FELIX-6560 : Interpolation of embedded arrays does not work
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2022-06-09  Thomas WatsonUpdate change log for release
2022-04-22  Jean-Baptiste OnofréMerge pull request #124 from HannesWell/manifst_isUpToDate
2022-02-01  Thomas WatsonUpdate changelog for release
2022-01-03  Jean-Baptiste OnofréMerge pull request #14 from nroduit/java-14
2021-12-12  Jean-Baptiste OnofréMerge pull request #104 from kwin/FELIX-6319-framework...
2021-12-09  Thomas WatsonMerge branch 'scrR8'
2021-10-21  Jean-Baptiste OnofréMerge pull request #53 from daniele-moro/master
2021-09-03  Thomas WatsonUpdate change log for SCR 2.2.0-RC1
2021-09-03  Thomas WatsonMerge branch 'master' into scrR8
2021-06-29  jbonofreUpdate changelog.txt in preparation for SCR 2.1.28...
2021-06-01  Thomas WatsonMerge branch 'master' into scrR8
2021-03-23  Jean-Baptiste OnofréMerge pull request #58 from Fenrock/felix6337
2021-02-17  Thomas WatsonUpdate change log for 2.1.26
2020-06-10  Raymond AugéMerge pull request #16 from glimmerveen/FELIX-6058
2020-05-26  Guillaume NodetMerge pull request #4 from coheigea/FELIX-6235
2020-05-04  Guillaume NodetMerge pull request #17 from doggy-dev/FELIX-6203
2020-04-17  Carsten ZiegelerFELIX-6261 : [Regression] Empty property values are...
2020-04-09  Carsten ZiegelerUpdate changelog
2019-12-04  Carsten ZiegelerFix typo in changelog
2019-12-04  Carsten ZiegelerFELIX-6206 : NPE in ComponentRegistry.getComponentHolde...
2019-05-05  Carsten ZiegelerFELIX-6096 : SCR fails if the Java Runtime Environment...
2019-05-05  Carsten ZiegelerFELIX-6107 : Loggging Passwords when invoking activate...
2019-02-19  Tom WatsonUpdate changelog
2019-02-19  Tom WatsonUpdate changelog
2018-11-09  Carsten ZiegelerUpdate changelog
2018-10-18  Carsten ZiegelerFELIX-5950 : NPE in MultiplePrototypeRefPair.unsetServi...
2018-10-03  Raymond Augéupdate changelogs
2018-09-23  Carsten ZiegelerFELIX-4260 : IllegalStateException: The service has...
2018-09-16  Carsten ZiegelerUpdate changelog
2018-09-16  Carsten ZiegelerFELIX-5905 : SCR cannot access method getLogger from...
2018-09-16  Carsten ZiegelerFELIX-5930 : Service reference is missing in DTO
2018-09-16  Carsten ZiegelerFELIX-5929 : Failed activation state not reported in...
2018-09-13  Carsten ZiegelerFELIX-5927 : Single element Annotation type does not...
2018-08-13  Carsten ZiegelerFELIX-5904 : SCR is creating a logger instance using...
2018-08-09  Carsten ZiegelerFELIX-5902 : java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: Bundle...
2018-08-02  Carsten ZiegelerUpdate changelog
2018-07-13  Carsten ZiegelerFELIX-5885 : SCR uses an overly restrictive import...
2018-06-13  Carsten ZiegelerUpdate changelog
2018-04-26  Carsten ZiegelerUpdate changelog
2018-04-26  Carsten ZiegelerMove R7 scr to trunk
2018-04-26  Carsten ZiegelerMove R7 SCR to trunk
2017-12-13  Karl PaulsUpdate changelog
2017-09-22  Carsten ZiegelerAdd missing changelog for 2.0.12
2017-04-23  Carsten ZiegelerFELIX-5613 : SCR bundle fails to start without Config...
2017-04-19  Carsten ZiegelerUpdate changelog
2017-04-19  Carsten ZiegelerFELIX-5572 : Reference target filter fails when using...
2017-01-12  Carsten ZiegelerUpdate change log
2017-01-06  Carsten ZiegelerMove R7 work to osgi-r7 directory
2017-01-06  Carsten ZiegelerMove R7 work to osgi-r7 directory
2017-01-05  Carsten ZiegelerFELIX-5454 : [R7] Service properties for ComponentFactory
2017-01-05  Carsten ZiegelerUpdate changelog
2016-08-03  Carsten ZiegelerUpdate changelog for 2.0.6
2016-07-05  Carsten ZiegelerUpdate changelog
2015-09-21  David JencksFELIX-5044 make sure property changes during service...
2015-09-17  David Jenckschangelog for FELIX-5040
2015-09-15  Carsten ZiegelerFELIX-5028 : ServiceFactory for components might return...
2015-08-27  Carsten ZiegelerFELIX-5020 : Don't log exception if metatype is not...
2015-08-13  Carsten ZiegelerUpdate changelog
2015-08-11  Carsten ZiegelerUpdate changelog
2014-01-18  David Jencksupdate changelog
2013-12-08  David JencksFELIX-4348 Use a read-write lock to avoid a race betwee...
2013-10-29  David JencksFELIX-4298 update changelog
2013-10-28  David JencksFELIX-4297 fix timing hole while opening DependencyManager
2013-10-26  David JencksFELIX-4293 slight refactoring of use of config admin...
2013-10-25  David JencksFELIX-4290 Commit a slightly simpler fix than Pierre...
2013-10-22  David Jencksupdate changelog
2013-10-20  David Jencksupdate ds changelog
2013-10-16  David Jencksupdate changelog for 1.8 release
2013-02-15  David JencksFELIX-3902 fix SingleDynamic config change problem
2013-02-10  David Jencksupdate ds changelog
2012-12-20  David Jencksupdate ds changelog
2012-11-28  Felix MeschbergerFELIX-3645 Update changelog
2012-11-07  Felix MeschbergerChangelog
2012-11-07  Felix MeschbergerFormatting
2012-11-06  David JencksFELIX-3744 set implementation object before modifying...
2012-10-31  Felix MeschbergerUpdate changelog to issues moved from scr-1.8.0 to...
2012-10-31  David Jencksupdate changelog
2012-10-19  Pierre De RopAdded fixed FELIX-3700 issue.
2012-06-01  Pierre De Ropadded FELIX-3524
2012-06-01  Felix Meschbergerchange log updates
2012-01-26  Felix MeschbergerFELIX-3317 update changelog
2012-01-11  Felix MeschbergerAdd another bug reference to the change log
2011-10-17  Felix MeschbergerUpdate changelog
2010-08-10  Felix MeschbergerUpdate changelog, preparing for release
2010-05-28  Felix MeschbergerIntroduce a Change Log
2009-08-21  Felix MeschbergerRemove the completely outdated changelog ...
2006-08-01  Richard S. HallShortened the Declarative Services subproject directory...