37 hours ago  Zhongxiang WangMerge pull request #17132 from apache/feat/pie-coordina... master
6 days ago  Zhongxiang WangMerge pull request #17322 from apache/fix-13154
6 days ago  Wenli ZhangMerge pull request #17237 from jiawulin001/issue#17228
6 days ago  Wenli ZhangMerge pull request #16985 from MeetzhDing/fix-15944
6 days ago  Zhongxiang WangMerge pull request #17482 from Liangism/fix-17473
6 days ago  liangismfix(theme): move the label block to the outside. 17482/head
7 days ago  liangismfix(theme): fix the abandoned normal level in the theme...
11 days ago  Wenli ZhangMerge pull request #17275 from wind108369/improve-pie...
11 days ago  Zhongxiang Wangtest(pie): fix test case pie3.html 17275/head
11 days ago  plainhearttest(pie): tweak pie-percent case - add time log, perce...
11 days ago  杨骥优化饼图性能
13 days ago  Wenli ZhangMerge pull request #17452 from apache/fix-import
2022-08-01  plainheartchore: fix wrong imports from `echarts.all` 17452/head
2022-08-01  plainheartchore: fix wrong imports from `echarts.all`
2022-08-01  Wenli Zhangfix(custom): set ignore only if old child exists (...
2022-07-30  Zhongxiang WangMerge pull request #17442 from apache/fix/symbol-emphas...
2022-07-29  Wenli ZhangMerge pull request #17349 from apache/fix-17333
2022-07-28  Zhongxiang Wangfix(symbol): remove unused import. 17442/head
2022-07-28  plainhearttest(vrt): fix changing value of select via js doesn...
2022-07-28  plainhearttest(symbol): add test case for `emphasis.scale`
2022-07-28  plainheartfix(symbol): fix `emphasis.scale` can't be reset and...
2022-07-25  OviliaMerge branch 'master' into fix-17333 17349/head
2022-07-25  Oviliatest(custom): update test case for custom update
2022-07-25  Oviliafix(custom): ignore element when renderItem returns...
2022-07-22  Wenli ZhangMerge pull request #17412 from apache/fix-pie-labelLine
2022-07-22  Wenli ZhangMerge pull request #17383 from ZXYT/style-spelling...
2022-07-22  Wenli ZhangMerge pull request #17407 from apache/dependabot/npm_an...
2022-07-22  Zhongxiang WangMerge pull request #17411 from wind108369/bugfix-single...
2022-07-22  杨骥单轴反向失效问题修复 17411/head
2022-07-21  plainheartfix(pie): fix `labelLine` may not be hidden when `minSh... 17412/head
2022-07-20  dependabot[bot]chore(deps-dev): bump terser from 5.3.8 to 5.14.2 17407/head
2022-07-19  Zhongxiang WangMerge pull request #17390 from apache/fix/symbol-scale... 17403/head
2022-07-18  plainheartstyle: fix typo of `RoamPayload`. 17390/head
2022-07-18  plainheartfix(type): add missing type `number` to `emphasis.scale...
2022-07-15  ZTstyle: spelling mistakes 17383/head
2022-07-15  ZTstyle: spelling mistakes
2022-07-15  ZTstyle: spelling mistakes
2022-07-14  Oviliafix(custom): fix the case for element after the null...
2022-07-13  Oviliatest(custom): add a test case
2022-07-12  Oviliatest(custom): add a test case with {} that should prese...
2022-07-12  Oviliafix(custom): apply leave transition and add more comments
2022-07-12  Zhongxiang WangMerge pull request #17346 from apache/fix/visualMap...
2022-07-11  Oviliafix(custom): fix elements may not be removed after...
2022-07-11  plainheartfix(visualMap): fix wrong type of ecData. 17346/head
2022-07-11  plainheartchore: fix some typos
2022-07-11  plainheartfix(visualMap): fix the indicator doesn't show when...
2022-07-10  Zhongxiang WangMerge pull request #17329 from apache/fix/axis-line...
2022-07-08  MeetzhDingfeat(gauge): axisLabel support rotate like sunburst... 16985/head
2022-07-07  plainheartfix(axis): fix axis symbol is not reverted when axis... 17329/head
2022-07-06  Oviliafix(log): cache base variable 17322/head
2022-07-05  Oviliafix(log): fix log axis breaks a single data whose log...
