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2021-01-20  Oviliafeat(event): use webp
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2021-01-20  Oviliafeat(event): add event pages
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2020-12-31  zhanfangfeat: fix lottie problem 20/head
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2020-11-10  zhanfangfeat: add home page animation 18/head
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2020-11-09  Yi ShenMerge pull request #16 from zhanfang/next
2020-11-09  zhanfangfeat: add 5.0 home page about section 16/head
2020-10-31  pissangrefact(builder): build source from jsdelivr. add versio...
2020-10-27  Oviliafeat: update extension images
2020-10-26  Yi ShenMerge pull request #15 from zhanfang/next
2020-10-21  zhanfangfeat: add 5.0 home page animation 15/head
2020-10-20  Yi ShenMerge pull request #14 from zhanfang/5.0
2020-10-20  zhanfangfeat: add 5.0 home page 14/head
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2020-08-10  100pahfix: responsive height should not cut text.
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2020-08-07  pissangfix large btn style applied on theme-builder
2020-08-07  Oviliafeat: update website content
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2020-07-17  Oviliafeat: add security and contributing page
2020-07-16  Oviliafeat: update trademark note
2020-07-16  Oviliafeat: update website according to apache rules
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2020-07-06  plainheartfix: github icon in nav overflow.
2020-04-30  Oviliafeat: index video play on click instead of auto
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2019-12-18  Yi ShenMerge pull request #2 from ecomfe/new-doc
2019-12-18  pissangMerge from master 2/head
2019-12-18  pissangIntegrate new doc, improve release process, remove...
2019-11-18  SHUANG SUenhance: add download version to builder page.
2019-09-17  Wdingdingdoc: Use roles same as apache in committer page.
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2019-09-05  WdingdingOptimize website
2019-08-29  sushuangtweak jump hint.
2019-08-28  Oviliaresponsive design of apache banner
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2019-08-26  Oviliacompress images
2019-07-10  Oviliarelease website with new cheat sheet
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2019-06-25  Oviliacheat sheet basic logic
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2019-05-30  Oviliaapache website transfer
2019-03-29  Oviliastyle: update style
2019-03-29  Oviliafeat: change download page into apache way
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2018-08-09  Oviliaupdate en footer apache license