- Got a first working version of sub-crux instances in modules working
[flex-blazeds.git] / opt /
2017-03-27  Christofer Dutz[maven-release-plugin] prepare release blazeds-4.7.3 blazeds-4.7.3
2017-02-15  Christofer Dutz- Major code scrub
2016-12-17  Christofer Dutz- Updated spring(boot) versions
2016-08-14  Christofer Dutz- Added spring.factories to the git repo (META-INF...
2016-05-02  Christofer Dutz- Updated the AutoConfiguration
2016-03-27  Christofer Dutz- Removed the reference to codecentric
2016-03-26  Christofer DutzAdded some more documentation.
2016-03-26  Christofer DutzAdded some documentation.
2016-03-26  Christofer Dutz- Continued implementing the Spring-Boot starter (This...
2016-03-25  Christofer DutzUpdated the parent of the blazeds-spring-boot-starter
2016-03-25  Christofer DutzMoved the spring-boot integration to the opt packages.
2016-03-13  Christofer Dutz- Cleaned up the structure of the optional container...
2016-03-13  Christofer DutzMerge remote-tracking branch 'origin/develop' into...
2015-12-28  Alex Haruipass 1 of getting ant build to work after refactoring
2015-12-20  Christofer DutzRemoved legacy directories and made the content of...