2014-10-19  Justin McleanFLEX-34393 installer should remember language
2014-10-19  Justin McleanFLEX-34606 redundant variable fix
2014-10-18  Justin McleanAdd flexicious examples
2014-10-18  Justin Mcleanfix padding/white space
2014-10-18  Justin McleanFLEX-34485 make examples consistent
2014-10-18  Justin Mcleanremove unneeded panel skins
2014-10-18  Justin Mcleanchange back to black border
2014-10-18  Justin McleanFLEX-34485 make example consistent
2014-10-18  Justin McleanFLEX-34485 make example consistent
2014-10-18  Justin Mcleanfix layout so it's more like other examples
2014-10-18  Justin McleanFLEX-34505 Add squiggly example to Tour De Flex Update...
2014-10-18  Justin Mcleanremove extra border
2014-10-18  Justin Mcleanremove extra borders by converting to a box
2014-10-18  Justin Mcleanadd a little padding and show welcome screen if no...
2014-10-18  Justin Mcleansimplify squiggly example
2014-10-18  Justin Mcleanadd welcome to build file
2014-10-18  Justin Mcleanadd welcome page
2014-10-18  Justin Mcleanupdate release notes
2014-10-13  Justin McleanFLEX-34605 make spacing /layout consistent
2014-10-13  Justin Mcleanupdate version to 1.1
2014-10-13  Justin Mcleanfix up packaging
2014-10-13  Justin Mcleanminor change to release notes
2014-10-13  Justin Mcleanremove filenames with spaces after them
2014-10-13  Justin Mcleanfix issue with last checkin not display source code
2014-10-12  Justin McleanAdd a bit more flexibility in loading load - mostly...
2014-10-12  Justin McleanFLEX-34493 centre loading bar and example
2014-10-12  Justin McleanFLEX-34501 add support for 3rd party components
2014-10-12  Justin Mcleaninitial dummy 3rd party component XML file
2014-10-12  Justin Mcleanadd swf object 2.2
2014-10-12  Justin McleanFix position of loading bar?
2014-10-12  Justin McleanFLEX-34596 Fix linking issue and move to use swfobject
2014-10-12  Justin Mcleanupdate version to 1.2
2014-10-11  Justin Mcleanfix ui path
2014-10-11  Justin Mcleanadd installer script
2014-10-11  Justin Mcleanupdated release notes
2014-10-11  Justin Mcleanupdate version
2014-10-11  Justin Mcleanfix ui path and update version
2014-10-11  Justin Mcleanno need to log error twice + stop RTE when no internet...
2014-10-10  Justin McleanFLEX-34446 give warning when trying to write to directo...
2014-10-10  Justin Mcleanmake clear the version logged is the installer version
2014-10-10  Justin Mcleanadd user abort message to en_US
2014-10-10  Justin Mcleanmissed closed event handler from patch
2014-10-10  Justin McleanAdded step/install override config option. Remove horiz...
2014-10-10  Justin McleanFLEX-34398 FLEX-34408
2014-10-09  Justin Mcleanspelling ui sec not needed here
2014-10-09  Justin Mcleanchange to use newer version of the UI files
2014-10-09  Justin Mcleanchange to use newer version of the UI files
2014-10-09  Justin Mcleanchange to use newer version of the UI files
2014-10-09  Justin Mcleanold version of files no longer required
2014-10-09  Justin McleanMerge branch 'develop' of https://git-wip-us.apache...
2014-10-09  Justin McleanFLEX-3459 FLEX-34590 FLEX-34589
2014-10-09  Justin Mcleanremove back ground colour white looks cleaner
2014-10-09  Justin Mcleanadd a bit of padding to buttons
2014-10-09  Justin Mcleanadd squiggly examples
2014-10-09  Justin Mcleanadd squiggly examples
2014-10-09  Justin Mcleanremove grey bar in header
2014-10-09  Justin Mcleansimplify install script
2014-10-09  Justin Mcleanadded means to compile squiggly examples
2014-10-09  Justin Mcleanupdate to 1.2
2014-10-09  Justin Mcleanupdate to 1.2
2014-10-07  trimediaPatch for bug FLEX-34445
2014-10-07  OmPrakash MuppiralaFor some weird reason, git thinks these are new files...
2014-09-26  Justin Mcleanput google analytics back in
2014-09-26  Justin Mcleanfix source file case
2014-09-21  Justin McleanAdd missing example file
2014-09-21  Justin McleanUpdate to refer to full path and modified wording a...
2014-09-21  Justin McleanMerge branch 'develop' of https://git-wip-us.apache...
2014-09-21  Justin Mcleanrenamed file back to their original names
2014-09-19  Christofer... Removed an @Override annotation IntelliJ was particular...
2014-09-19  Christofer... Removed the dummy artifact generation as we no longer...
2014-09-19  Christofer... Changed the Flexmojos Version to 7.0.1 to make the...
2014-09-19  Christofer... Made the logic of Air and FlashDownloader accessible...
2014-09-17  Justin Mcleanadd contributors from RC vote
2014-09-13  Justin Mcleanupdate release notes apache-flex-tour-de-flex-component-explorer-1.1
2014-09-12  Justin McleanChange to mx:Alert to get around SDK issue - standalone...
2014-09-12  Justin McleanAdd more contributors
2014-09-12  Justin McleanMerge branch 'develop' of https://git-wip-us.apache...
2014-09-12  Justin Mcleancompile loader with all locales so that apache locale...
2014-09-12  Justin Mcleanadd Piotr's full name
2014-09-07  Mark KesslerFLEX-34530: Forced the vertical scroll to be active...
2014-09-07  Mark KesslerModified the binding example labels to distinguish...
2014-09-07  Mark KesslerFLEX-34529: Removed a redundant label that was also...
2014-09-06  Justin Mcleanminor edit
2014-09-06  Justin Mcleanmake FLEX_HOME clearer
2014-09-06  Justin Mcleanflight reorder
2014-09-06  Justin Mcleanmake FLEX_HOME clearer
2014-09-06  Justin Mcleanadd Piotr
2014-09-05  Christofer... Merge branch 'feature/mavenizer-refactoring' into develop
2014-09-05  Justin Mcleanfix spelling of file name
2014-09-05  Justin Mcleanfix spelling error
2014-09-05  Alex Haruifix package name scheme
2014-09-05  Alex Haruicheck in approval scripts I use
2014-09-05  Alex Haruiadd release target to move rc to final home
2014-09-05  Justin Mcleanadded ® to Apache Flex
2014-09-05  Justin Mcleanupdate versions and include contrib files
2014-09-05  Justin Mcleanminor changes to release notes
2014-09-04  Justin Mcleanminor correction to README
2014-09-04  Justin McleanAdd contributors and contributing files in releases
2014-09-04  Justin McleanAdd contributors and contributing files
2014-09-04  Justin Mcleanupdate read me and release notes for next version