67 min ago  Wenli ZhangMerge pull request #17094 from tyn1998/fix-17088 master
76 min ago  Wenli ZhangUpdate 17094/head
6 hours ago  Lam Tangdocs: remove a broken link and update info in CONTRIBUT...
4 days ago  Yi ShenMerge pull request #16850 from benlongo/fix_prepareCust...
4 days ago  Ben LongoFix typo: pathes -> paths 16850/head
4 days ago  Ben LongoFix prepareCustoms key for Single axis.
4 days ago  Ben LongoAdd test for custom singleAxis.
4 days ago  Woontersfix(time): Quarters split the year into 4 quarters...
5 days ago  Wenli ZhangMerge pull request #17064 from Fritzbox2000/master
5 days ago  Woonters{yy} should be padded to 2 digits 17064/head
8 days ago  Zhongxiang... Merge pull request #17007 from apache/fix/graphic
12 days ago  Zhongxiang... Merge pull request #17009 from susiwen8/tree-relative
13 days ago  susiwen8feat(tree): `tree` focus supports `relative` 17009/head
13 days ago  plainheartfix(graphic): 17007/head
2022-05-03  susiwen8feat(piecewise): `selecedtMode` support `boolean` ...
2022-05-01  susiwen8feat(View): `View` center supports `string` (#16904)
2022-04-29  Yi ShenMerge pull request #16966 from apache/fix-editor-link
2022-04-29  plainheartchore: fix broken external editor links. 16966/head
2022-04-28  Yi ShenMerge pull request #16950 from fuchunhui/master
2022-04-28  Yi ShenMerge pull request #16939 from jiawulin001/issue#16930
2022-04-27  fuchunhuifix(tree): remove unused html 16950/head
2022-04-27  fuchunhuifix(tree): radial tree with single root doesn't work
2022-04-27  jiawulin001fix: use short phrase 'triggerOn' instead 16939/head
2022-04-24  jiawulin001fix: tooltip content won't change with axis extent...
2022-04-22  Yi ShenMerge pull request #16922 from jiawulin001/issue#16909 16945/head
2022-04-22  jiawulin001fix: remove explicit input 'false'(default) from getShallow 16922/head
2022-04-22  jiawulin001fix: fix names legendItemModel->itemStyleModel, legendM...
2022-04-21  jiawulin001fix lint errors
2022-04-21  jiawulin001Update with ternary expression
2022-04-21  jiawulin001remove decal from ITEM_STYLE_KEY_MAP
2022-04-21  jiawulin001added passed down api for functions in legendView
2022-04-21  jiawulin001fix lint error
2022-04-21  jiawulin001Update legend decal style dealer
2022-04-21  jiawulin001Add 'decal' to ITEM_STYLE_KEY_MAP and add check if...
2022-04-17  Yi ShenMerge pull request #16897 from kongmoumou/fix-type
2022-04-16  kongmoumoufix(types): graph autoCurveness option 16897/head
2022-04-15  Yi ShenMerge pull request #16861 from jiawulin001/issue#16853
2022-04-15  jiawulin001optimize variable in MarkAreaView.ts 16861/head
2022-04-15  jiawulin001fix: Update comment on MarkAreaView.ts
2022-04-14  pissangtest(markArea): optimize test interactions
2022-04-14  pissangtest(markArea): add zoom interaction testing
2022-04-14  jiawulin001fix lint style error
2022-04-14  jiawulin001Update with new BoundingRect create
2022-04-14  Yi ShenMerge pull request #16881 from apache/ci-cache
2022-04-13  plainheartci: fix node module cache doesn't work 16881/head
2022-04-13  susiwen8fix(graph): user cursor has higher priority (#16867)
2022-04-13  jiawulin001Fix another lint style error
2022-04-13  jiawulin001fix lint style errors
2022-04-13  jiawulin001Use BoundingRect.intersect instead of rectRectIntersect
2022-04-12  Zhongxiang... Merge pull request #16854 from Ling310/features/fix...
