2019-10-16  aasaruMerge pull request #20 from aasaru/fix-travis-builds... develop
2019-10-16  Juhan Aasarunot to clean before artifactorypublish 20/head
2019-10-16  aasaruMerge pull request #19 from aasaru/FINCN-180
2019-10-16  Juhan Aasarutry to fix travis builds that fail after the pull reque... 19/head
2019-10-16  Juhan AasaruFINCN-183 add homePageUrl to configuration
2019-10-12  Juhan Aasaruimprove error message in log
2019-10-12  Juhan AasaruFINCN-180 remove non-needed data source configuration
2019-10-09  aasaruMerge pull request #18 from aasaru/gradle_4.10.3
2019-10-06  Juhan Aasaruupdate rat plugin 18/head
2019-10-04  Juhan Aasarureplace spring boot default banner with app banner
2019-10-01  Juhan Aasarufix postgresql references
2019-09-30  Juhan AasaruFINCN-179 gradle to 4.10.3, FINCN-178 make Travis build...
2019-09-02  Isaac KamgaMerge pull request #15 from Izakey/FINCN-124
2019-09-01  Isaac KamgaMerge branch 'develop' into FINCN-124 15/head
2019-08-25  Isaac KamgaMerge pull request #1 from ebenezergraham/FINCN-2
2019-08-20  aasaruFINCN-170 create multi-stage Docker build (#17) 0.0.1-M.1
2019-07-15  Ebenezer GrahamFixed Query error
2019-06-03  Awasum YannickMerge pull request #16 from ebenezergraham/FINCN-157
2019-05-29  ebenezergrahamAdding rat report to After Failure procedure 16/head
2019-05-09  Isaac KamgaMigrate portfolio service from MariaDB to PostgreSQL
2019-04-30  Awasum YannickMerge pull request #14 from aasaru/artifactory
2019-04-25  Juhan AasaruFINCN-148 build with and upload artifacts... 14/head
2019-04-25  Juhan AasaruFINCN-148 build with and upload artifacts...
2019-03-28  Awasum YannickMerge pull request #13 from awasum/develop
2019-03-27  Awasum YannickFix typo in portfolio to use TestEnvironment methods 13/head
2019-03-09  Myrle KrantzMerge pull request #12 from Anh3h/develop
2019-03-08  Anh3hAdd Docker configuration 12/head
2018-12-29  Isaac KamgaMerge pull request #11 from Izakey/develop
2018-12-29  Isaac KamgaFixed undocumented parts of the payload and license... 11/head
2018-12-29  Isaac KamgaMerge pull request #10 from pembemiriam/develop
2018-11-12  pembemiriamDocument Portfolio service API in component-test module 10/head 9/head
2018-04-19  Myrle KrantzMerge pull request #8 from myrle-krantz/develop
2018-04-19  Myrle KrantzRemoving dependency to java money library. 8/head
2018-04-16  Myrle KrantzMerge pull request #7 from myrle-krantz/develop
2018-04-16  Myrle KrantzRemoving last references to mifos. 7/head
2018-04-16  Myrle KrantzChange package names from mifos to apache fineract.
2018-04-16  Myrle KrantzAdjusting to package name changes in upstream repositories.
2018-04-09  Myrle KrantzMerge pull request #6 from myrle-krantz/develop
2018-04-09  Myrle KrantzAdding rat checks. 6/head
2018-04-09  Myrle KrantzMerge pull request #5 from ebenezergraham/patch-1
2018-04-06  Ebenezer GrahamUpdate 5/head
2018-04-05  Myrle KrantzMerge pull request #4 from myrle-krantz/develop
2018-04-05  Myrle KrantzFix broken unit test. 4/head
2018-03-16  Myrle KrantzMerge pull request #3 from Izakey/develop
2018-03-05  Isaac KamgaRemoved unused year and name variables 3/head
2018-03-02  Isaac KamgaUpdated copyright information for portfolio
2018-02-26  Myrle KrantzMerge pull request #2 from myrle-krantz/develop
2018-02-26  Myrle Krantzupdating artifact ids to apache fineract from mifos io 2/head
2018-02-20  Myrle KrantzMerge pull request #1 from crain/develop
2017-12-20  myrlenMerge pull request #27 from myrlen/develop 1/head
2017-12-20  Myrle KrantzImproved annotations for new endpoint.
