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2019-12-04  Volodymyr VysotskyiDRILL-7450: Improve performance for ANALYZE command
2019-12-04  Anton GozhiyDRILL-6540: Updated Hadoop and HBase libraries to the...
2019-11-14  Volodymyr VysotskyiDRILL-7273: Introduce operators for handling metadata
2019-08-19  Volodymyr VysotskyiDRILL-7350: Move RowSet related classes from test folder
2019-07-05  Bohdan KazydubDRILL-7200: Update Calcite to 1.19.0 / 1.20.0
2019-06-29  Volodymyr VysotskyiDRILL-6711: Use jitpack repository for Drill Calcite...
2019-01-18  Boaz Ben-ZviUpdate Javadocs.md
2018-12-18  Vitalii DiravkaDRILL-6900: maven-release-plugin failure on the release...
2018-08-28  Volodymyr VysotskyiDRILL-6422: Update guava to 23.0 and shade it
2018-07-19  Timothy FarkasDRILL-6496: Added print methods for debugging tests...
2018-07-12  Abhishek GirishDRILL-6346: Create an Official Drill Docker Container
2018-06-06  Timothy FarkasDRILL-6389: Fixed building javadocs
2018-05-11  Timothy FarkasDRILL-6249: Adding more unit testing documentation.
2018-04-29  Paul RogersDRILL-6328: Adding unit testing docs.
2018-04-29  Timothy FarkasDRILL-6328: Consolidated developer docs in the docs...