2015-03-20  Justin McleanRemoved @author tags feature/pmd-5.2-language-module
2015-03-12  Christofer... - Switched back to JUnit (The PMD test framework relys...
2015-03-08  Christofer... - Continued migrating the rules to PMD5
2015-03-07  Christofer... Merked some code parts I had to break in order to switc...
2015-03-07  Christofer... Initial commit of the PMD language module for Apache...
2014-09-05  Christofer... - Finished converting the last Rules to PMD5.x feature/flexpmd-pmd-update
2014-09-05  Christofer... PMD 5.x migration
2014-09-05  Justin Mcleanfix spelling of file name
2014-09-05  Justin Mcleanfix spelling error
2014-09-05  Alex Haruifix package name scheme
2014-09-05  Alex Haruicheck in approval scripts I use
2014-09-05  Alex Haruiadd release target to move rc to final home
2014-09-05  Justin Mcleanadded ® to Apache Flex
2014-09-05  Justin Mcleanupdate versions and include contrib files
2014-09-05  Justin Mcleanminor changes to release notes
2014-09-04  Justin Mcleanminor correction to README
2014-09-04  Justin McleanAdd contributors and contributing files in releases
2014-09-04  Justin McleanAdd contributors and contributing files
2014-09-04  Justin Mcleanupdate read me and release notes for next version
2014-09-04  Justin Mcleanupdate for SCOWL dictionary bundling
2014-09-04  Justin McleanAdded BSD / MIT like licensed dictionaries from SCOWL...
2014-09-04  Justin McleanAdd contributors and contributing files
2014-09-03  Justin Mcleanupdate in preparation for 1.1 release
2014-09-03  Justin Mcleanupdates to README for next version
2014-09-01  Christofer... - Added some adjustments to allow deployment of SNAPSHO...
2014-09-01  Christofer... - Finished fixing the last unit tests.
2014-09-01  Christofer... - Fixed some ClassNotFound Exceptions
2014-09-01  Christofer... - Finished fixing the tests of the main testsuite
2014-09-01  Justin Mcleanupdate with recent fixes
2014-09-01  Justin McleanFLEX-34490 FLEX-34478 fixes fro video path issues
2014-09-01  Justin Mcleanfix paths to load modules
2014-08-30  cdutz- Fine tuned the main pom
2014-08-30  cdutzFixed a small bug in the pom-generation script.
2014-08-29  Christofer... Added a maven.xml to allow package, install and deploy...
2014-08-29  Justin Mcleanadd package descriptions apache-flex-squiggly-1.0
2014-08-29  Justin Mcleanupdate read me with instruction on use and where to...
2014-08-29  Justin Mcleanadd description to asdic target
2014-08-29  Justin Mcleanadd asdic target and remove potentially uncorking stuff...
2014-08-29  Justin McleanChange default config file name to SpellingConfig.xml...
2014-08-29  Justin McleanChange default config file name to SpellingConfig.xml...
2014-08-29  Justin Mcleanmade how to use a bit more obvious and removed author tag
2014-08-29  Justin Mcleanno longer required
2014-08-28  Justin McleanChange default config file name
2014-08-28  Justin Mcleanremoved company names
2014-08-28  Justin McleanFLEX-34506 remove Adobe from file names and directories
2014-08-28  Justin Mcleanswap points 3 and 4
2014-08-28  Justin Mcleanone too many ApacheFlex in there
2014-08-28  Justin Mcleanupdate flash player version and change directories
2014-08-28  Justin Mcleanremove Adobe from directory names (package name still...
2014-08-28  Justin Mcleanadd initial readme and release notes
2014-08-28  Justin Mcleanadd top level build file to package everything up
2014-08-28  Justin Mcleanadd initial LICENSE and NOTICE
2014-08-27  Justin Mcleanupdate release notes
2014-08-27  Justin Mcleanset application in source tab needed for FLEX-34492
2014-08-27  Justin McleanAdded buttons to copy code, copy link to code and goto...
2014-08-27  Justin McleanLook for app parameter when loading application
2014-08-27  Justin Mcleanfix names of nodes
2014-08-27  Justin Mcleanupdate release notes
2014-08-27  Justin McleanFLEX-34489 add missing source tabs
2014-08-27  Justin Mcleanupdate release notes
2014-08-27  Justin McleanFLEX-34495 fix error loading source file
2014-08-27  Justin McleanFLEX-34500 show total number of examples in Tour De...
2014-08-27  Justin Mcleanupdate release notes
2014-08-27  Justin Mcleanadd spark rich text editor example
2014-08-27  Justin Mcleanadd place holder for Apache Flex 4.14
2014-08-27  Justin McleanAdd example for future version of the SDK
2014-08-26  Christofer... Refactored the PMD Maven build
2014-08-26  Justin Mcleanmake icon link to tour de flex download page
2014-08-26  Justin Mcleanfix up what included in packaging
2014-08-26  Justin Mcleanadded favicon
2014-08-26  Justin Mcleanrenamed explorer.html to be index.html
2014-08-26  Justin Mcleanadded a few more bug fixes
2014-08-25  Justin Mcleanupdate version to 1.1
2014-08-25  Justin Mcleanadd a couple of simple 4.11 and 4.12 examples
2014-08-25  Justin Mcleanadd a coupe of simple 4.11 and 4.12 examples
2014-08-25  Justin Mcleanadd change since first released version
2014-08-25  Justin McleanAdd a few Apache Flex 4.10 examples
2014-08-25  Justin Mcleanminor typo
2014-08-25  Justin Mcleanadded heading
2014-08-25  Justin Mcleanadd info on ant target and compiling example by hand
2014-08-25  Justin Mcleandescribe ant targets
2014-08-25  Justin Mcleanremoved apache licence (not required)
2014-08-25  Justin Mcleanremove apache license (not required) and add how to...
2014-08-24  Justin Mcleanfix minor issue in two example names
2014-08-24  Justin McleanAdded SDK locale example + needed to change build file...
2014-08-24  Justin McleanAdded SDK locale example
2014-08-23  Justin Mcleannew post code examples
2014-08-23  Justin Mcleanadded simple post code example
2014-08-23  Justin McleanAdd place holders for Apache examples
2014-08-23  Justin McleanFLEX-34484 skeleton for Apache Flex examples using...
2014-08-23  Justin McleanFLEX-34480 Change so XML is embedded in application...
2014-08-23  Justin Mcleanremove view source URL
2014-08-21  Justin Mcleanbuild missing example
2014-08-20  Mark KesslerFLEX-34474: Removed styles that were not needed and...
2014-08-18  Justin Mcleanadd src to package name ApacheFlexTourDeFlex1.0
2014-08-18  Justin Mcleaninclude fxg files in release artefacts
2014-08-18  Justin Mcleanadd back in Scroller1Example
2014-08-18  Justin Mcleanfixed a few other mx example that were showing multiple...
2014-08-18  Justin Mcleanfix issue with source file in swf loader example
2014-08-18  Justin Mcleanthat should of been include rather than exclude