2017-05-02  myrle-krantzThis was missed when the IdentityManager name was changed.
2017-04-13  myrle-krantzTaking advantage of simplification in identity manager.
2017-04-13  myrle-krantzMinor logging, constant introduction, cleanup.
2017-04-12  myrle-krantzMerge branch 'develop' of
2017-04-12  myrle-krantzMinor improvement to test.
2017-04-12  myrle-krantzAdjusting provisioner to changes made in anubis and...
2017-04-08  Markus GeißMerge pull request #2 from markusgeiss/develop
2017-04-08  mgeissenhanced logging for demo server usage
2017-04-04  Myrle KrantzMerge pull request #1 from myrle-krantz/develop
2017-04-04  myrle-krantzValidating ApplicationName parameters. Added unit...
2017-03-20  Markus Geissfixed build issue
2017-03-18  Markus Geissrenaming API
2017-03-17  myrle-krantzMerge branch 'develop' of
2017-03-17  myrle-krantzMaking property names consisten across the platform.
2017-03-17  Markus GeißEdited
2017-03-15  myrle-krantzOpen Sourcing provisioner service.