2017-12-20  myrlenMerge pull request #26 from myrlen/develop
2017-12-20  Myrle KrantzMade it possible to get planned payments with just...
2017-12-08  Markus GeissMerge pull request #25 from markusgeiss/develop
2017-12-08  Markus Geissremoved unnecessary portfolio designator for api
2017-12-08  Markus Geissadded holder information to account generation
2017-11-24  myrlenMerge pull request #24 from myrlen/develop
2017-11-24  Myrle KrantzTightened test parameters for disbursement and repaymen...
2017-11-24  Myrle KrantzAdjusting entry account assignment helper and workflow...
2017-11-24  Myrle KrantzAdjusting entry account assignment helper and workflow...
2017-11-24  Myrle KrantzGetting account sign from accounting via adapter.
2017-11-23  Myrle KrantzFixing payment cycle test.
2017-11-23  Myrle KrantzPreparing to get account sign from accounting rather...
2017-11-23  Myrle KrantzFixed test case for out of range alignment week.
2017-11-23  myrlenMerge pull request #23 from myrlen/develop
2017-11-23  Myrle KrantzValidation of case parameters had been accidentally...
2017-11-22  myrlenMerge pull request #22 from myrlen/develop
2017-11-22  Myrle KrantzThere is a small chance that a transaction uniqueifier...
2017-11-14  myrlenMerge pull request #21 from myrlen/develop
2017-11-14  Myrle KrantzFixed misnaming with real consequences: reference accou...
2017-11-10  myrlenMerge pull request #20 from myrlen/develop
2017-11-10  Myrle KrantzAdded minor check for planned payment count in "normal...
2017-11-10  Myrle KrantzMaking sure planned payments uses the saved payment...
2017-11-09  Myrle KrantzLate fee checking happy case and interest works for...
2017-11-09  Myrle KrantzPersisting/creating accounts for import.
2017-11-08  Myrle KrantzSetting start and end of term and payment size correctl...
2017-11-07  myrlenMerge pull request #19 from myrlen/develop
2017-11-07  Myrle KrantzAPI for loan import.
2017-11-06  Myrle KrantzAdding missing header.
2017-11-03  Markus GeissMerge pull request #18 from ndelvos78/sortLoanProductsB...
2017-10-31  ndelvos78Allow loan products to be sorted by Enabled column...
2017-10-19  myrlenMerge pull request #17 from myrlen/develop
2017-10-19  Myrle KrantzAdded the ability to reference customer documents from...
2017-10-12  myrlenMerge pull request #16 from myrlen/develop
2017-10-12  Myrle KrantzFixed bug in which if the fees due exceed the current...
2017-10-11  Myrle KrantzIntroduced some new test cases for AcceptPaymentBuilder...
2017-10-11  Myrle KrantzMinor restructuring of payment builder test cases to...
2017-10-11  Myrle KrantzMerge branch 'develop' of
2017-10-11  Myrle KrantzIn response to Dayna's (non-urgent) feedback from Octob...
2017-10-10  myrlenMerge pull request #15 from myrlen/develop
2017-10-10  Myrle Krantzcreation of the product loss provisioning account.
2017-10-06  myrlenMerge pull request #14 from myrlen/arrearsAndWriteOff
2017-10-06  Myrle Krantzinterest and late fee accrual "stored" in product loss...
2017-10-06  Myrle KrantzWrite off of principal implemented and tested.
2017-10-05  Myrle KrantzMerge branch 'develop' into arrearsAndWriteOff
2017-10-05  myrlenMerge pull request #13 from myrlen/develop
2017-10-05  Myrle KrantzImproved saving of lossprovisioningsteps.
2017-10-05  myrlenMerge pull request #12 from myrlen/develop
2017-10-05  Myrle KrantzAdjusted validation of loss provisiong configuration...
2017-10-04  myrlenMerge pull request #11 from myrlen/develop