FELIX-6560 : Interpolation of embedded arrays does not work
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2015-11-24  Jan Willem JanssenMinor fixes and updates:
2014-12-05  Jan Willem JanssenFELIX-4491, FELIX-4718, FELIX-4719:
2014-04-24  Jan Willem JanssenUnused imports removed.
2014-03-27  Jan Willem JanssenMisc dings & dents:
2014-03-27  Jan Willem JanssenFELIX-4471 - added missing license headers.
2014-02-03  Jan Willem JanssenFELIX-4409/4410:
2013-11-15  Marcel OffermansFELIX-4184 Added a test case that shows the failure...
2013-07-19  Jan Willem JanssenFELIX-4167: add fragment bundle for testing purposes.
2012-06-20  Marcel OffermansAdded a whole collection of tests to ensure that Deploy...