2021-08-05  Nasser KazePatch broken links in app homepage
2021-08-05  xurroruse proper system logging
2021-08-05  xurrorImplement statistical scripts
2021-08-04  Nasser KazeCreate github actions workflow
2021-08-01  xurrorclean up project repository
2021-08-01  xurrorGenerate and setup docs UI template
2021-08-01  xurrormoved all models to zoo/models directory
2021-08-01  xurrorSekhment first documentation pages
2021-08-01  xurrorMake API more permissive
2021-08-01  xurrorMajor refactoring and updates to models
2021-08-01  xurrorGenerating API client
2021-06-07  xurrorUpdate Readme with new instructions to run and access...
2021-06-07  xurrorRename mysql connection conf file
2021-06-07  xurrorsetup basic alpha-beta tests in jupyter notebook
2021-06-07  xurrorImplement and test API endpoints for API models
2021-06-07  xurrorTest ML registry and ML algorithms
2021-06-07  xurrorImplement an ML registry to initialize algorithms state...
2021-06-07  xurrorDelete scorecardapp in favor of server package
2021-06-07  xurrordelete unused swagger-ui template
2021-06-07  xurrorImplement model serializers for base API data models
2021-06-07  xurrorDelete mlscorecard package
2021-06-07  xurrorSetup base API module models to record and track ml...
2021-06-07  xurrorrename app server to ml_scorecard
2021-06-07  xurrorrename project root from scorecardapp to server
2021-06-07  xurrorUse drf-spectacular for API docs with swagger and redoc
2021-06-07  xurrorMove API package URLs to api/ module
2021-06-07  xurrorSetup database connection with mysql
2021-06-07  xurroradd packages ml and zoo to project
2021-06-07  xurroradd more general auto generated files to .gitignore
2021-06-07  xurrorUpdate licencse headers for api/, api/admin...
2021-06-07  xurrorImplement and save ML algorithms for credit scoring
2021-06-07  xurrorSetup base open-api schema
2021-06-07  xurrorSetup swagger-ui docs template
2021-06-07  xurrorAdd open-api and scorecard view routes
2021-06-07  xurrorAdd open-api schema project requirements
2021-06-07  xurrorSetup ML Scorecard views
2021-06-07  xurrorSetup German Data Model serializers
2021-06-07  xurrorAdd creation timestamp to German Data Model
2021-05-27  xurrorSetup base German Data Model
2021-05-27  xurrorImplement Random Forest Classifier model
2021-05-27  xurrorSetup base model for inheritance
2021-05-27  xurrorAdd a project description and get started instructions
2021-05-24  xurrorfirst commit
2021-05-07  xurrorAdd base project structure and files
2021-05-05  xurrorAdd .gitignore and .gitattributes.