2022-05-23  Carsten ZiegelerWebconsole 4.8.2
2022-05-16  Carsten ZiegelerMerge pull request #2 from zhanhb/fix-bnd-link
2022-05-16  Carsten ZiegelerMerge branch 'main' into fix-bnd-link 2/head
2022-05-16  Carsten ZiegelerMerge pull request #4 from pzygielo/tags
2022-05-16  Carsten ZiegelerWebconsole 4.8.0 release
2022-05-15  Piotrek ŻygiełoRemove stray closing tags 4/head
2022-04-05  Raymond Augéjust fix the source tags to use `bash` format class
2022-04-05  Raymond AugéUpdate release-management-nexus.adoc
2022-02-23  Thomas WatsonSCR 2.2.0
2022-02-20  Carsten ZiegelerServlet API 1.2.0, Http Jetty 4.2.0, Http Bridge 4...
2022-02-17  Carsten ZiegelerAdd HC Core 2.0.14 release
2022-01-04  georg.henzlerdownloads/news for Release Apache Felix Health Check...
2022-01-03  djencksMerge pull request #3 from ahus1/FELIX-5076-fix-broken...
2022-01-02  Alexander SchwartzFELIX-5076 fix some broken links and anchors, convert... 3/head
2021-12-25  zhanhbRemove literal html directive
2021-12-25  zhanhbFix broken bnd link
2021-12-13  Carsten ZiegelerUpdate http releases
2021-12-08  Karl PaulsMerge pull request #1 from hypr2771/patch-1
2021-12-08  Vincent CastelluciUpdate Framework description from OSGi R7 to R8 1/head
2021-12-06  Karl PaulsUpdate downloads
2021-12-06  Karl PaulsUpdate downloads and news
2021-10-29  Carsten ZiegelerUpdate downloads.list
2021-10-29  Carsten ZiegelerUpdate news.adoc
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2021-09-05  Carsten ZiegelerUpdate news.adoc
2021-08-31  Carsten ZiegelerUpdate news.adoc
2021-08-28  Carsten ZiegelerUpdate news.adoc
2021-08-25  Carsten ZiegelerUpdate downloads.list
2021-08-25  Carsten ZiegelerUpdate news.adoc
2021-08-18  Carsten ZiegelerNew releases
2021-07-28  Oliver Lietzfix links and remove 2 column layouts
2021-07-28  Oliver Lietzfix link and formatting
2021-07-28  Oliver Lietzfix mail links and remove 2 column layout in feedback...
2021-07-28  Oliver Lietzfix headlines
2021-07-28  David Jencksfix some problems with source bundle names, and make...
2021-07-27  David Jencksfix changelog links
2021-07-26  David JencksAdd instructions on updating maven generated bundle...
2021-07-26  David JencksAdd back components/bundle-plugin[-archives] that were...
2021-07-26  David JencksAdd links to KEYS file and validation instructions
2021-07-23  David Jencksadd a section on page refs
2021-07-22  David JencksWrite some basic site development instructions
2021-07-21  David Jencksfix framework distribution artifact names
2021-07-21  David Jenckslatest framework release is 7.0.1
2021-07-21  David JencksJust point to news page, without trying to show the...
2021-07-21  David Jencksfix broken links, compliance claim
2021-07-21  David Jencksfix framework page
2021-07-21  David Jencksremove when changeset again, it didn't help
2021-07-21  David Jenckstry specifying changeset for trigger
2021-07-21  David Jencksfix list of tutorials, OSGI spec link
2021-07-21  David Jenckscorrect site map page name
2021-07-21  David JencksMove multi-page subproject docs under subproject page...
2021-07-20  David Jenckstry to fix Jenkinsfile syntax
2021-07-20  David Jenckstry to fix Jenkinsfile syntax
2021-07-20  David JencksAdd Jenkinsfile to trigger build
2021-07-20  David Jencksnav and organizational cleanup
2021-07-19  David Jencksset up downloads page, remove retired projects
2021-07-19  David Jencksremove unneeded 'documentation' URI segment
2021-07-19  David Jencksremove some remnants of the CMS site
2021-07-19  David Jencksremove ipojo resources
2021-07-19  David Jencksremove unneeded 403/404 pages
2021-07-11  David Jencksshorten urls to felix-site-pub
2021-07-11  David Jencksremove user admin doc (unmaintained)
2021-07-11  David Jencksremove upnp doc (unmaintained)
2021-07-11  David Jencksremove serialization framework doc (unmaintained)
2021-07-11  David Jencksremove script-console-plugin doc (unmaintained)
2021-07-11  David Jencksremove osgi-core doc (unmaintained)
2021-07-11  David Jencksremove mosgi doc (unmaintained)
2021-07-11  David Jencksremove maven scr plugin doc (unmaintained)
2021-07-11  David Jencksremove maven osgi plugin doc (unmaintained)
2021-07-11  David Jencksremove maven obr plugin doc (unmaintained)
2021-07-11  David Jencksremove mangen doc (unmaintained)
2021-07-11  David Jencksremove lightweight http service doc (unmaintained)
2021-07-11  David Jencksremove jaas doc (unmaintained)
2021-07-11  David Jencksremove ipojo doc (unmaintained)
2021-07-11  David Jencksremove deployment admin doc (unmaintained)
2021-07-11  David Jencksremove commons doc (unmaintained)
2021-07-11  David Jencksremove autoconf doc (unmaintained)
2021-07-11  David Jencksremove .mdtext files
2021-06-28  David Jencksstart on download page last-mdtext
2021-05-11  David Jencksupdate adocs with changes since July 2020
2021-05-11  David Jencksmailto links
2021-05-11  David Jencksfix +++ from translation
2021-05-11  David Jencksfix blocks
2021-05-11  David JencksNav reflects directory structure: a few tweaks
2021-05-11  David Jenckschange most link: to xref:
2021-05-11  David Jencksfix png locations
2021-05-11  David Jencksmove uxf diagrams and render them with kroki
2021-05-11  David Jencksmove images to images
2021-05-11  David Jencksbasic complete nav file from auto-index
2021-05-11  David Jencksfix remaining errors
2021-05-11  David JencksFix adoc errors
2021-05-11  David Jencksadd component descriptor and empty nav file
2021-05-11  David Jencksbasic kramdoc conversion to asciidoc
2021-05-11  David Jencksmove to basic antora structure
2021-05-07  Carsten ZiegelerConfigadmin 1.9.22
2021-05-07  Carsten ZiegelerHttp Jetty 4.1.8
2021-03-18  Carsten ZiegelerHttp jetty 4.1.6
2021-03-06  Carsten ZiegelerConfigurator 1.0.14
2021-02-23  Tom WatsonAtomos 1.0.0 Release
2021-02-22  Tom WatsonCMS commit to felix by tjwatson