[FLINK-28241] Overridden REQUIREMENTS CHECK DELAY to zero to avoid delay on initial...
[flink-benchmarks.git] / pom.xml
2022-03-21  Yun Gao[hotfix] Bump Flink to 1.16-SNAPSHOT
2022-01-31  Anton Kalashnikov[FLINK-25891] Upgraded version of flink.shaded.version...
2022-01-21  Anton Kalashnikov[FLINK-25246] Parametrized executable for exec plugin
2022-01-13  愚鲤[FLINK-25039]Remove the flink-examples-batch_2.12 test-jar
2022-01-13  愚鲤[hotfix]Fix the tab align problem in pom.xml
2021-10-29  Piotr Nowojski[FLINK-24018] Remove Scala dependencies from flink...
2021-10-04  Dawid Wysakowicz[hotfix] Upgrade to scala 2.12
2021-09-17  Dawid Wysakowicz[FLINK-24300] Added benchmarks for idling chained sources
2021-08-31  Piotr Nowojski[FLINK-23468] Enable fail benchmark runs on error
2021-08-28  Xintong Song[hotfix] Bump Flink to 1.15-SNAPSHOT
2021-07-26  Chesnay Schepler[FLINK-23393] Fix logging setup
2021-07-26  Chesnay Schepler[FLINK-23502] Align native netty version
2021-07-26  Chesnay Schepler[FLINK-23491] Remove explicit flink-runtime dependency
2021-07-20  Chesnay Schepler[FLINK-23392] Exclude startup/shutdown time from benchm...
2021-07-16  Yun Tang[FLINK-23398] Exclude signature files from shaded bench...
2021-05-06  Dawid Wysakowicz[hotfix] Bump Flink to 1.14-SNAPSHOT
2021-02-08  Thesharing[FLINK-20612] Exclude scheduler benchmarks in pom.xml
2021-02-08  Thesharing[hotfix] Bump Flink to 1.13-SNAPSHOT
2021-02-08  Thesharing[hotfix] Update pom.xml to use test utilities in flink...
2020-11-03  Dawid Wysakowicz[hotfix] Fix metadata in pom.xml
2020-09-01  Piotr NowojskiBump default Flink version o 1.12
2020-07-21  Grebennikov Roman[FLINK-18631] benchmark for scala ADT source
2020-06-05  Nico Kruber[FLINK-17705][license] set up apache-rat-plugin in mvn
2020-06-05  Nico Kruber[FLINK-17704][mvn] allow execution of arbitrary benchma...
2020-06-05  Nico Kruber[FLINK-17703][mvn] fix 'benchmark' profile not active...
2020-06-05  Nico Kruber[FLINK-17057][network] add OpenSSL-based benchmarks
2020-06-05  Nico Kruber[FLINK-16460][benchmark] add Protobuf-based serializati...
2020-06-05  Nico Kruber[FLINK-16459][benchmark] add Apache Thrift based serial...
2020-06-05  Yu Li[FLINK-15222] Move state benchmark utils into core...
2020-06-05  Piotr Nowojski[hotfix] Bump default Flink version to 1.11-SNAPSHOT
2020-06-05  kevin.cyj[hotfix] Increase max memory of the test jvm to 6g.
2020-06-05  kevin.cyj[hotfix] Update flink version from 1.9 to 1.10.
2020-06-05  Haibo SunUpdate flink-tests artifact id
2020-06-05  Piotr Nowojski[hotfix] Add missing dependencies
2020-06-05  Piotr Nowojski[hotfix] Fix formatting of pom.xml
2020-06-05  Yu LiUpdate the dependent flink version to 1.9-SNAPSHOT
2020-06-05  Yu LiUse maven profile to differentiate travis and jenkins run
2020-06-05  Piotr NowojskiRun all benchmarks once on Travis CI
2020-06-05  Yu Li[hotfix] Fix NoClassDefFoundError when running network...
2020-06-05  Yu Li[hotfix] Exclude state benchmark from the Flink suit
2020-06-05  Yu LiAdd support to generate shaded benchmark package to...
2020-06-05  Yu Li[FLINK-11986] [state backend, tests] Add micro benchmar...
2020-06-05  Nico Krubercleanup pom.xml (#8)
2020-06-05  Piotr NowojskiUpdate default JVM options and bump default Flink versi...
2020-06-05  Nico Kruberadd SerializationFrameworkBenchmarks for Pojo, Tuple...
2020-06-05  Piotr NowojskiRemove incorrect comment from pom
2020-06-05  Piotr NowojskiRun NetworkBenchmarks from flink
2020-06-05  Piotr NowojskiUpdate Flink to 1.5-SNAPSHOT
2020-06-05  Piotr NowojskiClean up pom.xml
2020-06-05  Piotr NowojskiRemove fork value from pom file
2020-06-05  Piotr NowojskiExtract user functions
2020-06-05  Piotr NowojskiDump results to csv file
2020-06-05  Piotr NowojskiAdd skeleton for micro benchmarks twith first benchmark