5 days ago  ShruthiRajaramMerge pull request #498 from ShruthiRajaram/FINERACT-574 develop
5 days ago  ShruthiRajaramMerge pull request #496 from ShruthiRajaram/FINERACT-668
12 days ago  MexinaDMerge pull request #495 from ShruthiRajaram/FINERACT-665
12 days ago  Myrle KrantzMerge pull request #497 from itzamnamx/patch-2
13 days ago  ShruthiRajaramFINERACT-574 share account reject issues 498/head
13 days ago  ShruthiRajaramMerge pull request #441 from Nenge1/FINERACT-574
13 days ago  FinTECHeandoUpdate 497/head
2018-12-03  ShruthiRajaramMerge pull request #493 from m-sameer/FINERACT-632
2018-11-30  Mohammad SameerFINERACT-632 Make description field non mandatory in... 493/head
2018-11-30  ShruthiRajaramFINERACT-668 Download bulk import templates fix 496/head
2018-11-30  ShruthiRajaramFINERACT-665 activation date validation for group and... 495/head
2018-11-30  ShruthiRajaramMerge pull request #494 from m-sameer/FINERACT-618
2018-11-28  Mohammad SameerFINERACT-618 Allow for Submitted On Date to be Edited... 494/head
2018-11-27  ShruthiRajaramMerge pull request #479 from ShruthiRajaram/FINERACT... 1.2.0 1.2.0
2018-11-27  ShruthiRajaramFINERACT-628 self service user reports 479/head
2018-11-26  ShruthiRajaramMerge pull request #484 from ShruthiRajaram/FINERACT...
2018-11-26  ShruthiRajaramFINERACT-628 Self service APIs for Surveys 484/head
2018-11-26  ShruthiRajaramMerge pull request #485 from ShruthiRajaram/FINERACT_62...
2018-11-26  ShruthiRajaramFINERACT-628 Products APIs 485/head
2018-11-22  MexinaDMerge pull request #455 from MexinaD/FINERACT-630
2018-11-22  MexinaDMerge pull request #436 from MexinaD/FINERACT-416
2018-11-16  ShruthiRajaramMerge pull request #409 from Sanyam96/swagger-documenta...
2018-11-16  Sanyam GoelMerge branch 'develop' into swagger-documentation-integ... 409/head
2018-11-16  ShruthiRajaramMerge pull request #471 from ShruthiRajaram/FINERACT-627
2018-11-16  ShruthiRajaramFINERACT-627 Back dated client transfer 471/head
2018-11-15  Sanyam96removed .idea from .gitignore
2018-11-13  ShruthiRajaramMerge pull request #490 from ShruthiRajaram/FINERACT-662
2018-11-13  ShruthiRajaramMerge pull request #488 from ShruthiRajaram/FINERACT...
2018-11-12  Sanyam96updated response.json and removed iml file
2018-11-12  ShruthiRajaramMerge pull request #489 from ShruthiRajaram/FINERACT-659
2018-11-10  Sanyam96solve merge conflicts
2018-11-08  ShruthiRajaramFINERACT-662 activation date null check 490/head
2018-11-07  ShruthiRajaramFINERACT-659 Account Id issue while importing bulk... 489/head
2018-11-05  ShruthiRajaramMerge pull request #478 from ShruthiRajaram/FINERACT...
2018-11-05  ShruthiRajaramFINERACT-628 self service APIs for client image management 478/head
2018-11-05  ShruthiRajaramMerge pull request #480 from ShruthiRajaram/FINERACT...
2018-11-02  ShruthiRajaramFINERACT-656 and FINERACT-655 unable to import client... 488/head
2018-10-25  ShruthiRajaramMerge pull request #481 from wenance/develop
2018-10-22  ShruthiRajaramMerge pull request #475 from ShruthiRajaram/FINERACT-651
2018-10-18  ShruthiRajaramMerge pull request #467 from ShruthiRajaram/develop_FIN...
2018-10-10  drarkofix sql error 481/head
2018-10-10  ShruthiRajaramFINERACT-628 guarantor api for self service user 480/head
2018-10-08  ShruthiRajaramMerge pull request #466 from ShruthiRajaram/develop_FIN...
2018-10-04  ShruthiRajaramMerge pull request #461 from ShruthiRajaram/develop_FIN...
