FELIX-6560 : Interpolation of embedded arrays does not work
[felix-dev.git] / logback / pom.xml
2022-01-03  Jean-Baptiste OnofréMerge pull request #14 from nroduit/java-14
2021-12-12  Jean-Baptiste OnofréMerge pull request #104 from kwin/FELIX-6319-framework...
2021-12-09  Thomas WatsonMerge branch 'scrR8'
2021-11-30  Christian SchneiderMerge pull request #122 from apache/FELIX-6474
2021-11-29  Raymond Augé[logback] cleanup the build and update to bnd 6.1.0
2020-06-10  Raymond AugéMerge pull request #16 from glimmerveen/FELIX-6058
2020-05-26  Guillaume NodetMerge pull request #4 from coheigea/FELIX-6235
2020-05-04  Guillaume NodetMerge pull request #17 from doggy-dev/FELIX-6203
2020-05-02  Raymond Augéproject cleanup and bnd 5.0.1
2020-02-27  Karl PaulsUpdate SCM information in all POM files to reference Git
2019-01-14  Raymond AugéFELIX-6027 Embed jul-to-slf4j bridge because who doesn...
2018-07-04  Raymond Augé[logback] use equinox from maven central
2018-06-22  Raymond Augé[logback] fix parent
2018-06-22  Raymond Augé[logback] revert attempted release
2018-06-21  Raymond Augé[maven-release-plugin] prepare for next development...
2018-06-21  Raymond Augé[maven-release-plugin] prepare release org.apache.felix...
2018-06-21  Raymond Augé[logback] isolate itests into own profile
2018-06-12  Raymond Augé[logback] update project configurations
2018-05-28  Raymond Augé[logback] rename and add integration test suite