2014-07-02  cdutz- Added default, minimal and release profiles. flex-maven-plugin 15/head
2014-07-02  cdutz- Continued to refactor the groupIds
2014-07-01  cdutzAdded some more intellij control files to the gitignore...
2014-07-01  cdutzRenamed the project to comply to the Maven naming conve...
2014-06-27  Alex Haruiallow COPY LOG button to be localized apache-flex-sdk-installer-3.1-RC5
2014-06-27  Alex Haruilog when locale changes
2014-06-26  Alex Haruichanges to license per legal-discuss advice
2014-06-24  Alex HaruiChinese translations from Darkstone apache-flex-sdk-installer-3.1-RC4
2014-06-24  Alex Haruimake sure null is not added to log
2014-06-23  piotrzFLEX-34311 add polish installer strings
2014-06-13  Alex Haruiadd release approval script
2014-06-12  Alex Haruiupdate release notes and readme apache-flex-sdk-installer-3.1-RC3
2014-06-12  Alex Haruiom says we don't need timestamping here
2014-06-12  Alex Haruiadd network interface check
2014-06-12  Alex Haruipop log to front if it was buried by the main window
2014-06-12  Alex Haruiadd uncaught error handler. Also don't allow caching...
2014-06-11  Alex Haruiclose console window if it is open when app closes apache-flex-sdk-installer-3.1-RC2
2014-06-11  Alex Haruiadd ignoreerror to get task
2014-06-10  Alex Haruiuse flag to keep cleanup from running twice
2014-06-09  Alex Haruiuse different md5 format to make it easier for scripts...
2014-06-09  Alex Haruiadd ability to sign exe from mac apache-flex-sdk-installer-3.1-RC1
2014-06-09  Alex Haruisomehow got a status=false with failuremessage = null...
2014-06-06  Alex Haruisend a progress event of 100% so progress bar shows...
2014-06-05  Alex Haruiupdate notice files for 3.1 release
2014-06-05  Alex Haruineed to re-create children when targets are re-used
2014-06-05  Alex Haruiadjust buffer size to smooth out UI
2014-06-05  Alex Haruiswap out com.adobe.crypto for org.apache.flex.crypto
2014-06-05  Alex Haruiswap out com.adobe.crypto for org.apache.flex.crypto
2014-05-30  Alex Haruiadd contains and tstamp to support timestamping urls
2014-05-30  Alex Haruitrim md5
2014-05-30  Alex Haruibreak URLs into server/folder for ant caching
2014-05-29  Alex Haruibuild script messed up config version
2014-05-29  Alex Haruiadd failure message handling. The tracker for failures...
2014-05-29  Alex Haruiupgrade version to 3.1. It appears that builds like...
2014-05-29  Alex Haruiadd a few AIR and FP checksums
2014-05-29  Alex Haruiremove ant download caching. Will be re-implemented...
2014-05-29  Alex Haruiadd failure message handling
2014-05-29  Alex HaruiFix bugs in Checksum and add failure message handling
2014-05-29  Alex Haruineed IsReference for new installer
2014-05-11  Christofer... NO JIRA:
2014-05-06  OmUpdate badge to account for changes to installer.xml...
2014-04-30  Alex Haruifix 'and' task
2014-04-25  Alex Haruicode coverage and tracing profiler prototype donated...
2014-04-25  Alex HaruiMobileTrader demo app donated by Adobe Systems Inc.
2014-04-25  Alex HaruiTourDeFlex donation from Adobe Systems Inc
2014-04-25  Alex HaruiFlexPMD Donation from Adobe Systems Inc
2014-04-25  Alex HaruiSquiggly spell checker donation from Adobe Systems...
2014-04-17  OmMake importing Adobe Illustrator generated FXG files...
