2014-02-23  Alex Haruihttps also means don't use mirrors apache-flex-sdk-installer-3.0-RC1a
2014-02-23  Alex Haruihttps also means don't use mirrors
2014-02-23  Alex Haruitype in config.xml
2014-02-21  Alex Haruireformat air and flash version tables to allow a displa... apache-flex-sdk-installer-3.0-RC1
2014-02-21  Alex Haruineed to pass in chosen AIR and Flash versions to instal...
2014-02-19  Alex HaruiFLEX-34089 add korean installer strings
2014-02-14  Alex Haruiadd licensing to properties files
2014-02-14  Alex Haruiadd ant_on_air sources
2014-02-14  Alex Haruiallow for local.properties file
2014-02-14  Alex Haruicall tracker if successful after xml installs
2014-02-14  mamsellemMerge branch 'develop' of https://git-wip-us.apache...
2014-02-14  mamsellemadded missing FR strings
2014-02-13  Alex Haruionly show echo statements
2014-02-13  Alex Haruimove assets under installer folder on server
2014-02-13  Alex Haruiadd RC2 to installer-config
2014-02-13  Alex Haruiswitch icons by product
2014-02-13  Alex Haruifix bug in checksum
2014-02-13  OmModify installer to track sdk label (to differentiate...
2014-02-13  OmAdding icons for flexjs and flex falcon
2014-02-12  Alex Haruisometimes a progress event has 0 for bytesTotal which...
2014-02-12  Alex HaruiHide dev builds unless you right-click and ask to see...
2014-02-12  Alex Haruiadd download caching to Get task
2014-02-12  Alex HaruiOnly send echo output to log
2014-02-12  mamsellemFix minor spelling and wording on FR properties
2014-02-11  Alex Haruiadd some hard coded strings to properties file. Volunt...
2014-02-11  Alex Haruiexternalize RuntimeLocale.as to .properties files....
2014-01-21  Alex Haruiadjust xml format so it is less hacky
2014-01-21  Alex Haruihandle apache mirrors.cgi
2014-01-20  Alex Haruichange release number to 3.0.0
2014-01-20  Alex Haruifree up memory as we go. Really big zip files were...
2014-01-18  Alex Haruireport error
2014-01-18  Alex Haruipop sub-ants as needed
2014-01-17  Alex Haruihandle errors before first custom step is run
2014-01-17  Alex Haruiadd target for testing while pulling config file from...
2014-01-17  Alex Haruixml tags can't start with a number
2014-01-17  Alex Haruifix build script to handle loading xml remotely
2014-01-17  Alex Haruiteach installer to do overlays for falcon
2014-01-17  Alex Haruifix up some urls
2014-01-15  Alex Haruimore tweaks to installer output display
2014-01-15  Alex Haruidon't add children each time you are executed and reset...
2014-01-15  Alex Haruitweak output
2014-01-15  Alex Haruiwait a frame before doing work so screen updates with...
2014-01-15  Alex Haruivalues are expanded when reading from a properties...
2014-01-14  Alex Haruiintegrate ant_on_air into Apache Flex Installer
2014-01-14  Alex Haruiswitch installer to new xml format that ant_on_air...
2014-01-14  Alex Haruiadd some debug launching to build script
2014-01-10  Alex Haruifix ant_on_air on Windows
2014-01-08  Alex HaruiGet Untar to work on Windows. Requires third-party...
2014-01-05  Alex Haruiadd move task
2014-01-05  Alex HaruiUse strings instead of regex for replace task
2014-01-05  Alex HaruiFix bugs in exec task
2014-01-03  Alex Haruiadd Move task
2013-12-30  Alex Haruifixes required to get ant_on_air to run FlexJS install...
2013-12-24  Alex Haruiadd output that looks more like Ant output
2013-12-24  Alex Haruirename test app to AntOnAIR and make it function more...
2013-12-24  Alex Haruirefactor the way tags pick up their attributes
2013-12-24  Alex Haruifix bugs in fileset classes
2013-12-24  Alex HaruiAdd new steps needed by FlexJS and Falcon install
2013-12-24  Alex Haruiadd more complexity to test to simulate what Ant needs...
2013-12-19  Alex Haruirefactor so context is passed in execute() and attribut...
2013-12-19  Alex Haruinew data format for ant_on_air installs
2013-12-12  Alex Haruiadd XmlProperty task
2013-12-12  Alex Haruifix failure case handlng
2013-12-11  Alex Haruidon't use TestTarget.as anymore
2013-12-11  Alex Haruiadd Input task
2013-12-11  Alex Haruiclean up Fail task
2013-12-11  Alex Haruiadd Replace, LoadProperties and PropertyFile tasks...
2013-12-11  Alex Haruiget results before comparing
2013-12-11  Alex Haruidelete temp before running tests
2013-12-11  Alex Haruiadd untar task
2013-12-11  Alex Haruiadd if/unless
2013-12-11  Alex Haruiadd Unzip task
2013-12-11  Alex HaruiAdd Get and Checksum tasks (MD5 only)
2013-12-10  Alex HaruiAdd callbackMode so the UI gets updated during the run
2013-12-10  Alex Haruiadd test app
2013-12-09  Alex Haruiadd support for failonerror and reporting failures
2013-12-09  Alex Haruiadd <not> and <fail> tags
2013-12-09  Alex Haruiget basic filesets to copy
2013-12-09  Alex Haruiadd mkdir and delete tasks
2013-12-09  Alex Haruido token replacement on all attributes
2013-12-09  Alex Haruiif no children were created, return 0
2013-12-08  Alex Haruihandle async tasks
2013-12-08  Alex Haruiadded Available task
2013-12-08  Alex Haruiplace holder for Copy task
2013-12-08  Alex Haruicreate base class for FileSet handling tasks
2013-12-08  Alex Haruiport DirectoryScanner from Ant code base and hook up...
2013-12-03  Alex HaruiFix environment variable handling on Windows
2013-12-02  Alex Haruiadd environment variable support to Ant Property. ...
2013-12-02  Alex Haruiignore another FB file
2013-12-02  Alex Haruibeginnings of Ant in AIR
2013-10-24  mamsellemMerge branch 'develop' of https://git-wip-us.apache...
2013-10-24  mamsellemFix "Cannot delete temp directory" error.
2013-10-24  OmSwitching to 4.11.0 release binaries apache-flex-sdk-installer-2.7
2013-10-21  OmAdded support for download of osmf.swc 2.0 from sourcef...
2013-10-18  OmAdded functionality to create osmf_<flexversion>.<build...
2013-10-18  OmUpdated build number and build properties
2013-10-18  OmUpdated RELEASE_NOTES
2013-10-17  OmUpdated app to look at remote config xml
2013-10-17  OmAdded support for OSMF.swc 2.0
2013-10-16  OmNow, the WriteFXG tool can optimize FXG files before...