descriptionMachine learning library of Apache Flink
ownerThe Apache Software Foundation
last changeFri, 13 May 2022 09:39:10 +0000 (17:39 +0800)
3 days ago  huangxingbo[FLINK-27404][python] Add algorithms completeness test... master
4 days ago  huangxingbo[FLINK-27403][ml][python] Align existing feature engine...
6 days ago  Mr-Mu[hotfix] Fix finding buckets error in Bucketizer (#96)
9 days ago  Zhipeng Zhang[FLINK-27091] Add Transformer and Estimator of LinearSVC
9 days ago  Dong Lin[hotfix] Bump dependency versions
10 days ago  yunfengzhou-hub[FLINK-27096] Add a script to visualize benchmark results
10 days ago  Zhipeng Zhang[FLINK-27093] Add Transformer and Estimator for LinearR...
2022-04-27  huangxingbo[FLINK-26269][python] Add clustering algorithm support...
2022-04-27  Dong Lin[hotfix] Update .asf.yaml file to disable the merge...
2022-04-24  Zhipeng ZhangMerge pull request #89 from lindong28/improve-github...
2022-04-24  Dong Lin[hotfix] Suppress the output of downloading messages... 89/head
2022-04-22  huangxingbo[FLINK-26268][ml][python] Add classfication algorithm...
2022-04-14  dependabot... Bump junit from 4.12 to 4.13.1 (#79)
2022-04-14  zhangzp[FLINK-27072] Add Transformer for Bucketizer
2022-04-08  zhangzp[hotfix] Reorganize HasHandleInvalid param in StringInd...
2022-04-06  yunfengzhou-hub[Flink 26443] Add benchmark framework
4 months ago release-2.0.0 Release 2.0.0
4 months ago release-2.0.0-rc3
4 months ago release-2.0.0-rc2 release-2.0.0-rc2
4 months ago release-2.0.0-rc1 release-2.0.0-rc1
3 days ago master
2 months ago release-2.0