FLUME-3379 Include maven repos needed for transitive dependencies (#376)
[flume.git] / .gitignore
2021-11-01  rgoersUpdate checkstyle and maven checkstyle plugin
2018-11-08  Ferenc SzaboFLUME-3280 Improve maven build to help code reviews...
2013-10-31  Hari ShreedharanFLUME-2206. ElasticSearchSink ttl field modification...
2013-03-22  Hari ShreedharanFLUME-1787. Implement Pre-commit testing with Jenkins.
2012-10-31  Hari ShreedharanFLUME-1675. Ignore netbeans config files in rat & git.
2012-10-18  Brock NolandFLUME-1337: Add IDEA files to .gitignore
2012-03-08  Arvind PrabhakarMoving branch flume-728 to as new trunk
2011-11-30  Arvind PrabhakarFLUME-816. Increasing the heap size for running JDBC...
2011-09-07  Arvind PrabhakarFLUME-760. First patch.
2011-09-05  Eric Sammer- Added all module target directories to gitignore.
2011-08-02  Andrew BayerFLUME-677: Update build instructions in devnotes
2011-08-02  Andrew BayerFLUME-296: Mavenize Flume
2011-08-02  Andrew BayerFLUME-345/FLUME-307: asciidoc build with no GPL js...
2011-08-02  Andrew BayerFLUME-291: Integrate PMD optionally into the build...
2011-08-02  Andrew BayerFIX: updates to .gitignore
2011-08-02  Andrew BayerFLUME-8: .gitignore file missing from repo