2022-07-05  Zhongxiang WangMerge pull request #17317 from apache/fix-stale-bot
2022-07-05  Zhongxiang Wangchore: upgrade stale action to v5 17317/head
2022-07-04  Wenli ZhangMerge pull request #17308 from apache/fix-custom
2022-07-04  plainheartfix(custom): fix potential NPE when applying leave... 17308/head
2022-07-04  Zhongxiang WangMerge pull request #17304 from apache/stale-close-reason
2022-07-04  plainheartchore(workflow): close stale issues as not planned... 17304/head
2022-06-21  susiwen8feat(treemap.breadcrumb): add `emphasis` state (#17242)
2022-06-20  Zhongxiang WangMerge pull request #17247 from apache/fix/tmp-symbol-z
2022-06-20  plainheartfix(line): set default z/zlevel for temporary symbol... 17247/head
2022-06-20  Zhongxiang WangMerge pull request #17245 from apache/fix-publish-ci...
2022-06-19  pissangchore: check owner on specific workflows 17245/head
2022-06-19  pissangchore: fix publish ci on fork
2022-06-19  Zhongxiang WangMerge pull request #17244 from Amice13/fix-17243
2022-06-18  Amice13feat(i18n): add Ukrainian translation. close #17243 17244/head
2022-06-17  jiawulin001fix: sliderZoom in candlestick dataset error 17237/head
2022-06-16  Wenli ZhangMerge pull request #17218 from dmzc/5.3.2
2022-06-15  zhangchuangmfix:improve interface SunburstSeriesOption and TreemapS... 17218/head
2022-06-14  Wenli ZhangMerge pull request #17213 from apache/release
2022-06-13  Wenli ZhangMerge pull request #17201 from apache/fix-pr
2022-06-13  Oviliachore: update pr template to improve doc control 17201/head
2022-06-13  Wenli ZhangMerge pull request #17193 from kxxoling/fix-typo
2022-06-09  Kane Blueriverfix(typo): Trasition -> Transition 17193/head
2022-06-09  Wenli ZhangMerge pull request #17190 from apache/release-dev release 17213/head 5.3.3 5.3.3-rc.1
2022-06-09  Oviliachore: update zrender version in the source code 17190/head
2022-06-09  Oviliachore: release 5.3.3
2022-06-09  Oviliatest: change cdn to unpkg
2022-06-08  Wenli ZhangMerge pull request #17182 from apache/master
2022-06-08  Wenli ZhangMerge pull request #17181 from apache/test-cdn 17182/head
2022-06-08  Oviliatest: update visual test cdn to be unpkg 17181/head
2022-06-07  Wenli ZhangMerge pull request #17172 from susiwen8/fix-comment
2022-06-07  susiwen8chore: remove some unintentional comment 17172/head
2022-06-07  sushuangMerge pull request #17155 from dmzc/fix-pictorialbar-dts
2022-06-07  linghaoSufix(tree): fix tree unexpected expand (#16548)
2022-06-04  zhangchuangmfix:improve PictorialBarSeriesOption 17155/head
2022-06-03  Zhongxiang WangMerge pull request #16971 from apache/fix-markLine...
2022-06-03  Yi ShenMerge pull request #17150 from apache/fix/geo
2022-06-03  plainheartfix(geo): add back two missing arguments to `projectedT... 17150/head
2022-05-28  plainheartfeat(bmap): support `convertToPixel` & `convertFromPixe... 17132/head
2022-05-28  plainheartfeat(pie): support specifying coordinate system for...
2022-05-28  Ville BrofeldtMerge pull request #17086 from preset-io/villebro/negat...
2022-05-27  Ville Brofeldtremove redundant spaces 17086/head
2022-05-24  Wenli ZhangMerge pull request #17094 from tyn1998/fix-17088
2022-05-24  Wenli ZhangUpdate 17094/head
2022-05-24  Lam Tangdocs: remove a broken link and update info in CONTRIBUT...
2022-05-23  Ville Brofeldtadd explicit default
2022-05-23  Ville Brofeldtfeat: add new stacking strategies
2022-05-20  Yi ShenMerge pull request #16850 from benlongo/fix_prepareCust...
2022-05-20  Ben LongoFix typo: pathes -> paths 16850/head
2022-05-20  Ben LongoFix prepareCustoms key for Single axis.