2018-08-12  ahmed ifhaamMerge remote-tracking branch 'apache/master' into gsoc...
2018-08-12  ahmed ifhaamFixing broken commandline
2018-08-11  ahmed ifhaamJavascript calls are refined to work only needded 149/head
2018-08-08  ahmed ifhaamCleaned Mime Breakdown Pie Chart labels and added legends 148/head
2018-08-07  ahmed ifhaamAdded Git support and fixed the typo license
2018-08-07  ahmed ifhaamCompleted Following feedbacks
2018-08-06  ahmed ifhaamFix for Drat commands seperate request
2018-08-06  ahmed ifhaamMerge remote-tracking branch 'apache/gsoc18' into gsoc...
2018-08-06  ahmed ifhaamAdded drat reset for crawl and index functions
2018-08-06  Chris MattmannMerge branch 'gsoc-dratstat-java' of https://github...
2018-08-05  Chris Mattmann- remove unused methods and cleanup
2018-08-05  Chris Mattmanncleanup.
2018-08-05  Chris Mattmann- refactor and clean up reduce
2018-08-05  Chris MattmannMerge pull request #147 from apache/revert-145-master
2018-08-05  Chris MattmannRevert "Fix security vulnerabilities in proteus and... revert-145-master 147/head 176/head
2018-08-05  Chris MattmannMerge branch 'master' of github.com:apache/drat
2018-08-05  Chris Mattmann- address issue where partitioner runs, but no mappers...
2018-08-05  Chris Mattmann- address issue where partitioner runs, but no mappers...
2018-08-05  Chris MattmannMerge pull request #145 from ottlinger/master
2018-08-05  Chris Mattmannpin to version 1.2.3-SNAPSHOT for lucene fix.
2018-08-03  ahmed ifhaamCompleted Dratstat integration with proteus all the... 146/head
2018-07-29  Hugo HirschMerge remote-tracking branch 'upstream/master' 145/head
2018-07-29  Tom Barberkick build
2018-07-29  P. OttlingerMerge pull request #1 from ottlinger/snyk-fix-px3k1p
2018-07-29  P. OttlingerMerge pull request #2 from ottlinger/snyk-fix-jh1ck2
2018-07-28  snyk-botfix: proteus/pom.xml to reduce vulnerabilities
2018-07-28  snyk-botfix: webapps/solr-webapp/pom.xml to reduce vulnerabilities
2018-07-27  Tom Barberkick build
2018-07-27  Chris MattmannMerge pull request #143 from RyanMcDonagh/master
2018-07-27  Ryan McDonaghAdded clean install 143/head
2018-07-27  Ryan McDonaghRemoved some environment variables
2018-07-27  Ryan McDonaghReworked environment variables
2018-07-27  Ryan McDonaghAdded environment variables
2018-07-27  Ryan McDonaghRemoved commented lines
2018-07-27  Ryan McDonaghAdded Travis CI build status
2018-07-27  Ryan McDonaghAdded things
2018-07-24  ahmed ifhaamCompleted integrating proteus and viz 135/head
2018-07-20  ahmed ifhaamremoved minified files, fixed table width in licene...
2018-07-19  ahmed ifhaamremoved MANIFEST file and accidental dist directory
2018-07-19  ahmed ifhaamRemoved all comments
2018-07-16  ahmed ifhaamAdded detailed view of projects (Viz-integration-phase-1)
2018-07-10  ahmed ifhaam Updated with vue config file to build with relative...
2018-07-06  ahmed ifhaamUpdated ProjectList Component to retrieve data from...
2018-07-06  ahmed ifhaamremoved all node modules from proteus new webapp
2018-07-04  ahmed ifhaamUpdated build script
2018-07-04  ahmed ifhaamChanged hard coded API requests chooce the origin dynam...
2018-07-02  ahmed ifhaamAdded source files for proteus new webapp
2018-07-02  ahmed ifhaamInitial Commit of adding new UI designed with vue
2018-06-29  Chris Mattmann- fix issue with starting MimePartitioner as Mapper...
