2014-03-31  Justin McleanChanged to have Adobe headers
2014-03-30  Justin Mcleannew version number for RC3 apache-flexunit-4.2.0RC3
2014-03-28  Justin McleanBSD and MIT licences not needed in source release licen...
2014-03-28  Justin McleanFix licence header as files were not written by Adobe.
2014-03-28  Justin McleanAdd Adobe and FlexLib licences
2014-03-28  Justin Mcleanchange wording for DP notice
2014-03-28  Justin Mcleanmake clean clean up a bit more and excluded files from...
2014-03-28  Justin McleanChange header back to original copyright owner
2014-03-28  Justin McleanChange header back to original copyright owner
2014-03-28  Justin McleanChange header back to original copyright owner
2014-03-23  Justin McleanAdd Digital Primates to NOTICE.bin file
2014-03-23  Justin Mcleanadd listeners to main target
2014-03-23  Justin Mcleanadded info on Java 1.7 SSL error (github host config...
2014-03-23  Justin McleanAdd Digital Primates to NOTICE file
2014-03-19  Justin McleanCurrently a few issue with java docs and only a nice... apache-flexunit-4.2.0RC2
2014-03-19  Justin Mcleanadd missing copyright
2014-03-19  Justin Mcleanfill in missing information
2014-03-18  Justin Mcleanupdate build number
2014-03-18  Justin Mcleanremove fonts due to licensing concerns
2014-03-17  Justin Mcleanremoved binary files
2014-03-17  Justin McleanAdd notice to release files sets.
2014-03-17  Justin Mcleanchange name prefix to "apache-flex-flexunit"
2014-03-17  Justin McleanMerge branch 'develop' of https://git-wip-us.apache...
2014-03-17  Justin Mcleanadded notice files
2014-03-17  Justin McleanChange Adobe Consulting to Apache Flex and added Apache...
2014-03-17  Justin Mcleanupdate version to 2.1.0
2014-03-16  Justin Mcleannow working
2014-03-16  Justin Mcleanget code from right repo
2014-03-16  Justin Mcleanfix up script to match Flexuint not Flex
2014-03-16  Justin Mcleanadded script to help with deployment apache-flexunit-4.2.0RC1
2014-03-16  Justin Mcleanadded "apache" to artefact names
2014-03-16  Justin Mcleanrun rat when packaging and package after running tests...
2014-03-16  Justin Mcleanupdate version info
2014-03-16  Justin McleanNo need for FlexUnit to be in brackets
2014-03-16  Justin Mcleanupdate redeem and added "ant package" info
2014-03-16  Justin Mcleanremoved swfobject.js files
2014-03-16  Justin McleanRemove Apache licence from SWF Object files
2014-03-16  Justin Mcleanadded current build and sdk numbers
2014-03-16  Justin McleanSplit package into source and binary packages and creat...
2014-03-16  Justin McleanMerge branch 'develop' of https://git-wip-us.apache...
2014-03-16  Justin Mcleanresolve merge conflicts
2013-10-17  Michael LabriolaMerge branch 'develop' into peteFix
2013-10-17  labriolaUpdates to properly resolve url versus local file path...
2013-09-16  cyrillzadraadded README and ant file (downloads.xml) for thirdpart... FlexUnitTutorial
2013-09-15  cyrillzadraMerge branch 'refs/heads/FlexUnitTutorial' into FlexUni...
2013-09-15  cyrillzadraupdated ant cleanup target
2013-09-15  cyrillzadraremoved trunkey archives from git repo
2013-09-15  cyrillzadraadded download target, which automatically downloads...
2013-09-15  cyrillzadraupdated license information for mockolate, hamcrest...
2013-09-14  cyrillzadraadded license message in downloads.xml for CPL 1.0...
2013-09-13  cyrillzadraadded mock-as3 to downloads.xml, updated license inform...
2013-09-13  cyrillzadraadded mock-as3 to downloads.xml, updated license inform...
2013-09-13  cyrillzadraupdated license information in README, some ant targets...
2013-09-13  cyrillzadraremoved mock-as3.swc
2013-09-04  cyrillzadrainitial RELEASE_NOTES file
2013-09-03  cyrillzadraupdated README with build instructions. used README...
2013-09-03  cyrillzadrarenamed target from "prebuild" to "thirdparty-downloads...
2013-09-03  cyrillzadraFLEX-33572 patch by Yennick Trevels and added a downloa...
2013-09-03  cyrillzadraFLEX-33488 - Merge branch 'refs/heads/makeFlexUnitApach...
2013-09-03  cyrillzadraupdated license information makeFlexUnitApacheReady
2013-09-01  cyrillzadrarename folder
2013-09-01  cyrillzadrarename folder
2013-09-01  cyrillzadraadded Apache license header
2013-09-01  cyrillzadraadded Apache license header
2013-09-01  cyrillzadrainit FlexUnitTutorials
2013-08-28  labriolaImplemented the url property to allow use of remote...
2013-08-13  cyrillzadraupdated url for git repository
2013-07-30  cyrillzadrause playerglobal version 11.1 as default
2013-07-24  cyrillzadraremoved 10.0.0 as target-player in FlexUnit4AirCIListen...
2013-07-24  cyrillzadraremoved generated asdoc files in FlexUnit4 project
2013-05-26  cyrillzadraadded Apache license header to AC_OETags.js
2013-05-25  cyrillzadraadded ant file jenkins.xml for thirdparty downloads...
2013-05-25  cyrillzadraupdated flexTask classpath so it can be also used with...
2013-05-25  cyrillzadraupdated exclude list of rat-report ant task
2013-05-23  cyrillzadraremoved CoverageAgent.swc from FlexUnit4FlexCoverListen...
2013-05-22  cyrill.zadraupdated clean task and sourceUrl of mockolate swc
2013-05-22  cyrill.zadraupdatd ant rat-report - exclude directory
2013-05-22  cyrill.zadraremoved mockolate swc and added ant target in download...
2013-05-21  cyrill.zadraupdated gitignore - ignore libs folder
2013-05-21  cyrill.zadraupdate ant clean target
2013-05-21  cyrill.zadraupdated gitignore - ignore libs folder
2013-05-21  cyrill.zadraremoved Swc's from FlexUnit4, FlexUnit4FluintExtensions...
2013-05-19  cyrill.zadraadded Apache license header
2013-05-19  cyrill.zadraadded LICENSE file
2013-05-19  cyrill.zadrarenamed README.textile to README
2013-05-18  cyrill.zadraremoved jar and added download.xml to download dependen...
2013-05-18  cyrill.zadraadded Apache license header
2013-05-18  cyrill.zadraremoved flexlib copyright header
2013-05-18  cyrill.zadraadded more directories and files to exclude in ant...
2013-05-18  cyrill.zadraremoved adobe copyright header
2013-05-17  cyrill.zadraremoved digital primates copyright header
2013-05-17  cyrill.zadraadded rat-report ant task
2012-06-26  labriolaAdded CIListener project to project as dependency
2012-06-26  labriolaFixed merge issue in file
2011-04-13  Simeon Batemanbumping version files for 4.1.0 release 4.1.0
2011-04-12  Simeon Batemanremoving outdated libs
2011-04-12  Simeon Batemanremoving old files
2011-03-22  Simeon Batemanupdated assets included in sample ci project
2011-03-22  Simeon Batemanadding fluint lib to sample ci project on build
2011-03-22  Simeon Batemanignoring ant tasks bin directory