2013-09-03  cyrillzadraupdated license information makeFlexUnitApacheReady
2013-08-13  cyrillzadraupdated url for git repository
2013-07-30  cyrillzadrause playerglobal version 11.1 as default
2013-07-24  cyrillzadraremoved 10.0.0 as target-player in FlexUnit4AirCIListen...
2013-07-24  cyrillzadraremoved generated asdoc files in FlexUnit4 project
2013-05-26  cyrillzadraadded Apache license header to AC_OETags.js
2013-05-25  cyrillzadraadded ant file jenkins.xml for thirdparty downloads...
2013-05-25  cyrillzadraupdated flexTask classpath so it can be also used with...
2013-05-25  cyrillzadraupdated exclude list of rat-report ant task
2013-05-23  cyrillzadraremoved CoverageAgent.swc from FlexUnit4FlexCoverListen...
2013-05-22  cyrill.zadraupdated clean task and sourceUrl of mockolate swc
2013-05-22  cyrill.zadraupdatd ant rat-report - exclude directory
2013-05-22  cyrill.zadraremoved mockolate swc and added ant target in download...
2013-05-21  cyrill.zadraupdated gitignore - ignore libs folder
2013-05-21  cyrill.zadraupdate ant clean target
2013-05-21  cyrill.zadraupdated gitignore - ignore libs folder
2013-05-21  cyrill.zadraremoved Swc's from FlexUnit4, FlexUnit4FluintExtensions...
2013-05-19  cyrill.zadraadded Apache license header
2013-05-19  cyrill.zadraadded LICENSE file
2013-05-19  cyrill.zadrarenamed README.textile to README
2013-05-18  cyrill.zadraremoved jar and added download.xml to download dependen...
2013-05-18  cyrill.zadraadded Apache license header
2013-05-18  cyrill.zadraremoved flexlib copyright header
2013-05-18  cyrill.zadraadded more directories and files to exclude in ant...
2013-05-18  cyrill.zadraremoved adobe copyright header
2013-05-17  cyrill.zadraremoved digital primates copyright header
2013-05-17  cyrill.zadraadded rat-report ant task
2012-06-26  labriolaAdded CIListener project to project as dependency
2012-06-26  labriolaFixed merge issue in file
2011-04-13  Simeon Batemanbumping version files for 4.1.0 release 4.1.0
2011-04-12  Simeon Batemanremoving outdated libs
2011-04-12  Simeon Batemanremoving old files
2011-03-22  Simeon Batemanupdated assets included in sample ci project
2011-03-22  Simeon Batemanadding fluint lib to sample ci project on build
2011-03-22  Simeon Batemanignoring ant tasks bin directory
2011-03-21  Simeon Batemanadding fluint extensions swc to build articacts
2011-03-04  Simeon Batemanbumping version to rc3
2011-03-03  Simeon Batemanfixed asdoc comment
2011-03-03  Simeon Batemansetting runner back to use flash
2011-03-03  Simeon Batemanadding fluint project lib dir to ignores
2011-03-03  Jon RoseVersion Check Fix from horixon
2011-03-03  Simeon Batemanchanged from individual swc to lib and manually set...
2011-03-02  Jon RoseHandle descriptor version property differences
2011-03-02  Simeon Batemantrying to merge horixons changes
2011-03-01  Simeon Batemanmerging changes from destroytoday
2011-03-01  Simeon Batemanupdated classes properly setup as3 only tests
2011-03-01  Simeon Batemanupdating included files
2011-03-01  Simeon Bateman updating formatting of asdocs
2011-03-01  Simeon Batemansetup compilation of fluint extensions and included...
2011-03-01  Simeon Batemanupdated files for new Fluint extensions
2011-02-28  Michael LabriolaAdded testing libs
2011-02-28  Michael LabriolaRemoved older mockolate lib
2011-02-28  Michael LabriolaMerge branch '4.1' of github.com:labriola/flexunit...
2011-02-28  Michael LabriolaAdded EventRule tests to ActionScript Suite
2011-02-28  Michael LabriolaBug fixes to event rule and tests
2011-02-25  Michael Labriolaadded actionscript properties
2011-02-25  Michael Labriolaadded actionscript properties
2011-02-24  Michael Labriolaadding lib to make compiling possible in the meantime
2011-02-24  Michael LabriolaAdded a Fluint extensions library
2011-02-24  Michael LabriolaRemoving Fluint references from AllDefaultPossibilities...
2011-02-24  Michael LabriolaMoving classes into a Fluint extension swc
2011-02-24  Michael LabriolaHamcrest Libraries for FlexUnit
2011-02-24  Michael LabriolaResolution for issue with Spark Only projects and UIIMp...
2011-02-23  Michael LabriolaMerge branch '4.1' of git://github.com/jadkins/flexunit...
2011-02-23  Michael LabriolaMerge branch '4.1' of github.com:labriola/flexunit...
2011-02-23  Michael LabriolaMerge branch 'master' of git://github.com/jonrose182...
2011-02-06  labriolaFix per Jesse Warden's twitter issue. When using both...
2011-02-01  labriolaAsync Testing
2011-01-08  JonnieAdded Async.delayCall
2011-01-08  JonnieIgnored a test that fails because it is environment...
2011-01-08  JonnieUpdated .gitignore to ignore built files
2011-01-07  Michael LabriolaContinued development on async rule testing
2011-01-07  Michael LabriolaFixed a immediate failure bug
2011-01-07  Michael LabriolaWork on integrating event rule logic
2011-01-06  horixonUpdate to AdlCommand for changes in adt API for Fx 4.5
2011-01-06  labriolaMerge branch '4.1' of github.com:labriola/flexunit...
2011-01-04  labriolaAdded a private comment
2011-01-03  Jon RoseAdded event priority to uncaught handler
2010-12-24  Michael LabriolaMerge with FlexUnit
2010-12-24  Simeon BatemanMerge branch 'labriola' 4.1.0-RC2
2010-12-24  Simeon BatemanMerge branch '4.1' of git://github.com/labriola/flexuni...
2010-12-24  Simeon Batemanfixing libraries for turnkey
2010-12-24  Michael LabriolaUpdated turnkey to work with the latest libraries
2010-12-24  Simeon Batemanremoving old files from turnkey
2010-12-24  Simeon BatemanMerge branch 'master' of git://github.com/wolever/flexu...
2010-12-24  Simeon BatemanMerge branch 'labriola'
2010-12-24  Simeon BatemanMerge branch '4.1' of git://github.com/labriola/flexuni...
2010-12-23  Simeon BatemanMerge branch 'master' of git://github.com/jonrose182...
2010-12-23  Simeon Batemanmerging updates from blegros
2010-12-23  Michael LabriolaFixed errant trace, comment and extra var in suite
2010-12-23  Simeon BatemanMerge branch '4.1' of git://github.com/labriola/flexuni...
2010-12-23  Michael LabriolaFixes for runtime filtering issues with parameterized...
2010-12-22  Michael LabriolaFix for build issue around unknown error
2010-12-16  Simeon BatemanMerge branch '4.1' of git://github.com/labriola/flexuni...
2010-12-09  Jon RoseUpdates for FlexMonkey
2010-12-09  Jon Rose.
2010-11-20  horixonremoved bin directory
2010-11-20  horixonFixed mxmlc arguments order causing error on windows
2010-11-18  David WoleverMore helpful error messages when parameterized test...
2010-11-08  horixonAdded LoadConfig.java missed in initial commit.