Merge pull request #23 from BLasan/remove-eureka
[fineract-cn-teller.git] / shared.gradle
2019-10-16  aasaruMerge pull request #17 from aasaru/FINCN-183 0.1.x
2019-10-16  Juhan AasaruFINCN-183 add link back with context path, fix travis 17/head
2019-10-09  aasaruMerge pull request #15 from aasaru/gradle_4.10.3
2019-10-06  Juhan Aasaruupdate RAT plugin version, add app-specific start-up... 15/head
2019-09-30  Juhan AasaruFINCN-179 gradle to 4.10.3, FINCN-178 make Travis build...
2019-09-02  Isaac KamgaMerge pull request #12 from Izakey/FINCN-126
2019-06-03  Awasum YannickMerge pull request #13 from ebenezergraham/FINCN-157
2019-05-29  ebenezergrahamAdding rat report to After Failure procedure 13/head
2019-05-09  Isaac KamgaMigrate teller service from MariaDB to PostgreSQL 12/head
2019-04-30  Awasum YannickMerge pull request #11 from aasaru/artifactory
2019-04-25  Juhan AasaruFINCN-148 build with and upload artifacts... 11/head
2018-04-09  Myrle KrantzMerge pull request #3 from myrle-krantz/develop
2018-04-09  Myrle KrantzAdding rat checks. 3/head
2018-03-16  Myrle KrantzMerge pull request #2 from Izakey/develop
2018-03-05  Isaac KamgaRemoved unused year and name variables 2/head
2018-03-02  Isaac KamgaUpdated copyright information on teller
2018-02-26  Myrle KrantzMerge pull request #1 from myrle-krantz/develop
2018-02-26  Myrle Krantzupdating artifact ids to apache fineract from mifos io
2017-08-22  Markus GeissMerge pull request #2 from markusgeiss/develop
2017-08-22  mgeissadded cheque transaction
2017-07-12  Myrle KrantzMerge pull request #2 from myrle-krantz/develop
2017-07-12  Myrle KrantzRemoving duplicate resource files from jar.
2017-06-11  mgeissreplaced dot with dash in version number
2017-06-11  mgeissfirst iteration for teller management
2017-06-07  mgeissinitial commit