[maven-release-plugin] prepare release drill-1.3.0
[drill.git] / src /
2015-10-26  Julien Le DemDRILL-3742: Classpath scanning and build improvement
2015-01-23  Aditya KishoreDRILL-2049: NoClassDefFoundError: org/apache/commons...
2015-01-22  Aditya KishoreDRILL-2056: Remove "sandbox" folder from Drill source
2014-09-12  Aditya KishoreDRILL-1402: Add check-style rules for trailing space...
2014-07-31  Aditya KishoreDRILL-1229: Integration with 'apache-release' profile
2014-06-12  Aditya KishoreDRILL-968: Use checkstyle plugin to prevent inadvertent...
2013-09-11  Jacques NadeauUpdate source assembly: 26/head drill-0.1.0
2013-09-11  Jacques NadeauDRILL-224: Add md5 and sha1 checksums to source tarball.
2013-09-06  Jacques NadeauDRILL-206: Packaging & Pom fixes.
2013-09-04  Jacques NadeauDRILL-165: Reorganize directories (moves only)