2018-06-19  Chris MattmannMerge pull request #133 from ottlinger/master
2018-06-19  Chris MattmannFix test/process and logic errors in filterMappers...
2018-06-15  Hugo HirschIssue #134: Update problematic modules to JDK8 133/head
2018-06-15  Hugo HirschIssue #134: Add travis integration
2018-06-15  Hugo HirschFix version reference
2018-06-15  Hugo HirschStreamline usage of junit version
2018-06-15  Hugo HirschExternalize junit version number.
2018-06-15  Hugo HirschAdd default goal.
2018-06-15  Chris MattmannMerge pull request #132 from ottlinger/master
2018-06-14  Hugo HirschChange to https instead of http 132/head
2018-06-14  Hugo HirschChange base URL of git repo to point to apache
2018-06-11  Chris MattmannMerge pull request #131 from ahmedifhaam/dev-dynamicwit...
2018-06-10  ahmed ifhaamMoved hard coded string to static variable according... 131/head
2018-06-07  ahmed ifhaamUpdated according to the feedback received for last...
2018-06-03  ahmed ifhaamReplaced isMapp Running method with XmlRpcClient
2018-06-02  ahmed ifhaamReplaced Crawler function
2018-05-29  ahmed ifhaamChanged the map and reduce funtions to work with xmlrpc...
2018-05-25  ahmed ifhaamchanges working with XmlRpcWorkflowmanager
2018-05-21  Chris MattmannMerge pull request #129 from ahmedifhaam/dev
2018-05-19  ahmed ifhaamFixed the typo in log 129/head
2018-05-18  ahmed ifhaamMerge branch 'dev' of https://github.com/ahmedifhaam...
2018-05-18  ahmed ifhaamUpdate for the last commit
2018-05-18  Ahmed IfhaamUpdate web.xml
2018-05-18  ahmed ifhaamReplaced Processwrapper indexing method with SolrIndexer
2018-04-30  Chris MattmannMerge pull request #124 from lewismc/ISSUE-123
2018-04-25  Lewis John... ISSUE-123 124/head
2018-03-12  Chris MattmannMerge pull request #119 from ThejanW/master
2018-03-12  Chris MattmannMerge pull request #117 from ThejanW/patch-1
2018-03-07  ThejanWFix for #118 - OODT sometimes fails to start due to... 119/head
2018-03-07  ThejanWMerge remote-tracking branch 'upstream/master'
2018-03-06  Thejan WijesingheFix for Solr failing to start on Ubuntu 117/head
2018-02-28  Chris MattmannUpdate README.md
2017-11-12  ThejanWMerge remote-tracking branch 'upstream/master'
2017-11-11  Chris Mattmann- progress towards fixing #100: env-entry-type must...
2017-11-10  Chris Mattmann- fix for DRAT Workflow Page doesn't properly return...
2017-10-24  Chris Mattmann- fix SchemePortResolver not found issue documented...
2017-10-24  Chris Mattmann- fix error with env entry type
2017-10-24  Chris MattmannUpdate README.md
2017-10-24  Chris Mattmann- for for #99 allow https:// GH and SVN urls as well
2017-10-01  Thejan WijesingheUpdate README with apache links (#97)
2017-10-01  Thejan WijesingheUpdate README with apache links 97/head
2017-09-28  Chris MattmannWhitespace change to test out commit emails.
2017-08-29  Chris MattmannMerge branch 'master' of github.com:chrismattmann/drat
2017-08-29  Chris MattmannPin to OODT 1.2 release.
2017-08-11  Chris MattmannUpdate README.md
2017-08-11  Chris MattmannUpdate README.md
2017-08-11  Chris MattmannUpdate README.md
2017-08-06  Chris Mattmann- print JSON post data
2017-08-06  Chris Mattmann- clean up DRAT stats
2017-08-05  Chris Mattmann- handle cases when RAT doesn't detect a license
2017-08-04  Chris Mattmann- use bytes filter to display repoSize in proper MB...