FELIX-6560 : Interpolation of embedded arrays does not work
[felix-dev.git] / deploymentadmin / itest /
2020-05-26  Guillaume NodetMerge pull request #4 from coheigea/FELIX-6235
2020-03-26  David BosschaertMerge pull request #10 from stbischof/conv_def_method
2020-03-18  David BosschaertMerge pull request #9 from stbischof/conv_int_empt
2020-03-16  Carsten ZiegelerFELIX-6230 : Update dependencies to newer versions
2020-03-15  Colm O hEigeartaighUpdating pax url in a few places (#7)
2016-01-14  Jan Willem JanssenFELIX-518 - add unit test for signed DPs:
2015-11-24  Jan Willem JanssenFELIX-518 - support localization and signature files:
2015-11-24  Jan Willem JanssenMinor fixes and updates:
2015-01-14  Jan Willem JanssenMinor updates:
2014-12-05  Jan Willem JanssenFELIX-4491, FELIX-4718, FELIX-4719:
2014-04-23  Jan Willem JanssenFELIX-3780 - allow DA to be configured through ConfigAdmin:
2014-04-17  Jan Willem JanssenFELIX-3780 - allow DA to be configured by ConfigAdmin:
2014-04-15  Jan Willem JanssenUpdated to use latest logback for itest.
2014-04-15  Jan Willem JanssenRemoved logback as it appears to be a memory hog.
2014-04-15  Jan Willem JanssenSimplify the usage of the DA API:
2014-03-27  Jan Willem JanssenFixed failing itests.
2014-03-27  Jan Willem JanssenFELIX-4471 - added missing license headers.
2014-03-25  Jan Willem JanssenFELIX-4466 - DA does not always fire events
2014-03-25  Jan Willem JanssenACE-4463 - make sure DA does not try to install DPs...
2014-02-03  Jan Willem JanssenFELIX-4409/4410:
2013-11-15  Marcel OffermansFELIX-4184 Added a test case that shows the failure...
2013-07-19  Jan Willem JanssenFELIX-4167: added integration test for fragment bundles.
2012-06-20  Marcel OffermansAdded a whole collection of tests to ensure that Deploy...