2014-03-26  Alex Haruiupdate FlexJS package name and AIR and Flash defaults
2014-03-26  Alex Haruiexclude local.properties from kit
2014-03-11  Alex Haruimake sure version is in the log. Fix a problem with... apache-flex-sdk-installer-3.0-RC7
2014-03-10  Alex Haruiadd more fault tolerance by embedding the en_US propert...
2014-03-08  Alex Haruiescape cache filenames. URLs can have illegal chars... apache-flex-sdk-installer-3.0-RC6
2014-03-07  Alex Haruifix osmf download when not caching and no cache folder apache-flex-sdk-installer-3.0-RC5
2014-03-04  Alex Haruiupdates to notice files apache-flex-sdk-installer-3.0-RC4
2014-03-04  Alex Haruiupdate namespaces to 4.0
2014-03-03  Alex Haruiremove RuntimeLocale.as. It is now implemented in... apache-flex-sdk-installer-3.0-RC3
2014-03-03  Alex Haruiadd special property to disable cache for the next...
2014-03-03  Alex Haruifix caching for OSMF2 and legacy paths. The loader...
2014-02-26  Alex Haruioops, how did that get in here apache-flex-sdk-installer-3.0-RC2
2014-02-26  Alex Haruifix issues found in RC1: cache main binary packages...
2014-02-24  Alex Haruiupdate copyright year
2014-02-24  Alex Haruiupdate notice files
2014-02-24  Alex Haruineed ant_on_air build files in source kit
2014-02-23  Alex Haruihttps also means don't use mirrors apache-flex-sdk-installer-3.0-RC1a
2014-02-23  Alex Haruihttps also means don't use mirrors
2014-02-23  Alex Haruitype in config.xml
2014-02-21  Alex Haruireformat air and flash version tables to allow a displa... apache-flex-sdk-installer-3.0-RC1
2014-02-21  Alex Haruineed to pass in chosen AIR and Flash versions to instal...
2014-02-19  Alex HaruiFLEX-34089 add korean installer strings
2014-02-14  Alex Haruiadd licensing to properties files
2014-02-14  Alex Haruiadd ant_on_air sources
2014-02-14  Alex Haruiallow for local.properties file
2014-02-14  Alex Haruicall tracker if successful after xml installs
2014-02-14  mamsellemMerge branch 'develop' of https://git-wip-us.apache...
2014-02-14  mamsellemadded missing FR strings
2014-02-13  Alex Haruionly show echo statements
2014-02-13  Alex Haruimove assets under installer folder on server
2014-02-13  Alex Haruiadd RC2 to installer-config
2014-02-13  Alex Haruiswitch icons by product
2014-02-13  Alex Haruifix bug in checksum
2014-02-13  OmModify installer to track sdk label (to differentiate...
2014-02-13  OmAdding icons for flexjs and flex falcon
2014-02-12  Alex Haruisometimes a progress event has 0 for bytesTotal which...
2014-02-12  Alex HaruiHide dev builds unless you right-click and ask to see...
2014-02-12  Alex Haruiadd download caching to Get task
2014-02-12  Alex HaruiOnly send echo output to log
2014-02-12  mamsellemFix minor spelling and wording on FR properties
2014-02-11  Alex Haruiadd some hard coded strings to properties file. Volunt...
2014-02-11  Alex Haruiexternalize RuntimeLocale.as to .properties files....
2014-01-21  Alex Haruiadjust xml format so it is less hacky
2014-01-21  Alex Haruihandle apache mirrors.cgi
2014-01-20  Alex Haruichange release number to 3.0.0
2014-01-20  Alex Haruifree up memory as we go. Really big zip files were...
2014-01-18  Alex Haruireport error
2014-01-18  Alex Haruipop sub-ants as needed
2014-01-17  Alex Haruihandle errors before first custom step is run
2014-01-17  Alex Haruiadd target for testing while pulling config file from...
2014-01-17  Alex Haruixml tags can't start with a number
2014-01-17  Alex Haruifix build script to handle loading xml remotely