2017-11-11  Chris Mattmann- progress towards fixing #100: env-entry-type must... master
2017-11-10  Chris Mattmann- fix for DRAT Workflow Page doesn't properly return...
2017-10-24  Chris Mattmann- fix SchemePortResolver not found issue documented...
2017-10-24  Chris Mattmann- fix error with env entry type
2017-10-24  Chris MattmannUpdate README.md
2017-10-24  Chris Mattmann- for for #99 allow https:// GH and SVN urls as well
2017-10-01  Thejan WijesingheUpdate README with apache links (#97)
2017-09-28  Chris MattmannWhitespace change to test out commit emails.
2017-08-29  Chris MattmannMerge branch 'master' of github.com:chrismattmann/drat
2017-08-29  Chris MattmannPin to OODT 1.2 release.
2017-08-11  Chris MattmannUpdate README.md
2017-08-11  Chris MattmannUpdate README.md
2017-08-11  Chris MattmannUpdate README.md
2017-08-06  Chris Mattmann- print JSON post data
2017-08-06  Chris Mattmann- clean up DRAT stats
2017-08-05  Chris Mattmann- handle cases when RAT doesn't detect a license
2017-08-04  Chris Mattmann- use bytes filter to display repoSize in proper MB...
2017-08-03  Chris Mattmann- unneeded because of inheritence and new superclass
2017-08-03  Maxim SolodovnikWicket versions are aligned and set to the most recent... 96/head
2017-08-01  Chris Mattmann- catch IOException if you can't delete the file on...
2017-07-31  Chris Mattmann- clean up Repository size calculation
2017-07-31  Chris Mattmann- deal with blank license counts
2017-07-31  Chris Mattmann- fix DRAT license service
2017-07-31  Chris Mattmann- clean up header
2017-07-31  Chris Mattmann- clean up Rat License file service
2017-07-29  Chris Mattmann- make DRAT reset synchronous
2017-07-29  Chris Mattmann- refactor delay setting for Ajax calls (3s delay)
2017-07-29  Chris Mattmann- safeguard against inability to contact File Manager...
2017-07-28  Chris Mattmann- stop interval functions more appropriately
2017-07-28  Chris Mattmann- add more licenses to check for running in evaluate...
2017-07-28  Chris Mattmann- gut the service status specific class
2017-07-26  Chris Mattmann- get rid of most exceptions from running DRAT
2017-07-26  Chris Mattmann- don't finish reduce stage until the aggregate log...
2017-07-26  Chris Mattmann- support OODT-306 commands in DRAT
2017-07-25  Chris Mattmannimplement OODT-306
2017-07-24  Chris Mattmann- clean up DRAT proteus
2017-07-21  Chris Mattmann- guard against Exceptions for blank RatLog files
2017-07-21  Chris Mattmanndon't fail on missing web.xml
2017-07-21  Chris Mattmann- failOnMissingXml -> false
2017-07-21  Chris Mattmann- log proteus requests
2017-07-20  Chris Mattmann- automatically populate drat stats information in...
2017-07-20  Chris Mattmann- pin to ${oodt.version} provided by dms pom.xml
2017-07-20  Chris Mattmann- remove PATH_PREFIX it's useless #93
2017-07-20  Chris Mattmann- Fix Viz webapp for Auditing #93
2017-07-20  Chris Mattmann- remaining fixes to make #93 functional
2017-07-20  Chris Mattmann- include pom.xml to include viz webapp
2017-07-20  Chris Mattmann- turn Viz app into a Webapp and include in distribution
2017-07-19  Chris MattmannFixes that address #93 problems - use FileStaging nativ...
2017-07-19  Chris MattmannRobustly handle issues introduced in #93 where file...
2017-07-19  Chris Mattmannfix for issue brought up in #93
2017-07-19  Chris MattmannRemove commented code.
2017-07-18  Chris MattmannFix DRAT script after merge of #93.
2017-07-18  Chris MattmannSet DRAT specific envs automatically.
2017-07-18  Chris MattmannMerge pull request #93 from karanjeets/drat-ontosoft
2017-07-18  Karanjeet SinghFixed build issues 93/head
2017-07-18  Karanjeet SinghAdding Visual Interface for DRAT
2017-05-16  Chris MattmannMerge pull request #92 from buggtb/patch-1
2017-05-16  Tom BarberUpdate RAT version in workflow 92/head
2017-04-19  Karanjeet SinghFixed issue with complex filenames
2017-04-19  Karanjeet SinghUpdated delimiter for filenames
2017-04-19  Karanjeet SinghBoundary conditions
2017-04-18  Karanjeet SinghMinor updates
2017-04-18  Karanjeet SinghFixed issue with filename containing space
2017-04-18  Karanjeet SinghBoundary Conditions
2017-04-18  Karanjeet SinghFixed rsync issue with RAT file transfer
2017-04-18  Karanjeet SinghFixing bug
2017-04-18  Karanjeet SinghUpdated Rat Logs Parsing
2017-04-18  Karanjeet SinghUpdated dratstats
2017-04-18  Karanjeet SinghCatch exception
2017-04-17  Karanjeet SinghAdded document type field in Solr statistics
2017-04-17  Karanjeet SinghUpdated expression
2017-04-17  Karanjeet SinghUpdated dratstats to link actual files with RAT input
2017-04-17  Karanjeet SinghUpdated expression
2017-04-17  Karanjeet SinghBind actual file path with RAT input
2017-04-17  Karanjeet SinghUpdated DratStats and Solr schema
2017-04-17  Karanjeet SinghParsing RAT logs
2017-04-17  Karanjeet SinghRat is updated to a newer version
2017-04-17  Karanjeet SinghCorrected regex messup
2017-04-17  Karanjeet SinghExcluding .git directory
2017-04-17  Karanjeet SinghUpdated Indentation
2017-04-17  Karanjeet SinghModified to support Wrangler Env
2017-04-17  Karanjeet SinghUpdated mime partitioner to consider all mime types
2016-07-02  Chris MattmannMerge pull request #91 from wikier/master
2016-06-14  Sergio Fern├índezupgraded to rat 0.12 91/head
2016-01-22  Chris MattmannMerge pull request #90 from karanjeets/master
2016-01-22  Karanjeet SinghModified to make compatible with Wrangler 90/head
2016-01-18  Chris MattmannMerge pull request #89 from karanjeets/master
2016-01-18  Karanjeet SinghAdded file count 89/head
2016-01-17  Chris MattmannMerge pull request #88 from karanjeets/master
2016-01-16  Karanjeet SinghAdded DRAT Statistics 88/head
2016-01-16  Karanjeet SinghAdded workaround to solve Issue #80
2016-01-16  Karanjeet SinghMerge pull request #5 from chrismattmann/master
2016-01-14  Lewis John... Upgrade OODT to 0.11
2015-11-30  Daler AsrorovTransferring blueprint from apiary.io
2015-11-28  Chris MattmannMerge pull request #83 from chrismattmann/fix-commands-mp
2015-11-28  Chris MattmannUpdate HTML form to include ListView; populate commands... fix-commands-mp 83/head
2015-11-28  Chris MattmannMove away from AngularJs to handle commands. Use wicket...
2015-11-25  Chris Mattmann- set response page to workflow page after uploading zip
2015-11-24  Chris MattmannUpdate README.md
2015-11-24  Chris MattmannMerge pull request #79 from karanjeets/master