2022-04-12  helingjun01feat: move comment as require 16854/head
2022-04-12  Zhongxiang... Merge pull request #16866 from apache/ci/lint
2022-04-11  plainheartci: fix lint may not work when pr synchronizes. 16866/head
2022-04-11  jiawulin001fix lint style error and add test case
2022-04-11  jiawulin001fix: markArea display filter correction
2022-04-11  Zhongxiang... Merge pull request #16772 from jiawulin001/issue#16769
2022-04-11  plainhearttest: tweak test case title and add VRT action. 16772/head
2022-04-09  Yi ShenMerge pull request #16857 from apache/humbedooh/notific...
2022-04-09  Daniel Gruno[infra] reset notifications to commits@echarts for... 16857/head
2022-04-08  helingjun01fix: bug 16849
2022-04-05  Yi ShenMerge pull request #16836 from apache/workflow-add...
2022-04-05  plainheartci: add lint step 16836/head
2022-04-01  Wenli ZhangMerge pull request #16824 from XXXMrG/fix-16786
2022-04-01  gaojian17fix(DataStore): fix typo 'Invalid'. close #16786 16824/head
2022-04-01  Zhongxiang... Merge pull request #16820 from apache/update-keys-materials
2022-04-01  plainheartchore: remove deprecated tutorial link for custom build... 16820/head
2022-04-01  plainheartchore: update homepage link in package.json
2022-04-01  plainheartchore: update KEYS.
2022-04-01  plainheartchore: add NPM install link to vote-release template.
2022-04-01  Zhongxiang... Merge pull request #16819 from apache/release
2022-03-30  jiawulin001Update for lint flaws
2022-03-30  jiawulin001fix: Dump areaStyle polygon when notMerge is true
2022-03-29  Yi ShenMerge pull request #16764 from apache/fix-radar-tooltip
2022-03-29  plainheartfix(radar): fix regression bug brought by branch mergin... 16764/head
2022-03-28  Zhongxiang... Merge pull request #16759 from apache/release-dev release 16819/head 5.3.2 5.3.2-rc.1
2022-03-28  plainheartrelease 5.3.2 release-dev 16759/head
2022-03-28  plainhearttest: fix potential path issue in Windows.
2022-03-28  plainheartstyle: fix lint problems.
2022-03-28  plainheartchore: fix audited packages.
2022-03-28  Zhongxiang... Merge pull request #16756 from apache/master
2022-03-27  Yi ShenMerge pull request #16754 from DalpatRathore/grammar... 16756/head
2022-03-27  Dalpat Rathorefix: grammar 16754/head
2022-03-27  Yi ShenMerge pull request #16747 from yassilah/types/export...
2022-03-25  Yasser Lahbibifix: wrong jpg instead of jpeg types 16747/head
2022-03-25  Yi ShenMerge pull request #16704 from apache/fix-toolbox-text...
2022-03-24  Yi ShenMerge pull request #16542 from susiwen8/fix-16539
2022-03-24  susiwen8fix(labelLine): use correct state name 16542/head
2022-03-24  susiwen8Merge branch 'master' into fix-16539
2022-03-24  Zhongxiang... Merge pull request #16736 from apache/fix-radius-splitLine
2022-03-24  plainheartfix(splitLine): fix chart throws errors when `radiusAxi... 16736/head
2022-03-24  Yi ShenMerge pull request #16719 from jiawulin001/eChIssue...
2022-03-23  Yi ShenMerge pull request #16730 from yuanjiangxia/fix-dataZoom
2022-03-23  yuanjiangxiafix(dataZoom): fix the dataZoom was unexpectedly displa... 16730/head
2022-03-23  jiawulin001An example of origin Updated 16719/head
2022-03-22  Zhongxiang... Merge pull request #16714 from apache/fix-heatmap-gap
2022-03-22  jiawulin001feat: allow areaStyle.origin to take number as input
2022-03-21  Zhongxiang... Merge pull request #16653 from apache/fix-gauge
2022-03-20  Yi ShenMerge pull request #16702 from apache/fix-toolbox
2022-03-19  plainheartfix(toolbox): fix toolbox title may be outside of the... 16704/head
2022-03-18  plainheartfix(toolbox): toolbox doesn't enter emphasis state... 16702/head