30 hours ago  plainheartfix(cdn): change the CDN root in the example code to... gh-pages
2 days ago  plainheartfix(cdn): use fastly CDN temporarily
4 days ago  plainhearttweak share toast style
7 days ago  plainheartnot change url when tool options changes and tweak...
7 days ago  plainheartfix chart doesn't show after changing echarts version...
7 days ago  plainheartenhance sandbox security and optimize share hint toast
7 days ago  Oviliafeat: add warning of user-generated url
8 days ago  OviliaMerge branch 'gh-pages' of
8 days ago  plainheartfix(sandbox): reset entire appEnv
8 days ago  plainheartfix(editor): add back missing appEnv.onresize
8 days ago  plainheartfix some examples code
8 days ago  plainheartfeat(editor): support sharing code with customized...
10 days ago  OviliaMerge branch 'gh-pages' of
12 days ago  plainheartfix(editor): fix share url may be not expected.
13 days ago  Zhongxiang... Merge pull request #49 from apache/dependabot/npm_and_y...
13 days ago  Zhongxiang... Merge pull request #48 from apache/dependabot/npm_and_y...
13 days ago  Zhongxiang... Merge pull request #47 from apache/dependabot/npm_and_y...
13 days ago  Zhongxiang... Merge pull request #46 from apache/dependabot/npm_and_y...
2022-05-03  plainheartfix(editor): improve renderer switch style
2022-05-03  plainhearttweak editor name
2022-05-03  plainheartnot set csp & allow popups and modals when the code...
2022-05-02  plainheartremove v4 link in editor & view page
2022-05-02  plainhearthide v4 link in editor page
2022-05-02  plainheartoptimize sandbox script import
2022-05-02  plainheartfix: fallback to line-simple if no c is provided
2022-05-01  plainheartchore: remove unexpected >
2022-05-01  plainheartfix toast style & build issues
2022-05-01  plainheartMerge branch 'gh-pages' of
2022-05-01  plainheartfix sandbox scripts can't be injected in production
2022-05-01  dependabot... chore(deps): bump node-fetch from 2.6.1 to 2.6.7 49/head
2022-05-01  dependabot... chore(deps): bump postcss from 7.0.25 to 7.0.39 48/head
2022-05-01  dependabot... chore(deps): bump simple-get from 4.0.0 to 4.0.1 47/head
2022-05-01  dependabot... chore(deps): bump nanoid from 3.1.30 to 3.1.31 46/head
2022-05-01  Yi ShenMerge pull request #43 from apache/feat-share
2022-05-01  plainheartfix darkMode 43/head
2022-05-01  plainheartfix: limit shared code's access to global vars
2022-05-01  plainheartchore: reload sandbox when clicking `Run`
2022-05-01  plainheartfix: add to CSP allow list
2022-05-01  plainheartfix: add to CSP allow list
2022-05-01  plainheartfix: set CSP `frame-src` to `'none'`
2022-05-01  plainheartfix: add back `allow-same-origin` for sandbox and tweak...
2022-05-01  plainheartfix: override `document.defaultView` with custom limite...
2022-04-30  plainheartchore: optimize estraverse browser js import
2022-04-30  plainheartfix: allow data:// and blob:// protocols
2022-04-29  plainheartfix chart off
2022-04-29  plainheartchore: add more domains to sandbox csp
2022-04-29  plainheartfix: not check echarts script
2022-04-29  plainheartchore: optimize compress helper
2022-04-29  plainheartchore: optimize compress helper
2022-04-29  plainheartfix: set sandbox csp & mock localStorage/sessionStorage...
2022-04-29  plainheartchore: update content security policy of sandbox
2022-04-29  plainheartfix: enhance sandbox policy & not expose chartInstance...
2022-04-29  Yi ShenMerge pull request #44 from fuchunhui/gh-pages
2022-04-28  plainheartchore: tweak comments
2022-04-28  plainheartfix: add missing `break` keyword
2022-04-28  plainheartfix(sandbox): block potential redirection in code ...
2022-04-28  plainheartfix ROOT_PATH
2022-04-28  plainheartfix wrong var name
2022-04-28  plainheartchore: add FIXME annotation
2022-04-28  plainheartfix(sandbox): fix wrong `Math.random` replacement cause...
2022-04-28  plainheartfix: log time only shows HMS
2022-04-28  plainheartfeat: support opening code with CodeSandBox & CodePen
2022-04-28  plainheartchore: optimize style
2022-04-28  plainheartchore: enlarge `maxExecTimePerLoop` to 10s.
2022-04-27  plainheartfeat: show error hint when infinite loops exists in...
2022-04-27  plainheartfix seedrandom
2022-04-27  plainheartfix: tweak style & fix example download
2022-04-27  plainheartfix: optimize code & fix dat gui
2022-04-27  plainheartfix: make sandbox `getOption` synchronized
2022-04-27  plainheartfix: optimize example download
2022-04-27  plainheartfix: enhance sandbox security
2022-04-27  plainheartfeat: use sandbox
2022-04-01  fuchunhuifeat: enrich label-position, add more options 44/head
2022-03-29  plainheartfeat: support sharing code and using nightly version.
2022-02-18  OviliaMerge branch 'gh-pages' of
2022-01-27  pissangadd new geo thumb
2022-01-26  pissangupdate screenshots
2022-01-26  pissangadd loading animation
2022-01-23  plainheartfix version selector.
2022-01-23  pissangadd valueFormatter
2022-01-21  pissangupdate desc
2022-01-21  pissangupdate icon
2022-01-21  pissangupdate chart list
2022-01-21  pissangMerge branch 'dev' into gh-pages
2022-01-21  pissangupdate thumbs dev
2022-01-21  pissangfix type errors. add custom effect on geo
2022-01-21  pissangadd wave animation example
2022-01-20  pissangupdate more case to ts
2022-01-20  pissangadd graphic category
2022-01-20  pissangadd projection examples
2022-01-18  Oviliadoc: add license
2022-01-11  Yi ShenMerge pull request #42 from Corey-Wang/gh-pages
2022-01-11  wangchao523fix: jQuery and ROOT_PATH for download demo 42/head
2021-12-22  Zhongxiang... Merge pull request #40 from LorenzoXue/gh-pages
2021-12-22  LorenzoXue修复盒须图四分位间距简称 40/head
2021-12-02  plainheartfix(example): tweak irregular usage in area-stack-gradi...
2021-12-01  Zhongxiang... Merge pull request #39 from vojty/filter-typo
2021-12-01  Tomáš Vojtášekfix: fitler -> filter typo 39/head
2021-11-22  pissanguse seeded random
2021-10-26  pissangfix echarts version in downloaded example code