from LDAP API changed
2018-05-20  Stefan SeelmannDon't set timeout for LDAPS with JNDI
2018-05-20  Stefan SeelmannFix text, message from LDAP API changed
2018-05-20  Stefan SeelmannFix test, expand entry to avoid additional event
2018-05-19  Stefan SeelmannUpdate to commons pool 2
2018-05-16  Emmanuel LécharnyFix Studio to properly compile with teh LDAP API schema...
2018-04-03  Emmanuel LécharnyAdded some missing IBM OID values (DIRSTUDIO-1175)
2018-03-31  Emmanuel LécharnyForgot to bump up the mina bundle dependency to 2.0.17
2018-03-31  Emmanuel LécharnyBumped up MINA to 2.0.17, as it ow works in teh LDAP API
2018-03-31  Emmanuel LécharnyFixed the SCM configuration
2018-03-28  Emmanuel LécharnyReverted to MINA 2.0.16, as the new version is causing...
2018-03-26  Emmanuel LécharnyBumped up a few dependencies :
2018-03-26  Emmanuel LécharnyFixed the connection timeout which was way to small
2018-03-25  Stefan SeelmannDIRSTUDIO-1174: Test to demonstrate performance issue
2018-03-18  Stefan SeelmannFix some tests
2018-03-18  Stefan SeelmannUpdate to Eclispe Oxygen and latest SWTBot release
2018-03-18  Stefan SeelmannUpdate to latest Tycho version
2018-03-18  Stefan SeelmannFix changed method signature
2018-03-18  Stefan SeelmannRemove all explicit listed controls and extended operat...
2017-12-18  Stefan SeelmannAdd note
2017-12-12  Stefan SeelmannMerge branch 'master' into studio-value
2017-12-11  Stefan SeelmannUpdate sequence number studio-value 20/head
2017-12-11  Stefan SeelmannDIRSERVER-2109: Set correct expected values after bug...
2017-11-23  Stefan SeelmannGit test
2017-10-27  Emmanuel LécharnyApplied patch for DIRSTUDIO-1156. studio-value
2017-10-24  Emmanuel Lécharnyo Added some comments in the plugin.xml
2017-10-24  Emmanuel LécharnyAdded the ehcache jar in the repo
2017-10-24  Emmanuel LécharnyFixed the copyright upper limit
2017-10-24  Emmanuel LécharnyFixed the copyright upper limit trunk trunk
2017-10-24  Emmanuel LécharnyAdded teh 2017 copyright
2017-10-24  Emmanuel LécharnyAdded the 2017 copyright
2017-10-24  Emmanuel LécharnyApplied Stefan's patch for Copyright date
2017-10-24  Emmanuel LécharnyApplied Stefan's patch about Copyright change (2017)
2017-10-24  Emmanuel LécharnyApplied Stefan's patch about Copyright change (2017)
2017-10-24  Emmanuel LécharnyApplied Stefan's patch 1807192
2017-10-12  Emmanuel LécharnyPorted patch for DIRSTUDIO-1157 from trunk
2017-10-10  Stefan SeelmannFix DIRSTUDIO-1157 (Values cannot be modified by text...
2017-09-14  Emmanuel LécharnyApplied changes from trunk
2017-09-10  Stefan SeelmannAdd post-release notes
2017-09-10  Stefan SeelmannAdd note about eclipse marketplace
2017-09-04  Stefan SeelmannAdd note to update copyright year to readme
2017-09-04  Stefan SeelmannUpdate copyright year
2017-09-03  Emmanuel LécharnyPorted some fixes from trunk (MAC shortcuts)
2017-09-03  Emmanuel LécharnyPorted some fixes from trunk