2018-09-26  Kelvin Ikomeadd staff to CenterFormComponent to resolve build error
2018-09-26  Kelvin Ikomesubscribe error observable and display message on login
2018-09-26  Kelvin Ikomeadjust reverse password field visibility
2018-09-26  Kelvin Ikomefix password field visibility bug
2018-09-24  Awasum YannickMerge pull request #5 from pembemiriam/master
2018-09-22  pembemiriamfixed bugs on login screen 4/head 5/head
2018-09-21  pembemiriamUpdate package-lock.json
2018-09-21  pembemiriamfix bug on login screen
2018-09-06  pembemiriamadded route for center on the navbar
2018-09-06  pembemiriamMerge branch 'master' of
2018-08-30  pembemiriamadded edit routing
2018-08-24  pembemiriamfinished implementation of view center
2018-08-20  pembemiriamUpdate package-lock.json
2018-08-02  Awasum YannickMerge pull request #3 from awasum/master
2018-08-02  Awasum YannickSome more fix with nmp audit fix 3/head
2018-08-02  Awasum YannickFix vulnerabilties detected
2018-08-02  Awasum YannickMerge pull request #2 from pembemiriam/master
2018-08-01  pembemiriamDesign center module 2/head
2018-07-14  pembemiriamUpdate package-lock.json
2018-07-14  pembemiriammerged code to reduce files
2018-07-14  pembemiriamfixed issues due to angular redux
2018-07-04  Myrle KrantzMerge pull request #1 from pembemiriam/master
2018-07-03  pembemiriamFixed vulnurability issue on package-lock.json 1/head
2018-06-25  pembemiriamconfiguring proxy with url of the cloud
2018-06-23  pembemiriamfixed all but one problem due to upgrade
2018-06-23  pembemiriamfixed all but one problem due to upgrade
2018-06-20  pembemiriamfixed Http Error
2018-06-19  pembemiriamfix service
2018-06-19  pembemiriamfix service
2018-06-19  pembemiriamdone authentication service
2018-05-29  pembemiriamstart working on office and accounting components
2018-05-29  pembemiriamworked on some employee and customer components
2018-05-28  pembemiriamstarting customer components
2018-05-28  pembemiriamcontinue accounting components
2018-05-26  pembemiriamworking on the accounting components
2018-05-22  pembemiriamUpdate package-lock.json
2018-04-06  pembemiriamdesign login page
2018-03-27  pembemiriamfirst commit
2018-03-23  Angular CLIchore: initial commit from @angular/cli