- Fixed: error should log an error
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2012-10-30  TinkFixed bug where null pointer was thrown when the select...
2012-09-23  TinkBug fix for some circumstances when an error is thrown...
2012-09-03  TinkFix bug where items were sometimes sized incorrectly...
2012-06-03  TinkMoved label to be positioned above bar.
2012-06-03  TinkSpark ProgressIndicator example.
2012-06-03  TinkSpark ProgressIndicator initial import.
2012-05-31  TinkInfo about ActivityIndicator and it's uses
2012-05-31  TinkExample of ActivityIndicator using a Rotator in it...
2012-05-31  TinkSource for ActivityIndicator with Rotator. Initial...
2012-03-08  TinkAdded InlineScroller.
2012-03-08  TinkInlineScroller examples.
2012-03-08  TinkInitial import of InlineScroller and dependencies.
2012-03-06  TinkFixed bug where the targets horizontal or vertical...
2012-03-06  TinkFixed bug with missing event listeners on the contentGr...
2012-02-15  TinkTidied up some of the options for the layouts.
2012-02-15  TinkBound easing a scrolling options to the example layouts.
2012-02-03  TinkAdded RolodexLayout to manifest.xml.
2012-02-03  TinkInitial import of RolodexLayoutExamples.
2012-02-03  TinkInitial import of RolodexLayout.
2012-02-03  TinkAdded depthColorAlpha property.
2012-02-03  TinkAdded TimeMachineLayout.
2012-02-03  TinkInitial import of TimeMachineLayoutExamples.
2012-02-03  TinkInitial import of TimeMachineLayout.
2012-01-20  TinkAdded a little info on the construction of a MenuBar.
2012-01-20  TinkExamples for the MenuBar control.
2012-01-20  TinkInitial import of MenuBar and its dependencies.
2012-01-19  TinkExample of using browser managers with navigators
2012-01-19  TinkInitial import of browse history classes for use with...
2012-01-17  TinkAdded a simple README file.
2012-01-17  TinkExample for fix for DropDownList use on mobile.
2012-01-17  TinkComponent extending DropDownList showing how the mobile...
2012-01-12  TinkInitial import of IView examples
2012-01-12  TinkMoving into my directory