2018-12-17  Alex Harui"update md5s" trunk trunk
2018-12-17  Alex Haruifirst step in adding a new version: add a copy of the...
2018-12-07  Alex Harui"update md5s"
2018-12-07  Alex Harui31 is now archived
2018-11-27  Alex Harui"update md5s"
2018-11-17  Alex Haruitry to force build 3
2018-11-16  Alex Haruitry to force build
2018-11-16  Alex Haruitry to force build
2018-11-16  Alex Harui"update md5s"
2018-10-10  Alex Harui"update md5s"
2018-09-18  Alex Harui"update md5s"
2018-09-18  Alex Harui"update md5s"
2018-09-17  Alex Haruiurls were bad and being skipped
2018-09-17  Alex Haruiseems like it is skipping playerglobal30
2018-09-17  Alex Haruiforgot to update these numbers?
2018-09-17  Alex Haruikeep trying to force playerglobal 30 check
2018-09-17  Alex HaruiMD5Checker might skip a check if the url is invalid
2018-09-17  Alex Harui"update md5s"
2018-09-17  Alex Haruichange cache ids to force refersh of 30 to see if urls...
2018-09-17  Alex Harui"update md5s"
2018-09-17  Alex Haruiadd 31
2018-08-28  Alex Harui"update md5s"
2018-07-14  Alex Haruitry new folders for playerglobal
2018-07-11  Piotr ZarzyckiUpdate Installer on the website to version 3.3.2
2018-07-11  Alex Harui"update md5s"
2018-06-20  Alex Haruiadd 64bit to config
2018-06-18  Piotr ZarzyckiSet default Adobe Air and Flash to version 30 in the...
2018-06-15  Alex Haruiupdate sourceforge urls to https
2018-06-15  Alex Haruidid adobe change urls to old playerglobals?
2018-06-15  Alex Harui"update md5s"
2018-06-15  Alex Haruiinitial add of AIR/FP30
2018-06-11  Piotr ZarzyckiMove apache-flex-sdk-installer-config to our website
2018-05-31  Alex Haruiforgot to update these as well
2018-05-31  Alex Haruitry https for AIR 29
2018-05-31  Alex Haruiforce update
2018-05-31  Alex Harui4.16.0 should not be using mirrors
2018-05-23  Alex Harui"update md5s"
2018-04-23  Piotr ZarzyckiFix header in archive
2018-04-23  Piotr ZarzyckiUpdate download and archive page with information about...
2018-04-23  Piotr ZarzyckiUpdate Apache Flex SDK Installer config to 3.3.1
2018-04-22  Piotr ZarzyckiRevert back to the old version 3.3 until binary propaga...
2018-04-22  Piotr ZarzyckiUpdate installer xml - try to fix xml
2018-04-22  Piotr ZarzyckiTry other path without single-mirror-url--xml.cgi
2018-04-22  Piotr ZarzyckiTemporary add full url to distribution. Once it will...
2018-04-22  Piotr ZarzyckiUpdate installer version 3.3.1
2018-04-13  Piotr ZarzyckiUpdate Adobe Air 29 MD5 hashes
2018-04-12  Piotr ZarzyckiUpdate MD5 for playerglobal 29
2018-04-04  Piotr ZarzyckiFix issue with node XML duplication for Adobe Air in...
2018-03-19  Piotr ZarzyckiSet as default Flash Player 29 and Adobe Air 29
2018-03-19  Piotr ZarzyckiUpdate hashes for Flash Player and Adobe Air SDK 29.0
2018-03-19  Piotr ZarzyckiUpdate Flash Player and Adobe AIR SDK to 29.0 - no...
2018-03-02  Alex Haruitry https for FP/AIR 28
2018-02-11  Piotr ZarzyckiUpdate MD5 hashes for Adobe Air 29 and Flash Player...
2018-02-11  Piotr ZarzyckiAdd Adobe Air 29 and Flash Player 29 Beta to installer
2018-02-06  Alex Harui"update md5s"
2018-01-10  Alex Harui"update md5s"
2017-12-30  Piotr ZarzyckiMake Adobe Air and Flash Player 28 default
2017-12-19  Alex Harui"update md5s"
2017-12-13  Piotr ZarzyckiFix tag for Flash Player 28
2017-12-13  Piotr ZarzyckiUpdate Flash Player swf version
2017-12-13  Piotr ZarzyckiAdd Adobe Air 28, Flash Player 28 to installer
2017-11-25  Piotr ZarzyckiUpdate nightly build in the installer to 4.17.0
2017-11-24  Piotr ZarzyckiMinor changes to update on website
2017-11-23  Piotr ZarzyckiUpdate site with blog entry about Apache Flex SDK 4...
2017-11-23  Piotr ZarzyckiUpdate website with Apache Flex SDK 4.16.1 release
2017-11-20  Piotr ZarzyckiRemove beta version of Adobe Air from installer
2017-11-17  Piotr ZarzyckiAdd Adobe Air and Flash Player 28 Beta to installer
2017-11-17  Piotr ZarzyckiAdd Apache Flex SDK 4.16.1 RC2 to installer
2017-11-17  Piotr ZarzyckiUpdate installer version in sdk-installer-config-4...
2017-11-17  Piotr ZarzyckiUpdate Installer page with new version 3.3.0
2017-11-14  Piotr ZarzyckiTry to update MD5
2017-11-09  Piotr ZarzyckiFix binary name for Apache Flex SDK RC1
2017-11-09  Piotr ZarzyckiSwitch to http Apache Flex SDK RC1 for check if it...
2017-11-09  Piotr ZarzyckiAdd nocache for Apache Flex SDK RC1
2017-11-09  Piotr ZarzyckiAdd Apache Flex SDK 4.16.1 RC1 to Installer
2017-11-08  Piotr ZarzyckiSwitch showing default version of Adobe Air and Flash...
2017-11-03  Alex Harui"update md5s"
2017-10-31  Piotr ZarzyckiUpdate MD5 for Flash Player, Adobe Air 27.0
2017-10-31  Piotr ZarzyckiUpdate installer config with Flash Player and Adobe...
2017-10-31  Piotr ZarzyckiUpdate sdk-installer-config-4.0 to use 4.16.1 version
2017-10-20  Alex Harui"update md5s"
2017-09-25  Alex Harui"update md5s"
2017-09-17  Alex Harui"update md5s"
2017-09-01  Alex Harui"update md5s"
2017-08-12  Alex Harui"update md5s"
2017-08-12  Alex Haruia few more
2017-08-12  Alex Haruitry these
2017-08-12  Alex Haruistart update of Flash/AIR SDKs
2017-07-06  Alex Haruiupdate URL for FlexJS ASDoc
2017-07-03  Alex Haruiswitch back to mirrors to figure out why they aren...
2017-07-03  HarbsUpdated installer config file
2017-06-27  Alex Haruiupdate nightly to 0.9.0
2017-06-27  Alex Harui"update md5s"
2017-06-27  Alex Harui"update sdk-installer-config-4.0 and other files for...
2017-06-27  Alex Harui"update sdk-installer-config-4.0 and other files for...
2017-06-26  Alex Harui"update md5s"
2017-06-20  Alex Haruiupdate installer for rc2
2017-06-20  Alex Harui"update sdk-installer-config-4.0 for falcon 0.8.0 rc2"
2017-06-09  Alex Haruihttps will cause it to look for the mirror
2017-06-09  Alex Haruifix encoding