2018-10-04  ShruthiRajaramMerge pull request #448 from conradsp/mysql-5.7
2018-10-03  Steve ConradMerge branch 'develop' into mysql-5.7 448/head
2018-10-03  ShruthiRajaramMerge pull request #477 from ShruthiRajaram/FINERACT_546
2018-09-26  ShruthiRajaramMerge pull request #454 from MexinaD/FINERACT-623
2018-09-24  ShruthiRajaramFINERACT-546 remove group from center 477/head
2018-09-24  ShruthiRajaramMerge pull request #476 from apache/revert-474-fineract-546
2018-09-24  ShruthiRajaramRevert "FINERACT-546 disassociate group from center" revert-474-fineract-546 476/head
2018-09-24  ShruthiRajaramMerge pull request #474 from ShruthiRajaram/fineract-546
2018-09-11  ShruthiRajaramFINERACT-651 unable to delete client mobile number 475/head
2018-09-07  ShruthiRajaramFINERACT-546 disassociate group from center 474/head
2018-08-28  Mexina M DanielFINERACT-623 - Restrict of product mix fix 454/head
2018-08-24  Mexina M DanielMerge branch 'MexinaD-Loan-greater-than-expected' into...
2018-08-24  Mexina M DanielMerge branch 'FINERACT-431' of
2018-08-21  conradspMerge branch 'tonic889-community-app-1863' into develop
2018-08-21  conradspMerge branch 'community-app-1863' of https://github...
2018-08-21  conradspMerge branch 'conradsp-fix-integration-tests' into...
2018-08-21  conradspFixes for integration tests
2018-08-07  tonic889FINERACT-642 Include Guarantor Accounts in Client Accou... 452/head
2018-07-31  ShruthiRajaramFINERACT:628 API support for self share accounts 466/head
2018-07-17  ShruthiRajaramFINERACT-628 Savings account APIs for Self Service App 463/head 467/head
2018-07-13  ShruthiRajaramFINERACT-611 unable to create share product 461/head
2018-06-13  Mexina M DanielFINERACT-630 Allow decimal interest in a sheet to impor... 455/head
2018-06-11  conradspMerge branch 'FINERACT-613' into develop
2018-06-09  conradspFIx for ClientSummary stretchy report
2018-05-23  conradspUpdate for scheduled_email_campaigns
2018-04-11  MadhukarFINERACT-613:500 Internal Server Errors on Data Tables 451/head
2018-03-29  conradspFixes for stretchy reports to ensure compatibility...
2018-03-17  Sanyam GoelGci swagger integration (#33)
2018-03-07  conradspMigration to MySQL 5.7 - ensure all group by clauses...
2018-03-05  Avik GangulyMerge branch 'injection' into develop 1.1.0 1.1.0
2018-03-05  Avik GangulyCVE-2018-1290-1291-1292 447/head
2018-02-16  conradspFor a triggered SMS message, check if notification... 443/head
2018-02-16  conradspFor a triggered SMS message, check if notification...
2018-02-10  Vishwas Babu A Jhandling null pointer exception and updating integratio...
2018-02-08  NengeFINERACT-574 441/head
2018-02-06  Terence Denzil... Merge branch 'i601-create-cashier-teller-end-date'...
2018-02-06  Terence Denzil... Only compare Teller and Cashier endDate if its not... 440/head
2018-02-03  conradspFINERACT-590 439/head
2018-02-02  Vishwas Babu A Jfixes for CVE-2018-1289
2018-01-20  Avik GangulyInjection fix 438/head
2018-01-03  Mexina M DanielFINERACT-431 - Loan term greater than expected 437/head
2017-12-29  Mexina M DanielFINERACT-416 Interest of the whole term 436/head
2017-12-15  Nazeer Hussain... Resolving 3 integration tests related to bulk import...
2017-12-13  Avik GangulyClose #424
2017-12-13  Avik GangulyClose #405
2017-12-13  Avik GangulyClose #135
2017-12-13  Anh3hAdd Spring Events to be used when activemq is not available
2017-12-13  Anh3hNotification sub-system
2017-12-13  Avik GangulyRemoving unnecessary constructors
2017-12-13  Myrle KrantzClose #380
2017-12-13  Myrle KrantzClose #116
2017-12-13  Avik GangulyClose #256
2017-12-13  Avik GangulyClose #401
2017-12-13  Avik GangulyMerge DIT branch
2017-12-13  Avik GangulyMissing licenses
2017-12-13  Avik GangulyMerge branch 'extend-mifos-data-import-tool-branch...