2021-11-29  plainheartchore: add types and some comments.
2021-10-26  plainheartupdate links
2021-10-26  plainheartchore: update dependencies.
2021-10-26  plainheartfeat: close issue when it's labeled with `duplicate`.
2021-08-17  plainheartfix(text): fix a grammar error.
2021-06-28  plainheartchore: upgrade bing-translate-api.
2021-06-25  plainheartchore: upgrade probot and bing-translate-api.
2021-05-26  plainheartchore: log to file when failed to translate.
2021-05-26  plainheartchore: upgrade bing-translate-api to v2.
2021-05-21  plainheartchore: terminate the node process on unhandled promise...
2021-05-19  plainheartfix: remove magic strings.
2021-05-19  plainheartfix: remove magic strings.
2021-05-18  plainheartfix typo.
2021-05-18  plainheartfeat: 1) unlabel waiting-for: comminity if issue was...
2021-05-17  plainheartchore: update dependencies.
2021-04-25  plainheartchore: add github workflow to schedule to wake up the...
2021-04-23  Oviliaupdate description
2021-04-20  Oviliafeat: add zr daily build
2021-04-20  OviliaMerge branch 'master' of
2021-04-10  plainheartchore: add .asf.yaml
2021-04-10  plainheartfix(translation): fix markdown error in translation...
2021-03-29  plainheartfix: don't add `awaiting review` if the PR is draft.
2021-03-29  plainheartfix: don't add `awaiting review` if the PR is draft.
2021-03-16  plainheartchore: update bing translate api.
2021-03-15  plainheartfix: fix an error in `isFirstTimeContributor` function.
2021-03-14  plainheartimprove translator.
2021-03-10  plainheartfeat: add bing translator.
2021-03-09  plainheartfeat: remove awaiting review label when PR is converted...
2021-03-08  plainheartfeat: label first-time contributor.
2021-03-03  plainheartchore: update dependencies.
2021-03-03  plainheartfix: remove incubator.
2021-02-23  plainheartfix: fix issue translate bug.
2021-02-23  plainheartfix: remove comments in issue body before translating.
2021-02-23  OviliaMerge branch 'master' of
2021-02-22  plainheartrefactor: 1) to improve the language detection, always...
2021-02-22  Oviliamerge
2021-02-17  plainheartfix(translator): use `franc-min` instead of `franc...
2021-02-17  plainheartfix(translator): tweak `detectEnglish` logic.
2021-02-12  plainheartfix: always determine if the issue is in English accord...
2021-02-09  plainheartfix issue translate check bug.
2021-02-09  plainheartfix code style
2021-02-09  plainheartfix: issue translator may be not working in some cases.
2021-02-07  plainheartfix: tweak the format of translated comment.
2021-02-07  plainheartfix code style
2021-02-07  plainheartfix: tweak English language check logic.
2021-02-07  plainheartfix: comment only when translated successfully.
2021-02-07  plainheartfeat: translate the issue automatically if the language...
2021-02-07  plainheartfeat: translate the issue automatically if the language...
2021-02-07  plainheartchore: update probot version and package.json.
2021-01-20  plainheartchore: update probot version.
2021-01-07  Wenli Zhangadd a demo link
2020-12-18  plainheartfix: revert the API changes according to the probot...
2020-12-11  plainheartchore: update probot version.
2020-11-26  plainheartchore: ignore log dir in git.
2020-11-26  plainheartfeat: add persistent file logger to record the errors...
2020-11-26  plainheartfix: fix issue checking bug.
2020-11-24  plainhearttweak: also check if issue title contains Chinese chara...
2020-11-23  plainheartfix: update deprecated `context.github` to `context...
2020-11-23  plainhearttweak: do not add en label when issue contains over...
2020-11-23  plainheartchore: update probot version.
2020-11-13  Wenli Zhanguse makeapie instead of gallery link
2020-11-06  plainheartchore: update probot version.
2020-10-28  plainheartfix: fix the logic of `isCommiter`.
2020-10-28  plainheartchore: update probot and dependencies.
2020-10-28  Zhongxiang... Merge pull request #8 from plainheart/fix-checkbox
2020-10-28  Zhongxiang... Merge pull request #7 from plainheart/master
2020-09-09  Oviliafix: awaiting api changes
2020-09-03  plainheartfix: use `[x]` but not `[-]` to check if checkbox exist... 8/head
2020-08-31  Oviliafeat: add "PR: awaiting doc" label if doc changed
2020-08-25  plainheartfix: use `isCoreCommitter` instead of `isCommitter... 7/head
2020-08-21  plainheartMerge branch 'master' of
2020-08-21  plainheartfix: fix `isCoreCommitter` import bug and update a...
2020-08-20  plainheartfix: fix `isCoreCommitter` import bug and update a... 6/head
2020-08-14  Oviliafix: pull request is committer checking
2020-08-06  Oviliaupdate committers
2020-06-18  Oviliaupdate committer
2020-04-29  Oviliafeat: change jsfiddle to codepen
2020-04-20  Oviliafix: contributor should not be considered as committer
2020-03-03  Oviliaupdate pr label
2020-02-17  Oviliafeat: pr label
2020-01-13  Oviliafeat: pull request handling
2019-11-07  Oviliafix: fix bot not running problem
2019-11-04  OviliaMerge pull request #4 from apache/revert-1-dependabot...
2019-11-04  OviliaRevert "chore(deps): bump js-yaml from 3.12.0 to 3... 4/head
2019-09-26  OviliaMerge pull request #1 from apache/dependabot/npm_and_ya...
2019-09-26  OviliaMerge pull request #3 from apache/dependabot/npm_and_ya...
2019-09-26  OviliaMerge pull request #2 from apache/dependabot/npm_and_ya...
2019-09-25  dependabot... chore(deps): bump lodash from 4.17.11 to 4.17.15 3/head
2019-09-25  dependabot... chore(deps): bump mixin-deep from 1.3.1 to 1.3.2 2/head
2019-09-25  dependabot... chore(deps): bump js-yaml from 3.12.0 to 3.13.1 1/head
2019-08-31  Oviliachange label name
2019-08-30  Oviliabot should not check template if an issue is reopened
2019-08-22  Oviliadoc: update issue text, add email info
2019-05-27  Oviliaupdate text
2019-02-20  Oviliafeat: update for new issue template
2019-02-18  Oviliachore: add .data for glitch
2018-11-20  Oviliafeat: 🎸 listen to comments
2018-11-20  Oviliafeat: 🎸 close issue, comment, add labels
2018-11-15  Oviliafeat: 🎸 init